• the slip - a free album by NIN

    5 May 2008, 07:45 by m_t_reznor

    as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new Nine Inch Nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via

    the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE. your link will include all options - all free. all downloads include a PDF with artwork and credits.

    for those of you interested in physical products, fear not. we plan to make a version of this release available on CD and vinyl in july. details coming soon.

    go here, signup & download:

    p.s. thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me
  • The NIN Film Festival

    17 Mar 2008, 00:24 by m_t_reznor

    First of all, a sincere THANK YOU for the response to Ghosts. We are all amazed at the reaction for what we assumed would be a quiet curiosity in the NIN catalog. My faith in all of you has been restored - let's all go have coffee somewhere (my treat)!

    Today we announce the expansion of the Ghosts project into the visual world. This record began as an experiment with us using sound as a means to describe visuals. Early in the project we thought it would be interesting to see what the community could create / collaborate on as a reaction to the music we were making. We wanted to keep the canvas as blank as possible for you, hence the lack of descriptive song titles and the primarily textural artwork and packaging.
    So here's the plan: we've teamed up with YouTube to host a "film festival" around Ghosts. The concept is for you to take whatever tracks you feel inspired by from Ghosts and create what you feel should accompany them visually. You will be able to see all of the submissions, and a team of us (including me) will be sorting through them and setting aside ones we feel are exceptional. Eventually (within a couple of months?) we will present a virtual "film festival" with me and some special guests presenting selections of your work.

    This isn't a contest and you don't win elaborate prizes - it's meant to be an experiment in collaboration and a chance for us to interact beyond the typical one-way artist-to-fan relationship. We've discussed some interesting ways this could go, including multiple installments of the online "film festivals," to broadcast TV specials, to a one-time live performance of the entire Ghosts record with your visuals involved. It really depends on how this progresses and develops.
    We are all very much looking forward to what you come up with, and hope you enjoy the experience. Visit our YouTube channel for information on how to participate.
  • ! pemberton festival !

    14 Mar 2008, 18:06 by neraulia

  • be negative about your top 20

    7 Feb 2008, 19:52 by neraulia

    Saw this on a bunch of journals. Watch out bandwagon, here I come.

    1. Nine Inch Nails - Don't hurt me, Trent; I'm obviously a huge fan. I guess my biggest gripe is the aWithaTeetha thing. Did you really think that sounded cool, and not like some sort of bizarre speech impediment?

    2. A Perfect Circle - Maynard, WTH is up with the Puscifer album art? Sexist? Racist? I don't think you're either of those - maybe I'm just missing the point, or taking this project too seriously.

    3. Moby - Your journal is great, but for the love of PETA, use spellcheck.

    4. Saul Williams - You called Trent "King of Emo" in a recent interview. That really surprises me when he's done so much for you, so recently. Lyrically though, you're amazing.

    5. M.I.A. - Your MySpace page nearly gave me a seizure.

    6. Regina Spektor - You're a genius, but some of your songs are half-assed, overblown vocal exercises.

    7. The Flaming Lips - I watched your documentary, and apparently when you're not playing with balloons, you scare little kids! Reprehensible. You're a menace.

    8. Guided by Voices - With apologies to Al Green, I can't get into you.

    9. Massive Attack - You let Tricky leave the group! Also, that little boxing dance you do onstage is a little goofy (but I like it anyway).

    10. Aphex Twin - Your album covers give me nightmares.

    11. Radiohead - Oh. Ver. Ray. Ted. I just read a Rolling Stone article about you taking your kids to a museum. I mean, seriously.

    12. Billie Holiday - Wish you weren't dead. Your voice is irreplaceable, despite the efforts of a legion of wannabes.

    13. Camille - Sing in English more, because I only know two languages and French isn't one of them! Is that too much to ask?

    14. Halo33 - I feel guilty because I haven't paid anything for your awesome remixes. Get a PayPal button so I can ease my conscience. ;)

    15. Evanescence - That live performance you did with the guy from Korn was horrendous.

    16. Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends - Some of your songs have these weird crashy parts in them that detract from their overall beauty.

    17. Tori Amos - Your recent stuff seems pretentious.

    18. Mary Prankster - You stopped making music. Why? I need more.

    19. The Smashing Pumpkins - Trent doesn't like you. Therefore, you must be doing something wrong. Fix it.

    20. Amy Winehouse - Please rethink that whole "not going to rehab" thing. And the blonde thing. And eat something.

    That is all! Now that I've gotten out all of my snark, I can be disgustingly cheerful for the rest of the day.
  • Fascinating Uncut Trent Reznor Interview

    22 Dec 2007, 13:23 by neraulia

    So I'm in the middle of listening to this amazing hour-long interview that Wired did with Trent Reznor, which I found as a link from the NIN Hotline. It's uncut, and there is a written transcript also. Absolutely fascinating. At this point in my life it's tantamount to an interview with god (lowercase g of course, huh huh).

