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Tribute to America's smallest ... but HEAVIEST RECORD LABEL. (1986-199?)

This is a group dedicated to the legendary Underground Metal label: Wild Rags Records. Also dedicated to their massive Mail Order Distribution, who - like me - turned a lot of heads on to the True Underground Metal scene of the late 80s/early 90s, which consisted of; demo tapes, 7" EPs, fanzines, tape trading, writing bands, getting involved, etc.

Wild Rags Records was an underground Metal label located in Montebello, California. It began in 1986 by one Mr. Richard C (Campos). In addition to releasing and licensing music Wild Rags was also a Record Store and International Mail Order Distro of Underground Metal music. This was supplemented by a bi-monthly zine/catalog called “The Wild Rag.” If I’m correct the store itself at one time was part clothing store (possibly started as a clothing store) and part Record store. Wild Rags seemed to thrive most during the early 90s (which was a strong period for Underground Metal indeed!). During this time is when WR released tons of great albums that remain cult classics to this day: Blasphemy, Impetigo, Nuclear Death, Blood, Hellwitch, Order From Chaos, to name a few. He also released and licensed many official pro-copied demos by many classic bands like, Brutality, Necrophobic, Unholy, Thergothon, Emperor, Sigh, Meat Shits, Candiria, etc. Some people seemed to shy away from the crudity of his releases. If you were used to your Metal bands having a more professional recording and slicker packaging, Wild Rags probably wasn't the label for you. As in the case with most of his bands the covers had a primitive DIY aesthetic while the recordings were usually low-fi and suffered (or benefited!) from bad production - I say the latter! ;-) To me (for example) an album like Nuclear Death’s “Bride of Insect” made more sense to me, than some glossy Roadracer Records release of that time. Nuclear Death “spoke” to me. They were much more blue-collar and relatable than say what Napalm Death and Carcass later became. While those bands were moving in a “safer” more commercial direction, I turned to bands like Nuclear Death, Impetigo and Blasphemy as they were much more down to earth, and they all seemed to share the same dedicated attitude of keeping the Metal; Underground, Uncompromising and Ugly as Hell! But seriously I wasn’t looking for Rock Stars or bands that got more popular with each release. I wanted bands that most people (even most Metalheads) just wouldn’t get...aside from the select few who were of the same depraved, libertine mindset as I....

The Mail Order side to Wild Rags was an extremely active and important branch of the operation. I will be as bold to say that during the early 90s WR was easily the biggest and best Distro for Underground Metal in North America (aside from maybe Metal Disc which was actually one of the biggest Underground Metal Distros of the 80s.) If you were deep into Underground Metal during that time, Wild Rags Records was on the cutting edge of introducing N. America to the onslaught of new Death/Grind/Black/Thrash/Doom Metal of that time period. They stocked all the classic imported (now hard to find vinyl) labels like: Earache, Nuclear Blast, Peaceville, Thrash Records, Seraphic Decay, Cogumelo, Osmose, Lethal Records, etc. They even carried all the old Slap A Ham classics at one time! In addition to all the official merchandise they carried, they also commissioned and sold tons and tons of demos from Underground/Un-signed bands from around the world. Also sold stack loads of zines, …any classic Zine you can think of, he mostly likely carried it at one time or another! He also used to slip free zines within your order most of the time as well, which was pretty awesome! I’ll also mention that the turnover time when ordering was super fast! Usually only about a week or so; now this was during the snail mail days long before the internet, so you gotta admit…that’s pretty darn fast! I would personally make a long-distance call the store and talk to Richard C himself. I was known as “Jason From Albuquerque.” So I would call, and he would set aside my order and I would send in a money order and get my order in about a weeks time. Big Thumbs Up!!!

