Hi guys!!

    • Yuanbo said...
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    • 29 Aug 2006, 04:18

    Hi guys!!

    This is my first time to visit here,and I found Yoko Kanno's group,I really love her music
    hope I can have good times with you!
    P.S. I'm not very familiar with here,but I saw only 3 threads~~,what do you use to contact with each other?

    The Real Fusion Blues
    • ryanr said...
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    • 29 Sep 2006, 01:00
    Hello Yuanbo. As you can see, this forum is not very high traffic. The group is really more of a collection of people who all have an interest in Kanno's music and where it stands now is not a big social gathering. (This isn't to say that it can't change) The group's biggest benefit is allowing members to easily see what other artists fans of Kanno listen to.

  • hello i'm kinda new and i just found this group and thought yes, because i love yoko kanno's music Specially cowboy bebop. if you guys can help me keep up with kanno's music that would be great thanks.

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