    As a side note, I looked up Rob Sheridan on Wikipedia a month or two ago and his page had been removed under suspicion of being a "vanity page." Haven't looked at it again today out of some combination of being pissed off/lazy. In the interview mentioned above, Trent says that he and Rob "kind of share the same brain." So... obviously not vanity... maybe when I'm feeling more patient I'll go over to Wikipedia again and try to sort this out (if it hasn't been already).

    Edited: the Wikipedia thing was already fixed.
  • The Polish Ambassador is missing for five days after listening to SWEET SIXTY NINE

    30 Oct 2007, 11:35 by Zen_S69

    Tuesday, October 30th, 2007: Our sources report that The Polish Ambassador to the Universe, Mr. D.Sugalski is missing for five days after he listened to one of the tracks by Sweet Sixty Nine. Noone has seen the Polish Ambassador since, and is not aware of his whereabouts. Search continues.

    [according to materials of foreign press]
  • Tue 7 Aug – Nine Inch Nails, Serena-Maneesh

    17 Aug 2007, 18:00 by airdrawndagger

    Tue 7 Aug – Nine Inch Nails, Serena-Maneesh

    Min recension från:

    Sex timmars bussresa, ett tolvtimmars nattpass på jobbet och en söndermoshad fot senare har jag till slut tid att skriva ner mina samlade intryck från tisdagens Nine Inch Nails-spelning på Hovet i Stockholm.

    Trent Reznor har onekligen legat på allt annat än latsidan den senaste tiden. Runt skivsläpp och djupgående marknadsföringskampanjer har världens NIN-fans fått njuta av konstant turnerande den senaste tiden, och här i Sverige har vi den legendariska april-spelningen på Annexet färskt i minnet. Kanske är det just därför jag inte byggt upp några storslagna förväntningar den här gången. Man känner sig inte direkt svältfödd så här, fyra månader senare, och där den förra spelningen kolliderade harmoniskt med nyläckta Year Zero har det under sommaren varit ganska tyst kring bandet.

    När Hyperpower! dånar igång spelar det dock ingen roll. Jag är trollbunden på två sekunder och kastar mig in i en och en halv timmes total hängivelse. The Beginning of the End tar välbekant vid där inledningsnumret slutar och är kanske ännu bättre än senast, men det är först när jag hör de inledande tonerna av Last som skiten verkligen träffar fläkten. Vi blev snuvade på låten senast, men Trent är snäll nog att kompensera för det! Last är ren jävla perfektion och sitter helt klockrent live, vilket tyvärr leder till att jag måste kämpa mig ur moshpiten - för att överleva - när den rullar över i Survivalism. Efter det får jag snällt avnjuta resten av konserten strax utanför armbågsplatserna, vilket är lite av en välsignelse under en helt galen March of the Pigs - “March you swedish fucking pigs!”

    Konsertens första tillfälle att hämta andan ges under självklara Piggy, tills Trent plötsligt skapar fullkomlig kalabalik genom att hoppa ner framför staketet och sjunga ikapp med publiken - någon lycklig jävel får tag på mikrofonen och skanderar ut “Nothing can stop me now” under låtens sista två minuter. Själv står jag på fel sida av publikhavet och hoppar som en galning för att se vad som händer.

    Ytterliggare tre repriserade men riktigt starka låtar senare sänks en stor skärm ner över scenen, och Me, I’m Not och The Great Destroyer framförs i helt geniala versioner - ackompanjerade av en frenetisk ljusshow som doftar starkt av det digitala domedagskonceptet från Year Zero.

    Resten av setlisten är väldigt bekant, så när som på The Good Soldier från nya skivan. Men det gör inte så mycket. Nine Inch Nails och Trent Reznor besitter ett knippe låtar som får nytt liv på en scen. Det skitiga och råa i musiken smutsas ner ytterliggare och till och med de elektroniska delarna låter nästan organiska. Att det inte är riktigt samma gung i publiken och att allsången inte sitter felfritt på alla låtar spelar inte så stor roll. Det här är trots allt världens bästa liveband, och de bevisar det ännu en gång.

    Innan Trent går av scenen efter det tårdrypande avslutningsnumret Hurt, säger han “See you soon”. Det får fan vara ett löfte.


    Bäst: Last, “Here’s a song from our latest album Year Zero, which sold… about zero copies here in Sweden. That’s OK though. I’m over it. Just steal the fucking thing!”

    Sämst: Lite mer från The Fragile hade inte skadat, och när får Sverige höra Ruiner?
  • Now Owning

    1 Jun 2007, 18:16 by arcadevelocity

    Hey hey!