Now I will state that Richard C became a very infamous and controversial character around the Underground Metal scene. Bad blood was in huge supply when it came to many of the bands that he dealt with. Since I am a Third Party, and was never in a band nor part of a deal that went south with Richard C I have no grounds to “talk any shit”….in fact I never once had a negative experience with the man, he as always super cool to me and I never had a single problem with his service. I personally will leave the controversial side of Wild Rags up in the air. Although, everything that has needed to be said has probably already been said by all parties involved and I believe most of the bad blood is ancient history now (maybe.) But if anyone wants to talk about this in the shout box,, feel free, I’ll leave that up to you…

As the 90s waned, trends shifted, many more burgeoning distros were active, and the onset of the internet was inevitable, Wild Rags seemed to had faded away. Now once again there are rumors as to why this happened (much of which involved Richard C’s questionable reputation - but once again I won’t post anything I don’t know the facts on) but somehow or another Wild Rags ended up as fading memory and a distant curiosity in the annals of Underground Metal history. I’m not exactly sure when Wild Rags shut down, nor which the final year was before they closed up shop for good. I’ll admit that by the mid-90s I had lost interest in Wild Rags, the releases just weren’t as interesting as they once were and his catalog wasn’t as strong as it once was, not…to mention my ordering habits and distro loyalties had shifted as well. The good thing though, is that many labels have taken up the slack in keeping some of the most renown WR albums in print, NWN and Razorback Records to name a few. It just goes to prove that timeless music never dies!!! In all honestly I wouldn’t change the way the Underground Metal scene is handled today via mostly the Internet. I’ve gotten too spoiled ordering things online via paypal and getting my stuff within in the week, also the benefit of having packages tracked, the immediacy of in-stock availability, messaging bands through email or myspace, etc. No, no...I just couldn’t go back to the days of dealing with just about everything through the post office. But I do romanticize about the days I was involved in the late 80s/early 90s Underground Metal scene. And I am glad and eternally appreciative that I got to live during those legendary times. Of course that nostalgia is what prompted me to start this group. ;-)

I’m going to call on anyone who might have additional information that you can think of that might be of value here and I’ll work it into this page. As you can see below, in the Active Discussions forum I have The Wild Rags Records discography listed. There wasn't an official one to be found on the web so I did the best I could to gather a cohesive list of all the Wild Rags releases (including all the official Pro-demo tapes). I basically used the Metal-Archives + Google as well as my own collection to get this far, but I know I’m probably missing plenty of stuff - especially from the mid/late 90s time period. If any of you know of more releases that need to be added to the list don’t hesitate to let me know! Also if you know some of the release codes/catalog #'s on those I don’t have marked down yet, please let me know that as well. THIS GROUP/PAGE WILL ALWAYS BE A WORK IN PROGRESS!

Wild Rags Discography (not complete, but pretty darn close)

