What do you think of The 8 Diagrams?

    • d1m3s said...
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    • 8 Dec 2007, 12:19

    What do you think of The 8 Diagrams?

    so? I must confess I like it. Ok, its not the best one but its Wu :) But what we can expect? There is no ODB :(

  • I think it's good. It's nowhere near the level of 36 Chambers or even Wu Forever. Still a decent album with a few good tracks though. 16th Chamber ODB Tribute's the best imo, despite being shit sound quality.

  • A good come-back

    The record is all right. There are a few stand-out tracks and the '16th Chamber' track kind of brings us back to the old good times of the 90s. But it's NOT what the Wu-Tang Clan used to be - there are many mixed styles and it seems that the RZA's time is unfortunately over, in my opinion. All in all, it's a good album to listen to, when you don't have antyhing better to do with yourself and it's way better than 'The W'. Peace

    There's a Natural Mystic blowin' through the air . . .
  • I really like the "Gun will go" track. Other than that the album is good but the Wu have seen better days...but albums 1 and 2 did set the bar pretty high for the Wu Tang Clan.

    • xb1t said...
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    • 11 Aug 2008, 16:48
    It is a relly dope cd! some whack tracks tho, but it was the best of what i heard in 2007

    • J-live said...
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    • 30 Aug 2008, 12:47
    i think it's 2007's best album!
    not the best album, but after ironflag and the W, it shows that WU's not dead!

    • boxx0r said...
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    • 2 Dec 2008, 20:40
    wu's not dead, but the whole orchestra for the beats was kind of weird. i can't get into this album as much as their earlier stuff.

  • I love it. It's a unique style of production that sets them apart. They've pioneered several subgenres since 36 Chambers, so why expect them to repeat themselves? They never have in the past. 8.5/10 album at least.

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    • jussi-m said...
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    • 5 Jan 2010, 18:05
    surprisingly good. 16th chamber is just dope

    • k_boss said...
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    • 12 Feb 2010, 23:50
    For sure the 8 Diagrams brought some strange beats for us, Wu-Headz. But album shows that the Clan is not dead.

    Stick it for my riches is one of the songs I could listen all day.

  • Overall, it's easily their weakest album. It's definitely not a terrible record, but the quality control most Wu releases go through automatically ensure you'll get SOMETHING good on each CD.

    RZA has obviously been wanting to go in an entirely different direction production-wise ever since Wu-Tang Forever, and the results have been mixed at best (see the Bobby Digital albums for prime examples of this). This conflict of interest with the other Clan members' mentality is the biggest reason Wu group records have been so mediocre and why so many of the solo releases have had a wide gamut of producers.

  • 8 diagrams is much better than most of the "popular hip pop" ppl are listening to lately, but obviously it's not their best work...In my opinion, the older the wu the better. Then again, i think wu's spoiled us with 36 chambers and forever...

    • dudpac said...
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    • 10 Jan 2011, 11:47
    ^^^ yeah I agree,

    Everyone is comparing their stuff to 36 chambers. Nothing can be compared to that, its above EVERYTHING ever made.

    As for 8 Diagrams, I like it. No other producer will dare make beats like that, (unless your Madlib) and the raps are still dope as. If Hip-Hop continues to move in that direction, ill be happy. They could do without a few vocals though..

  • I actually really liked it. its nice hearing all the wu rappers on a diff style of beat.

    Wolves is fucking epic :D

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Feb 2011, 12:41
    It was a very enjoyable record. A lot better than what came out in '07. The RZA had a great comeback, production wise.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2011, 14:41
    I Liked it i took me Awhile to get used to the production and i wished Ghost-face Was
    in it Longer but still Very Enjoyable

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