free mixes online

  • free mixes online

    can't understand a word of the site, but the mixes for download are pretty sweet:
    and if you didn't know already, Stones Throw Records puts out a weekly podcast:

    other good sources?

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    • 17 Aug 2007, 00:20
    as i dislike, there a still some good mixtapes available for download, such as the official Boondocks mixtape: click me, i've got boobies

    you may check the website for some more good stuff.

  • not a real mix, but still some good shit in my opinion:
    atheist rap..too bad there's only some samples

  • Re: free mixes online

    ST's podcast isnt weekly, but i've been following it since it started in Spring 06 and I think it's consistently the best podcast on the www

  • 1mc podcasts

    there's more than hiphop there, funk, soul, jazz and gospel and so on, but mainly and most importantly there's a lot hiphop from good old days and lots of artists I know ya'll will appriciate.

    check it out, there's A LOT to listen to.

    • pilot77 said...
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    • 31 Jul 2008, 13:51 has extremely nice 2h mixes available for download full of (really) weird hiphop.

    Tokyo Dawn Records
    dirty soulclaps since 1997
  • check out a lot of the mixes are wack artists, g unit and such, but there are some gems hidden in there. i got the layover by evidence from dilated ppls and also kid cudi's tape.

  • Next mixtapes you should have are,

    1. ''Journey to the centre of beats'' by DJ Paul Nice
    2. ''Stoned'' Dj Muro
    3. ''Hip-hop Forever 2'' Jazzy Jeff
    4. ''Leak Vol. 2'' Mickey Factz
    5. ''Thank You Jay-Dee 1,2+3'' J-Rocc btw all J-Rocc :D
    6. Sha Stimuli
    7. THe Whole StonesThrow Podcast-Archive.

    Ask me for more when listened!!

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