Ulubione utwory Bruce'a Dickinsona

  • Ulubione utwory Bruce'a Dickinsona

    Wasze ulubione utwory z solowych albumów Bruce'a

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  • Man Of Sorrows

  • The Tower, Man of Sorrows, Chemical Wedding, Tears of the Dragon, Book of Thel

  • Change of Heart, Tears of the Dragon, Cyclops, Laughing in the Hiding Bush, Ghost of Cain, Road to Hell, Omega, Killing Floor, Book of Thel

  • Tattooed Millionaire, Tears of the Dragon, Born in '58, Man of Sorrows, Road to Hell, The magician, The Tower, Interia, Navigate the Seas of the Sun

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    • 28 Feb 2012, 17:10
    Navigate the Seas of the Sun, Tears of the Dragon, Man of Sorrows, Accident of Brith

  • Road to Hell, Son of a Gun, Chemical Wedding

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