    I've discovered tons of good music the last months and it's hard to stay focused when you're scrolling in your iTunes library. However, here's ten owning albums that you gotta check out:

    Anektdoten - A time of day
    I wasn't convinced at first but it didn't take long before it clicked with me. And when it did, wow! I haven't heard their earlier albums but this one is amazing. The vocals can feel a bit awkward in the beginning but in the end they contribute to the songs and make them feel complete.
    Top tracks: 30 Pieces, King Oblivion, A sky about to rain, Every step I take, The Great Unknown

    Camel - Mirage
    70's prog rock with great melodies. My favourite tracks are Free Fall and Lady Fantasy, two brilliant tracks and the latter is over 12 minutes long. Some people complain about the vocals but I like them. Top notch guitar playing (especially Andy Latimer's solos) and the drums, bass and keyboards are handled very well.

    Justice - †
    Hyped but very good! The latest export from the french Ed Banger-territories is a hard, dancable glitch/house hybrid that's hard to resist. Sounds like a razor sharp knife that cuts through the echoing soundwaves from Daft Punk, 70's funk/soul and 80's pop. Prepare yourselves because this is the next big thing!
    (I won't go as far as calling it Homework II though)
    Standout tracks: D.A.N.C.E, The Party feat. Uffie, DVNO, New Jack

    Queens of the stone age - Era Vulgaris
    The new QOTSA will still need some time to grow on me but one thing's for sure. It's a cool and dirty album with some sort of noisy, psychedelic garage vibe going on.
    Favourite tracks atm: I'm Designer, Make It Wit Chu, River In The Road, Suture Up Your Future

    Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of horizons
    Apparently a band that consists of Trevor Dunn (former member and song writer of Mr. Bungle) and a handful of other members which, together create different bands for each song with a certain theme. Very good album that offers everything from middle eastern folk songs to grindcore. Experimental and daring - me like it bigtime!
    Top tracks: The End Times, Welcome to the theatron animatronique, Book T: Exodus

    Anna Ternheim - Separation Road
    Great album from Swedish folk/pop/indie-singer Anna Ternheim. Dark, beautiful and relaxing tunes that will stick in your head for days.
    Top tracks: Feels like sand, Girl laying down, Calling love, Lovers Dream

    Cardiacs - A little man and a house and the whole world window
    Crazy, frenzy, technical, weird, fun music that might make your head explode. If you're feeling dizzy, stop it. Come back to it when you're in the right mood and you'll find it's true greatness. You could call it a mix of punk rock, psychedelic pop, avant garde and progressive rock. Think Mr. Bungle meets Oingo Boingo meets Sex Pistols meets Faith No More meets Frank Zappa meets Monty Python or something like that. As I said, very weird but also very rewarding. Oh, and very british ;)
    Top tracks: Is this the life?, R.E.S, In A City Lining

    K-O's - Atlantis - Hymns for disco
    A wake up call for me to go listen to some hip hop/rap again, partly because this album is so much more than that. It combines elements of rock, indie pop, reggae, funk and disco and fuses them together with hip hop in an irresistable way. Really fun to listen to!
    Most tracks are solid with some exceptions. The fantastic 5 of superbness: flyPaper, Sunday Morning, Born To Run, Equilizer and black Ice - Hymn For Disco.

    Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
    Yeah it's good. If you haven't listened to it yet, do it for the sake of fist fuck!
    The noisy cream of the crop: Meet your master, God Given, Capital G.

    And I guess that's all for now folks. Keep listening to good music, stickin' it to the man and fucking wit da police.

  • Nine to the Inch to the Nails in Copenhagen

    7 Apr 2007, 15:48 by Rusty_Nails

    Fri 6 Apr – Nine Inch Nails, Ladytron

    Pilgrimage/Mr.Self Destruct
    March of the pigs
    Beginning of the end
    Gave up
    Help me I’m in hell
    The frail
    The hand that feeds
    Head like a hole

    So let's just get one thing straight. If you're reading this then chances are that you've probably heard all of the songs, including the two new ones that were played, so I'm not gonna bother by trying to describe how awesome this and that was in a melodramatic way nobody gives two shits about.
    Let's just get on with it..

    This was the third time I saw NIN, whereas the two other times have been on festivals. This was my first true chance to really see them the way they're supposed to be seen. (says I)
    I never really was that hyped up about it until me and my big brother ( came and stood in line outside the doors. Luckily for us it was a secluded place where hardly any winds could pass through so it was a good spot to stand in. It really began to feel like this was really happening right now.

    We met with three other women who were standing in line infront of us (around 20 years old), the cute ones names were Militta and Mariæ, then the other one who was standing in The Spiral line I can't quite remember.

    The whole wait up until the point where they let us in (7pm) was just a breeze all the way through, didn't have a minute of bore since we were mostly chatting around with other fellow NIN fans, singing and drinking.