Wild Rags Records Discography
V/A “Wild Rags Records Limited Edition” DLP (With Bloodcum, Not Us, Outcasts, Infamous Symphony) (WRR000)
Necrophagia - hardcore demo series 12" 1987 (WWR001)
Bloodcum - Demo Hardcore Demo Series 12" 1987 (WRR-002)
Resistant Militia - Resistant Militia demo LP 1987 (WRR003)
Preacher - Trapped In Hell (WRR004)
Bloodlust - Terminal Velocity LP 1988 (WRR005)
Anialator - Anialator 12" 1988 (WRR006)
Recipients of Death - Recipients of Death tape + LP 1988 (WRR-007)
Bloodcum - Death by a Clothes Hanger 12" 1988 (WRR 008)
Infamous Sinphony - Manipulation LP + tape 1989 (WRR 009)
Outcasts - s/t MLP (WRR010)
Not-Us - Think What You Want LP 1989 (WRR011)
Anialator - Anialator II 12" 1989 (WRR 012)
God B.C. - Eargasms in Eden tape + LP 1989 (WWR-013)
Blood - Impulse To Destroy 1989 (WRR-014)
Jersey Dogs - Don’t Worry, Get Angry LP 1989 (WRR015)
Gammacide - Victims of Science LP 1989 (WRR016)
Nuclear Death - Bride of Insect tape + LP 1990 (WRR-017)
Nausea - Crime Against Humanity tape + LP 1991 (WRR018)
Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom LP + tape 1990 (WRR-019)
Impetigo - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale tape + LP 1990 (WRR-020)
Toxodeth - Mysteries About Life & Death LP (WRR021)
Sadistic Intent - Impending Doom EP 1990 (WRR-022)
Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy LP + tape 1990 (WRR023)
Hexx (US) - Quest for sanity 12" 1988 (WRR-24)
Hexx - Watery Graves MLP (WRR025) uncertain though cause my copy has no cat #
Dorsal Atlântica - Searching for the Light tape + LP 1990 (WRR 026)
Arcane - Destination Unknown LP 1990 (WRR027)
Blood - Recognize Yourself 7" ltd.1000 (WRR027)
Recipiens Of Death - Final Flight MLP (WRR028)
Nuclear Death - Carrion for Worm LP + tape 1991 (WRR-029)
Order From Chaos - Stillbirth Machine CD 1992 (WRR-030)
Crucifer - Pictures Of Heaven 1993 (WRR-031)
Impetigo - Faceless tape 1991 (WRR-032)
Necrotomy - Indecent Exposure MCD (WRR033)
Nuclear Death - ...For Our Dead...tape + EP 1992 (WRR-034)
Impetigo - Horror of the Zombies tape + CD 1992 (WRR-035)
Deathcult - Sodomy/Repulsive In My Ways CD (WRR036)
Sexorcist - s/t MCD (WRR037)
Judecca - Scenes Of An Obscure Death CD (WRR038)
Lullaby - My Master Lucifer MCD (WRR039)
Internal Bleeding - Invocation Of Evil EP 1993 (WRR-040)
Goddefied - Abysmal Grief MCD (WRR041)
Funeral (Nor) - Tristesse CD 1994 (WRR-042)
Centinex - Malleus Maleficarum CD (WRR043)
Crucifer - Festival Of Death CD (WRR044)
Vital Remains - Excruciating Pain MCD (WRR045)
Inverted - Revocation Of The Beast MCD (WRR046)
Drogheda - Drogheda CD (WRR047)
Resuscitator - Iniciation 1993 (WRR-048)
Mordor - Odes CD 1995 (WRR-049)
Mordor - Csejthe CD 1995 (WRR-050)
Crucifer - Separation EP 1995 (WRR-051)
Nero Circus - Nailed Harder MCD (WRR 0052)
Symphony of Grief - Our Blessed Conqueror EP 1995 (WRR-053)
Drogheda - Pogromist CD 1996 (WRR-054)
Angelkill - Artist Of The Flesh CD (WRR055)
Internal Bleeding - Perpetual Degradation EP 1994 (WRR-055)
Behemoth - ...From The Pagan Vastlands CD 1995(WRR-056)
Thorns Of The Carrion - The Garden Of Dead Winter CD (WRR057)
Dying Fetus - Infatuation With Malevolence CD (WRR058)
Necromantia - From The Past We Summon Thee CD + EP 1995 (WRR-059)
Sacrilegium - Sleeptime CD 1995 (WRR-060)
Gorgoroth - Pentagram CD 1994 (WRR 061)
Mangled - Perish CD (WRR062)
Morningstar - As The Wolves Howl MCD (WRR063)
Rise - Life Into Ever Black MCD (WRR064)
Shredded Corpse - Exhumed and Molested 1996 (WRR-065)
Landfill - Confined Inner Beauty 1995 (WRR066)
Ritual - The Summoning CD (WWR-067)
Primigenium - ...As Eternal As The Night...CD, Mini 1995 (WRR-068)
Morningstar - Rivendell CD (WWR069)
Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrant tape + CD 1994 (WRR-070)
Torture Krypt - Rotted Remnants EP 1995 (WRR-070)
Deeds Of Flesh - Gradually Melted CD + EP 1995 (WRR-071)
Crucifer - The World Dies 1989-1999 CD (WRR072)
Nuctemeron - A Time The World Forgot CD (WRR073)
Bhaobhan Sidhe - Corpse Crater CD 1996 (WRR-074)
Abhorrence - Ascencion MCD (no backinlay) (WRR075)
Astaroth - Operation Warlord MCD (no backinlay) (WRR076)
Judecca - Beyond What The Eyes Can't See CD (WRR078)
Ysigim - Whispers CD 1996 (WWR079)
Sadistic Torment - Uneartly Horrors CD (WRR080)
Corpsevomit - Bastards Of Foreverfilth MCD (no backinlay) (WRR081)
Angelkill - Beyond The Black CD (WRR082)
Angelkill - Artist Of The Flesh CD (WRR083)
Drogheda - Celebrating 5 Years Of Violence CD (WRR084)
Subvertor - Transgreso/Evolucion CD (WRR085)
Abominant - Unspeakable Horrors CD (WRR086)
Abominant - Never Truly Dead MCD (no backinlay) (WRR087)
Hellbound - Gravelust CD (WRR090)
Mangled - ...In Emptiness MCD (WRR091)
Resurrecturis - Evil Confronting Evil CD (no backinlay) (WRR094)
Mucus Membrane - Shallow Existence MCD (WRR095)
Dread - Forever Hate CD (WRR096)
Umbilical Strangulation - Sexually Mutilated CD (WRR097)
Sargathanas - Sargatanas MCD (no backinlay) (WRR099)
Adversary - Lord Of Chaos MCD (no backinlay) (WRR100)
C.O.D. - Monolith Empire MCD (WRR101)
Ritual - Demonic Winter Metal CD (WRR102)
Vitam Eternam - Blackened Dreams of Nocturn EP 1997 (WRR-103)
Abominant - In Darkness Embrace CD (WRR104)
Death Penalty - Bitter MCD (WRR105)
Fear Ritual - s/t MCD (no backinlay) (WRR106)
Angelkill - Casket Lullabies CD (WRR108)
Angelkill - Bloodstained Memories CD (WRR109)
Of The Fallen - s/t CD (WRR109)
Season - Nocurenofeeling CD (WRR110)
Sermon - From Death To Death (WRR112)
Shadowcaster - Temptation CD (WRR113)
Shadowcaster - Psychelectronic Experience CD (WRR114)
Ritual - Soldiers Under Satan's Command CD (WRR115)
Casket Of Dreams - Dragons Of Autumn Twilight CD (WRR116)
Abominant - The Way After CD (WRR117)

