• In the Mood for Love is my favorite WKW film. I haven't seen them all, but I have a hard time imagining any of the others will top it. I was riveted from the first second and never got bored with it. I've shown it to several people and many of them are amazed that I like it so much because they consider it boring. I can't imagine where that sentiment comes from.

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    • 5 Jul 2007, 14:04
    The best movie of love of all the times ... the movie is a sort of transposition for the big screen of the theory of Plato, about the true love, without the necessity of being rewarded.

  • FA

    I’m going to follow the pattern set by many others in this thread by saying it was the first one I saw—Fallen Angels. (I find it kind of bizarre how much WKW inspires this kind of ‘first love’ talk, but I too can’t help it.) It was a rainy day, and I was stuck in a part of town I hate to spend time in. I didn’t know anything about WKW, but somewhere I’d seen a cool-looking still from the movie of Michelle Reis with that kooky comb-over, and it was just one of those—very WKWian, actually—moments, where you are stuck between two appointments, don’t know what to do with yourself, are pining over some ridiculous love, and just want to get out of the rain. So this very imperfect situation was really the perfect one, and the cinemas there have giant screens and booming sound systems, just right for Christopher Doyle’s gorgeous slo-mo and the way WKW uses music and voice-over.

    Another thing that makes this movie my fave choice—today, anyway—is the way seeing it again after seeing other HK and WKW films enriched it. It was very funny, years later, after I’d seen Chungking Express, to see Angels again and recognize the way that Takeshi Kaneshiro is playing on Faye Wong’s earlier performance when he’s goofing around with the condiment bottles. And after seeing other films with Michelle Reis: there’s something so cool about the way that haircut covers up and distorts her otherwise picture-perfect doll-face, making her look so odd, but still—again?—beautiful.

  • "The Call Unanswered" Trilogy

    For me, there's almost no way to separate my love for "Days Of Being Wild", "In The Mood For Love" and "2046". By far, Won Kar-Wai's masterpiece. The way in which everything is tied together and cross-referenced in "2046" is amazing, a Kar-Wai fan's wet dream. But if I had to choose... I'd have to go with "In The Mood For Love". Amazing film... both on an artisitic and technical level. Gorgeous filmmaking.

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  • I think that I don't exaggerate if say that I love all his movies and that each one of they has a special corner in me. But if I have to chose, I suppose that I remain with Happy Together because it was the first one that I saw when not even knew him and since then he captives me (well, he and Tony Leung)

    sorry for my bad bad English~

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    Unadesas, as a Tony Leung fan you may be interested in a new movie he is staring in called Lust, Caution, directed by Ang Lee. There seems to be issues regarding its ratings for release in the States.


  • in the mood for love

  • Happy Together, is in my opinion his best film.

    Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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    • 19 Nov 2007, 18:25
    My favourite film of WKW is of course 2046.
    Such a brilliant film, completness at all, just perfect.
    And the soundtrack,mmmm, i can hear it all the time...
    Siboney, yo te quiero ...

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    Happy Together, is in my opinion his best film.

    I completely agree.

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    • 7 Mar 2008, 12:52
    I think the Three (Days of Being Wild, In the Mood, 2046) could well be counted together, and as such would be his best work. If I'd have to rank them as separate films, I'd probably say that Mood is best of these, 2046 being second - because as a separate film it suffers a bit from being so dependent on the two others, structurally and for its content. And for some reason, I can't watch Days without projecting the other two into it... But that's likely just my problem. As my impressions go, the Mood seems to stand on it's own quite well - maybe that's why it is so popular. (Also, 2046 is my favourite WKW-soundtrack)

    As for the others, I don't that much like Fallen Angels, and My Blueberry Nights was a disappointment. Of the ones I've seen, Happy Together and Chunking are perhaps the favourite ones after those three mentioned first. Another one I didn't care so much about was As Tears go By.

    I haven't seen Ashes of Time.

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    Everyone has such amazing answers. There is no doubt that the movies of WKW has touched each and everyone of us in certain ineffable ways that to put it into words for others to read is in itself creating some form of injustice betraying our emotions. What initially drew me to the wonderful WKW was his interpretation of Time: the destroyer, the healer. Time, in its natural state, has always fascinated me. Relationships, however, is a complicated dyadic organism. I think when one mixes Time and Relationship coupled with Love and Sentimentality, we get WKW movies.

    The appeal of WKW movies (to me) is its ability to reach a core of my soul I never thought existed. Now, whether it did so because I had attributed certain events of my life onto his characters or whether his movies just put me in sentimental overdrive, I don't know.

    My list would be in this order:
    Chungking Express
    In The Mood For Love
    Days Of Being Wild
    Ashes of Time
    Happy Together
    My Blueberry Nights

    I still need to see Fallen Angels and As Tears Go By.

  • Hi all!! Im new here but I have been following WKW's movies after watching Days of Being Wild and it never stops. I jus luv the music of his movies but more of the 60s nostalgia created by his trilogy (Days - Mood - 2046).

    Wonder there is any further episode??

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    Looks like this thread has been dead for a while, but I figured I'd put in my two cents...

    My first WKW film was In the Mood for Love, and that introduced me to everything I love about WKW. Most of all it's about melancholy for me, and Christopher Doyle's cinematography and the soundtrack choices create chilling moods, almost landscapes. My favorite by him is 2046, 2nd up is Happy Together. ITMFL and Days of Being Wild fight for the third place... I found DOBW boring in places, but it blew me away in the end.

    I have to say Chunking Express really surprised me... I totally didn't anticipate it to be so light! It was good, but not an experience in the way the others had been, totally catching me off guard...

  • Happy Together :-)

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  • My favorite WKW is In the mood for love but I am also a big fan of his ad for BMW:

  • No doubt i'll give my vote to "Chungking Express" It's such a stylish presentation. Also the cinematographer Mr.Christopher Doyle had giving his remarkable influence on WKW's films, especially his jumpy-moody-subtle-visual style, i thought the way he shoot is a best match with WKW's story, i was fall into the visual impression so much...like "the fallen angle", "Chungking Express", " Happy together"...etc...

  • Besides Chungking Express, I felt that Mr. Wong Kar Wai really wrote up my story into 2046/ In the Mood For Love. I thought Happy Together was something too.

  • Fallen Angels, closely followed by Chungking Express

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    • 30 Jul 2011, 03:58


    even though i haven's seen then all i would say:

    1. Fallen Angels
    2. Happy Together

  • Chunking Express, In the mood for love, 2046

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  • In The Mood For Love - masterpiece... and the music - Yumeji's Theme mmmm :) Still have some scenes stuck in my head, one of the best movies in my life so far, very emotional ;)

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