How to get startet with YO LA TENGO? A simple guide.

  • How to get startet with YO LA TENGO? A simple guide.

    hallo there!

    because the question is frequently asked in the Yo La Tengo shoutbox, i made up a pdf that shows one possible way to get startet. also the pdf shows how to get along with the other longplayer cd-releases. what do you think of it?

    have a nice day!

  • well .. letme think

    i was chatting whit a friend of mine and he said .. Have you ever listent to yo la tengo?.. i thinked that he was kidding and he said .. well they plays very well , like sonic youth , then i said wow thats grate next, i dawenloead some songs and then i stared to listen them. imean it was my first love.

    music lives in my hears
  • Well, I think "I´m Not Afraid of You..." could be like a common end to any path, just like "I Can Hear The Heart..." is the start... Anyway, I think this guide is really good for newbies in Tengo!

  • me likey nice work

    There's something wrong with my toast
  • simple, i'm a big SY and Pavement fan and it was between the similar artists. i head some day that they some kinda cultband, so i thought this is gonna be ok. i've downloaded some albums, and now, between my favourites :)

    we await silent trystero's empire
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