Altar - No Flesh Shall Be Spared 7" (WRR-ALT)
Ancient Rites - Evil Prevails 7" 1992 (WWR-AR)
Brutality - Metamorphosis tape 1991 (WRR-BRU)
Cauterizer - Then the Snow Fell...(WWR-CAU)
Centinex - Under The Blackened Sky tape (WRR-CEN)
Crucifer - Festival Of Death 1992 (WRR-CRU)
Crucifer - Pray For The Dead 7" (WRR-CRU)
D.A.B. - Alice In Horrorland tape (WRR-DAB)
Death Courier - Necrorgasm tape 1991 (WWR-DC)
Deathrune - Remain Forever Entangled tape (WRR-DEA - WRR060 printed on tape)
Deeds Of Flesh - Gradually Melted tape (WRR-DOF)
Draksen - From Beyond tape (WRR-DRA)
Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrants tape 1993 (WWR-EMP)
Enslaver - A Place Of Terror Inside tape (WRR-ENS)
Fermento - Fervour Of The Impure tape (WRR-FER)
Extreme Smoke 57 - Open Your Eyes ... & Die! tape 1992 (WRR-EXT)
Humanicide - Human Right/Sick tape + 7" 1991 (WRR-HUM)
Infected - Prick tape (WRR-INF)
Incarnated - Wool Gathering tape (WRR-INC)
Landfill - Confined Inner Beauty tape (WRR-LAN)
Legal Butchery - The Cause And Effect Of Eternal Suffering tape (WRR-LEG)
Lullaby - s/t 7" (WRR-LUL)
Maleficarum - Unblessed tape 1993 (WRR-MAL)
Mausoleum - Summoning Of The Damned tape (WRR-MAU)
Misery - Astern Diabolus tape (WRR-MIS)
Morgion - Rabid Decay tape (WRR-MOR)
Meat Shits - Fuck Frenzy tape 1992 (WRR-MEA)
Mordor - Csejthe / Odes (Cass, Ltd) 1992 (WRR-MOR)
Mindrot - 1990 Demo tape 1990 WWR-MRD)
Mordicus - Wrathorn tape (WRR-MUS)
NASFERATU - The Blood Is Life tape (WRR-NAS)
Necrophobic - The Call 7" EP 1993 (WRR-NEC)
Necrophobic - Unholy Prophecies tape 1991 (WRR-NEC)
Nergal / PSF - Split 7" (WRR-NER/WRR-PS)
Perdition Hearse - Mala Fide tape 1993 (WWR-P.H.)
Sadist - Black Screams tape (WRR-SAD)
Candiria - Subliminal tape (WRR-RIA)
Sexorcist - Untitled tape + MCD 1992 (WRR-SEX)
Sigh - Requiem for Fools 7" 1992 (WRR-SIG)
Sigh - Tragedies tape 1991 (WWR-SIG)
Stigma - Sickness Of No Survivors tape (WRR-STIG)
Subject - Nihilistic Perspectives tape (WRR-SUB)
Thergothon - Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth tape (WRR-TH)
Unholy - Trip to Depressiv Autumn tape (WWR-UNH)
Vital Remains - Excruciating Pain tape (WRR-VR)
Zombified Preachers of Gore - Demo tape 1991 (WWR-ZOM)

