Music from Burma (Myanmar)

  • Music from Burma (Myanmar)

    One of the most interesting, exotic and creative expressions of art is the music of Burma, especially the burmese classical music (music developed in the courts of Burmese monarchs). With unique instruments, techniches and styles, makes a rich contribution to world music. There are two instruments in particular, that uniqueness is quite remarkable. The pat waing (circle of drums) and the saung (harp). Both instruments are played with great virtuosity in the videos posted below.

    Some Burmese artists:
    Kyaw Kyaw Naing
    Aung Win group
    Enchanting Musical Treasures from Burma
    Inle Myint Maung/Yi Yi Thant
    U Myint Maung

  • Another great video and more artists

    I found a video of a complete orchestra of burmese music. However many artists put the saung (burmese harp) combined with the pat waing (circle of drums) playing together, wich in many cases like in festivities or in the burmese theatre they are usually not played together. But believe me, both instruments played together makes one of the greatest pieces of music that one can ever listen to, I hope you dig more into this music. Here is the video and an artists that plays the saung. enjoy


    Another Burmese Artists
    The Hsaing Waing Orchestra

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