• Finding Music Online: Part Two

    26 Jan 2010, 22:00 by SndChaser

    This time I’m focusing on Netlabels. What are Netlabels? Well, like the Kahvi Collective mentioned in the first article they are community organizations that have decided to release collections of music either by individual artists, or in compilations in a way that is analogous to what the large record companies do. Many Netlabels release these recordings for free (as in without $$$ charges), and under a Creative Commons license, or a license that is very open.

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  • Review: OG – 01

    23 Jan 2010, 17:08 by SndChaser

    I have to say that I was initially skeptical about this release on Jamendo: it was another case where the artist solicited a review of his work. If you recall, I ended up writing a somewhat mixed review (see Review: Bielebny – Punxsutawney). Yet, this artists request was quite courteous and drew my interest. But, in another turn, as I looked at the release page, I noticed several things: (1) this release has been out for over six months, (2) the artist got into a debate with a listener over “spamming” for reviews (what I term “solicitations”), and (3) the artist has over 100 reviews, in seven languages.

    So, is history repeating itself? Am I writing another mixed review? Do I have issues with the “solicitation”? Do I have issues with the “spam” debate?

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  • Random Video #(^&)

    23 Jan 2010, 01:53 by sharkyanderson

  • January Classical Listening: Part One

    21 Jan 2010, 12:11 by SndChaser

    My listening has shifted back towards the world of classical music over the last week. Whereas before I downloaded a bunch of samplers from Amazon, I am now listening to box sets, or portions of box sets I have recently acquired. This includes music by Wofgang Amadeus Mozart, George Frideric Handel, Josef Haydn, Edvard Grieg, Arcangelo Corelli, and Thomas Tallis.

    In this first of two articles I will talk about the Grieg, Corelli and Haydn Brilliant Classics collections.

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  • Finding Music Online: Part One

    20 Jan 2010, 14:42 by SndChaser

    Many people seem to think iTunes and MySpace are the primary sources of music on the internet. A few may even think of sites like AmazonMP3 or eMusic as alternatives to the afore mentioned monsters. However, if you search around a bit there are many many sites available that offer a range of music that is as interesting, competitive or a better alternative in some cases to the mainstream sites. This series of articles will highlight a few sites each week in the hope of providing the music listener with some alternatives.

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  • Editorial: Jamendo’s Future

    18 Jan 2010, 16:06 by SndChaser

    According to a recent article in TechCrunch (Digital music startup Jamendo runs out of steam, mulls sale) Jamendo is running out of funds from it’s initial investment from Mangrove Capital Partners, and therefore is seeking a new investor. This is bad news for the Libre Culture movement / CreativeCommons. But, there are several things about this turn of events that make me feel there is a chance for something better to come about.

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  • Sunday Re-spin #2

    18 Jan 2010, 06:34 by SndChaser

    So, I am just sitting down to write this now, and it’s already Sunday evening. The fact is, I’ve had several delays this week in getting content posted on the site, so there hasn’t been as much as I would have liked. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things worth talking about: Read more Sunday Re-spin #2
  • Review: graphiqsgroove2009 by graphiqsgroove

    11 Jan 2010, 12:25 by SndChaser

    I've posted a new review on my website:

    When I started checking some of the music that was available freely online, the first thing that I found was there was ton of electronica. It made sense: electronica is fairly easy to produce since it doesn’t require a major investment in studio space, recording equipement, live performances etc. However, I found that many of the electronica releases I was listening to were definitely not to the level of music that I was expecting. How does this release fare? Read on: Review: graphiqsgroove2009 by graphiqsgroove
  • Review: Bielebny - Punxsutawney

    10 Jan 2010, 15:08 by SndChaser

    New review posted:

    "I was concerned when I listened to the first track of the album… “Nitro” was something of a jumbled mess to my ears that really didn’t go anywhere. I was left thinking, “sheesh, this might be the first time I write a negative review, and here the artist actually approached me and several others to write reviews!” But, the second track “I SuJAZZt you” somewhat revised my opinion of this release."

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  • Shoestring Classical Collection: The Beginning

    8 Jan 2010, 15:25 by SndChaser