* European license pressings:
* WRE901-2: Blasphemy - Fallen Angel Of Doom LP / CD
* WRE902-1/WRE902-2: Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy LP / CD
* WRE903-1/WRE903-2: Toxodeth - Mysteries About Life And Death LP / CD
* WRE904-2: Impetigo - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale CD
* WRE905-1: Reciptients Of Death - Final Flight MLP
* WRE906-2: Arcane - Destination Unknown CD
* WRE917-2: Nuclear Death - Carrion For Worm CD
* WRE918-2: Nausea - Crime Against Humanity MCD

* no number????: Autumns Dawn - Emptiness MCD (no backinlay, no number written anywhere)
* no number????: Judecca - Awakend By The Stench Of The Dead MCD (no backinlay, no number written anywhere)
* no number????: Subvertor - Cryptobiosis MCD (no backinlay, no number written anywhere)
* number needed: V/A - The Wild Ragss Issue #32: Rock'n Roll Myths CD

releases that I need help putting in their place, uncertain about their cat-#'s

Anialator - 3+2 tape 1989
Order From Chaos - Crushed Infamy tape 1989 (no cat # I can see, I own the original)
Order From Chaos - Will to Power EP 1990
Humanicide - Terminal tape 1990
Hexx - Watery Graves MLP 1990(no cat # I can see, I own the original)
Meat Shits - Bowel Rot tape 1990 (* I think he also rereleased all the Meat Shits tapes, I'm not 100% sure though)
Crucifer - Pray for the Dead 7" 1992
Thergothon - Fhatagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth tape 1992
Ripped - Easter Island tape 1992
Exempt - Ill Health tape 1992
Nasferatu - For the Blood is Life tape 1992
Exempt - Ill Health tape 1992
Lullaby - Lucifer EP 1992
Judecca - Awakened By The Stench Of The Dead 7" 1993
Centinex - Under the Blackened Sky EP 1993
Immured - Torture Master tape 1993
Immured - Submissive Intractability tape 1994
Intense Agonizing - Soul Locked in Flesh tape 1994
Adversary - Lord Of Chaos tape 1994
Nuctemeron - A Time The World Forgot 1994
Abominant - Never Truly Dead MCD 1994
Ritual (US) - Wave to Appear tape 1994
Days of Lamenting - Toward a Womb of Grievance tape 1995
Hot Stove - Murder 1995
Desolate - The Scourge of Sanity tape 1995
Fear Ritual - Fear Ritual 7" 1995
Seraph - Awakened 1995
Subvertor - Cryptobiosis 1995
Mucus Membrane - 3 Song Sampler EP 1996
Mucus Membrane - Shallow Existence tape 1996
Toby Knapp - Infinite Opposition tape 1996
CorpseVomit - Bastards Of Foreverfilth EP 1996
Crucifer - Sickly Divine 1996 ???
Hellbound - Gravelust 7" 1996 ???
Autumn Dawn - Emptiness EP 1996
Centinex - Malleus Maleficarum CD 1996
Death Penalty - Conviction 1998
Autumn Dawn - Biblical Warnings CD 1998
Shadowcaster - Psychelectronic Experience 1999
Subvertor - Transgreso-Evolucion 1999
Of the Fallen - Demonic Spectres of War 2002 (strange year, don't think WR was around anymore by then)

Other uncertainties:
Dethshit ???
Disaster Area ???
Nuclear Nights ???
Cherry Street ???
Mythic - Anthology ??? (uncertain)

a few scans from The Wild Rag catalog, I'll probably add more later.

special thanks to Necroslaughter for helping with the youtube vids

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  • Tensegrity17

    Ritual "The Summoning" One of the best BM to come out of the wild rags label. amazing.

