Best Gear or even Technique for playing Drone?

  • Best Gear or even Technique for playing Drone?

    Hi, there I need some help, I will like to know in an orientative way, what should be the best Gear for a guitarrist of Drone Doom, including:

    - Guitar ( model, pickups, etc..)
    - Amplifiers
    - Pedal effects
    - Other things needed?

  • I'm assuming...
    - '57 LP Custom (3 pickups for maximum input) w/ DiMarzio SupDis DP100s
    - Any Sunn amp. NN O))) idea from experience, but I've heard good things.
    - Lovetone Big Cheese
    - A grimmrobe

  • Thanks for your reponse, you are proposing a very expensive material for an amateur player, but its a good reponse ...hehehe if only I can have a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom and a pair of DiMarzio pickups...: )
    otherwise I have been cheking a Sunn model T Amplifier, and it seems quite accesible.
    About the guitar effect "Lovetone Big Cheese" seems to be a piece of museum nowadays...maybe i'm wrong but..

  • Ahaha you're right about the price of this stuff, but I assumed you were already established. The Lovetone is immortal, but I've had the good graces of hearing one and it's perfect for drone doom.

    If you're just starting out it's simple to recommend anything with two humbuckers, a bass amp and both fuzz and sustain pedals. You could get all of that together for <$2000 with ease and be ready for anything (sans recording & performing, both of which you'll need more gear for!)

  • Best equipment and technique I've ever seen is Noma (who may well not have a profile on this).

    Anyhow, the dude sets up a guitar (with neither neck nor strings) and uses two hairdriers and other gadgets hovering over the pickups of the guitar to make the most evil drones.
    Sometimes he puts his laptop over them too, boots up, and your head just about explodes.

    Best experienced sitting down, I find.

    Quand j'ai faim, tout me nourrit
    le cri des chiens, et puis la pluie
    et quand tu pars je reste ici
    je m'abandonne et je t'oublie.
  • Smashed guitars

    Fantasma_Velez said:
    Musicalmente, no existis
  • I've experimented with luptups, microwaves and whatnot. Sound isn't that rewarding. If you're into all of that wacky-doo shit, check out Candlesnuffer. Old bastard has the most curious guitar setup I've seen yet.

  • I dabble a bit, but with cheap pawn shop effect pedals & Vintage tube amps. I Use a Kingston tube head thru an ampeg cab, & a multitude of cheap pedals including:

    Digitech BP 200 (amp modeling)
    Digitech death metal distortion
    Behringer Octaver
    Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb

    And other assorted shit.. Post processing does a lot too, if you're talking about recording.. I sit & fuck around with it for a while on the computer.. Oh well.. It all depends on what you're wanting to do with it..

    My God, it's full of stars...
  • Oh, And extremely cheap guitars.. Samick (pawn shop variety) & also a squier P Bass... My equipment is somewhat lack luster.. But so am I, so it works for me..

    Nothing Like Shameless self

    My God, it's full of stars...
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