The Wonderful Wide Delicious Secret Santa Mix CD Exchange Extravaganza...!

  • The Wonderful Wide Delicious Secret Santa Mix CD Exchange Extravaganza...!

    Sooo... I'm setting up a secret santa list so that some of us can send and receive some mystery mix cds, hopefully in time for Christmas.

    Once an appropriate number of people are on board, I'll use an online generator to create the list, and send you the name and postal address of your assigned person (or secret santee, as I prefer), along with a link to their 8tracks/ profile for a bit of inspiration.

    Then it'll be up to you, obviously, to tailor-make a mix cd and whack it in the mail... simple, and a merrier Christmas for everyone :) I guess it's entirely up to you if you want your mix to remain anonymous or not.

    If you'd like to take part, please send your postal address, and a link to your 8tracks/ profiles in case I don't know them already, to my e-mail address -


  • I sure hope that we who are on the opposite side of the world will be able to send/receive packets on time. I don't mind a late Christmas present, but I sure hope Santa won't mind the distance taxes he will have to pay at the postal office.

    I'm sending you my mail address now!

  • wait... what about your secret santa? We should ask someone else, who's not participating , or not part of the group. I was thinking , make a private thread somewhere with our addresses and some associated number visible to all of us and some dude makes the randomization and secretly sends to each one of us the numbers by e-mail. And then we just look at the address from the list with the number we received on e-mail.

    Does this sound too pointless?

  • hey... that doesn't sound pointless at all Alin... I was either going to miss out on a mix, or sacrifice the 'secret' part of the whole thing. I've set up a google doc for everyone's addresses anyway, so if I just add a column for an arbitrary number, your idea will easily work.
    I don't know who would do the random list generating/e-mailing of numbers though?

  • I'll politely ask a friend of mine. I'm sure he/she won't mind.

  • Genious,

    I wanna play.

  • We've got 10 people this far... I'll give it another day or so and then we can sort out the randomization stuff :)

  • Sweet news!
    I've talked to a friend , explained everything to him and he said he's up for it to do the randomization and e-mail the numbers to all of us So if you agree I can ask him anytime.


    I'll be closing the list at the end of the day, so if you want in, SPEAK NOW!

    FYI, we have 11 participants at the moment; secret santas/santees should be assigned in the next few days, and you'll receive an e-mail with a number that corresponds to the Google document I created, so you can look up the details of your assigned santee.

    Any other questions, just shout :)

  • Names have been drawn, please let me know if you've not received an email from a site called boogspace yet.

  • Posting the mixes

    Would everyone be cool if we posted our Secret Santa mixes once we're close to Christmas, or would it be better to keep it the mixes secret?

  • hmmm, good question.... personally, i wouldn't object to mixes being posted on 8tracks, but i would be a bit concerned about the possibility of a mix being posted before the physical mix has been received - i know postal services everywhere are unpredictable at this time of year.

    Maybe if people could let us know here when they have received their mix, and also whether or not they mind the creator posting the mix to 8tracks? That could keep everyone happy, what d'you reckon?

  • I have similar concerns. :-) But that that last works great (I'm modifying your last graph, SK:
    Let your fellow SECRET SANTAS know when you receive your mix here. Also state whether you mind the creator posting the mix to 8tracks.

  • so I personally was planning on posting the mix I made to 8trax, AFTER the person it was for received it. and I was going to explicitly say who this mix was made for as well.

    when we put them up, lets tag them as 'secret santa' so we can all hear the mixes that made.

    DJ Dim-Mak
    |,,|, (>_<) ,|,,|
  • I had this idea : we post the mixes that we get instead of the ones we give. I was going to do that with mine, but I guess it's almost the same.

    I'm sending the gift tomorrow!!

    • nokdeez said...
    • User
    • 19 Dec 2011, 21:07
    the mix i made is in the mail. mang. = )

  • I have it in my hands!

  • got mine toooo, all hail the Romanian postal service!

  • sent mine today, haven't received yet but things got screwy with the email i guess... or i'm just outta the loop lately... my recipient should get their cd in 10 days i'm sorry to say :( but hopefully worth the wait. i'm pretty happy with the tracks and the artwork... can't wait till we all post our treasures

  • Post on WD?

    by the way, i was thinking maybe we could set up a way to have these secret santa mixes all auto-flow to each other so that someone could start at A and just hit play and listen to 10 secret santa mixes in succession or whatever.

    or better yet, why don't we post these on WideDelicious itself? it would be in one central location and right now, it's not so easy navigating to each person's site and digging around for the secret santa's and then you wonder if you're missing any that you don't know about. it's a nice surprise to see them in people's collections, i'm not saying don't post or don't keep it there, but in addition, it'd be great to upload to WD after loading to your own collection. any thoughts? agree or disagree?

  • I like the idea of making a playlist with all secret santa mixes and simply hit the „next mix” button. We should do that. I don't think posting them on WideDelicious is necessary. We could put some unique tags like „WideDelicious SecretSanta” and we'd have the whole collection on first page.

  • alin: wait, are you saying that by putting the tag "WideDelicious SecretSanta" that will link the mixes and have them appear with each other when ppl do a search under that? so that's all we have to do to link them in essence?

    helen: would you be able to reach out to the ppl who participated in this and just send them a note to put that unique tag on the secret santa mix so that we can all group together? or perhaps everyone's checking this discussion thread; i'm just paranoid that not everyone is checking this regularly and don't want anyone to miss the massive playlist idea we have going here :)

    also, this week, around january 10th, my secret santa person should get their mix. sit tight!!! it's coming!!! please post and let me/us know when you get it! :) thanks

  • argh, i swear i'm always half-asleep, sorry guys, i read the past posts and mr dj dim mak already had this idea. sorry to be duplicating ideas!

    so yes, as per dim mak and alin, i'm all for the unique tagging system. that seems to be what tagging was designed for anyway. i'm sorry, i'm not as technologically savvy as i'd like to be :/

  • hey guys, anyone get any new mixes yet? my person was supposed to get it on tusday, 10 business days, but maybe give it another week... sorry about that. still awaiting mine as well but i will post as soon as i get it. the suspense is killing me...!!!

  • I've not heard if mine was received yet... and I mailed it at the beginning of December :'-(
    I may send out a few e-mails tomorrow to see if anyone else is still waiting on their mix.
    In the meantime, are we agreed on the 'WideDelicious SecretSanta' tag? I'll post a reminder in the facebook group too.
    Fingers crossed we'll have a few more mixes united with people soon.

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