    10 Jul 2014 Reply
  • Konx777

    Anyone still on this group?

    23 Jan 2014 Reply
  • StormingWarfare

    Okay so i just picked up another Stillbirth Machine (wild rags). It's identical to the one i had before except for the CD. This one is black and my other one is silver. The matrixcode is different as well. Where there two different ones released? I'm confused here. Is one of them "fake"?

    29 Oct 2012 Reply
  • LadyAbsu

    To all those that showed up to the San Diego Metal Swap meet! THANKS!!!!

    28 Aug 2012 Reply
  • LadyAbsu

    Hey all, Just wanted to inform everyone that we will be at the San Diego Metal Swap Meet on Saturday, August 25, 2012. So if you are in the area, take advantage of getting some Wild Rags merch!!! Extremely limited!!! As always message me if you are interested in mail order so that I can email you the list. See you all there!!! Raise the horns!

    18 Aug 2012 Reply
  • kevinwarhaft

    i used to give out flyers for wild rag records here in miami fl

    13 Aug 2012 Reply
  • Goatsemen

    Looking for Autumn Dawn mp3s

    5 Jul 2012 Reply
  • LadyAbsu

    Anyone interested in the updated Wild Rags Merch list, send me a message with your email. Remember stuff is extremely limited!! Thanks

    10 Apr 2012 Reply
  • stormtrooper886

    is there anybody still fukin postin here !!!!

    7 Apr 2012 Reply
  • stormtrooper886

    i can probably dig out a wildrags catalog if it would help i know i had a few

    16 Feb 2012 Reply
  • stormtrooper886

    sitting here rockin out symphony of grief our blessed conqueror rt now

    15 Feb 2012 Reply
  • LadyAbsu

    Hey all just wanted to say that my sister will be attending the Central Illinois Metal Fest and she will be selling some Wild Rags merch. So look for her at the booth that has the Gravehill merch. She will take a good bunch of stuff, I cant make it, but perhaps next year.

    21 Jul 2011 Reply
  • ErnHate

    WWR put out Impetigo & Nuclear Death, that alone puts them on the map/in the history of real underground metal V/A “Wild Rags Records Limited Edition” DLP (With Bloodcum, Not Us, Outcasts, Infamous Symphony) (WRR000)- such an amazing record(er records) loved all 4 bands

    1 Jun 2011 Reply
  • Ugly13

    Infamous Sinphony was awesome... BLOOD & BLASPHEMY unique brutality!

    24 May 2011 Reply
  • Ugly13

    For all the OLD SCHOOL Death/Grind worshippers... Please, let's vote UP for the True BLOOD pictures: http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Blood There's a new pathetic j-pop band with the main tags, avatar and pictures.

    24 May 2011 Reply
  • sextrash

    Wild Rags did release some of the coolest shit.

    2 May 2011 Reply
  • TrueMithrandir

    the group has accumulated quite a few members, cool!

    6 Nov 2010 Reply
  • Wolfman768

    WOW! I ordered a few CD's from these guys back in '94! If anybody has any idea how I can re-order a copy of Casket of Dreams 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' CD, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks!!!!!

    4 Nov 2010 Reply
  • janlucca

    Hello, a little contribution. I have a tape that not appears in your list, it's a great demo: Maleficarum - Unblessed tape 1993 (WRR-MAL)

    28 Jul 2010 Reply
  • Konx777

    Hi Can someone tell me if the 'Sermon - from death to death' CD is marked as wild rags anywhere on the disc or booklet, its the second time ive bought this, and both have no code number or wild rags logo? cheers keith

    23 Jul 2010 Reply
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