    By the time they finally opened the gates we must've had around four beers, whereas two more waited for us on inside. I had to be careful not to get drunk since I've made that mistake in the past and this was a show I couldn't afford to forget, then in a perfect timing Ladytron took the stage. And despite all the sayings I've heard about how much they'd suck - I thought they were pretty fucking cool. The crowd wasn't very worked up which was both pretty good and disappointing, since up until this point you could have a cigarette without being scared of the fact that a single bump from your fellow crowd member could have you swallow the whole piece.

    My brother and I once again met with three other girls, which were actually Swedish. Your typical emo-looking bunch I guess. Them motherfuckers had gotten a backstage pass to meet the band in some weird way just because they were some of the earliest to get in I think. It really sucked to see, but I was glad for them. They didn't hang around long enough for us to share the story of our lives.. or our names, but I kept bumping in to them during the whole NIN show for some goddamn reason. It was pretty fun actually, we held our arms around eachother to prevent from falling and had our own private singalong party in the crowd which got pretty intense during Closer, if you take my word for it - but all which soon dispersed after the tremendous pressure from the crowd all around us when the break with The Only Time came on in Closer.. I fell down on the floor two or three times but was helped back up again immedietely (thankfully). Then around the time when they played Wish, a handful of people around me wanted me to help them give a push upwards so they could crowdsurf, which was fine by me since it offered me a brief five second pocket to fill in until the next junkhead came and wanted a closer piece of the action.

    Can't remember much of anything more note-worthy during the rest of the concert. I was just really really glad that they played so many of their old tracks (mainly from The Downward Spiral) and that we got two of the songs from their upcoming album, and only two songs from With Teeth (one of them which was Only, which I shamelessly think is great).
    I never would have thunk I'd hear Eraser, Mr.Self Destruct, Ruiner, Heresy (!!!), Last and Help me I'm in Hell live if you'd ask me a year ago. I couldn't have been happier with this concert (LIES!). Well - unless they'd play a few others as well like Somewhat Damaged, We're in this together and Down in it, but I'm not one to be picky.

    By the time we got to the last four songs, I started to feel nauseous. The venue was as cramped as it could possibly be with 1,500 crazy spectators in it, and jumping around like that does things to your body you don't really want to know about, not to mention that my throat was burning up by all the screaming and shouting, I really needed to cool it down from here. I saved most of my energy during Suck, Hurt and The Hand that Feeds, and used what little strength I had left on Head like a Hole. It felt like I was being resurrected from the dead, and once the gig was over (I don't dare say finally) I walked out as best as I could with my disjointed legs and brains in flames, going "Ni'yaaaahh!".
    This felt like too much goodness at one time for me to handle, and well enough to last me until the next time I see them.

    A couple of beers later, I was back home in Kristianstad, and I literally threw myself on the big bad bed and never felt so good about sleeping naked all alone before.
    I woke up and felt good as ever, not feeling hungover or anything, altough it feels like every single bone in my body has been crushed to bits and then glued back together again.

    I hope this feeling never goes away.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope that you will have at least as great of a performance that I had if you're seeing Nine Inch Nails too.

  • Dubstep + Year Zero = Hells'yeeah?

    4 Apr 2007, 12:28 by Rusty_Nails

    I would definitely say so.
    It's like a record, with lyrics and a story to tell, with elements of noisy and what else.

    This is one of those records you can't possibly listen to (or fully enjoy) if you haven't got the world's biggest subwoofer hooked up to your brains blastin' away.
    I really like the new direction taken with this new record. It's one of those records, like The Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine that you know is going to sound completely different when played live - and probably better as well (due to how synthetic most of the instruments are). Just take Head Like a Hole or Terrible Lie for example.

    One of the most noteworthy and bizzarest songs I've ever heard must be Capital G, which is a mix between some kind of fucked up song VS. old school-Marilyn Manson, the kind of which you would expect to hear on Portrait Of An American Family. I can't quite decide wether or not this is good but from what I could pick apart from the lyrics, it's all pretty positive, even though you might frown upon it during the first couple of listens. (isn't that the case with all new records?)

    Only two more days until the Nine Inch Nails gig in Copenhagen. This time I'm not going to bring a camera of any kind (FUCKING LIAR) so I can fully enjoy a NIN show for the first time without runnin' around worrying if the pictures will turn out good instead of trying to have a good time (NOT GONNA HAPPEN, ASSHOLE).
    Seriously though, ofcourse I'll try to snap something with my 2.0 mega pixel camera phone, but good luck to me trying to get something good out of it.
    Doesn't really matter I guess, just want something besides the images in my head and possibly the merchandise I'm going to buy at the site to remember the night with.

    I hope Trent gives a comment about the Album leak.