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    I like to think I’m a good neighbour. I live in a house right next door to this one house that, for some reason, seems to have new residents every month. I remember each one of them. When I first moved here myself, there was a feller who was already living there. He was a nice guy. Kept himself to himself, and took me to the local a few times. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here too long. I think after about six months, he moved away to the South. New job or something’. Anyway, not long after him was a young couple. A bit too sweet for my liking. Always kissin’ and goosin’ each other. Kinda sickened me, to tell the truth. Makes me sound like a mean old man, but I wasn’t exactly unhappy when they eventually broke up. He buggered off, and she decided that she couldn’t afford the mortgage any more, so moved in with her sister. And bloody hell, she didn’t half complain about her situation to me. I was glad to see the back of ‘er. The third neighbour was an old guy. Older than me, anyway, and I’m no spring chicken. I think he was here for about a year and a bit, until he choked on something, and kicked the bucket. That shook up the neighbourhood a bit. All the locals were saying how “shocking” it was, and “eeeh, can you believe it?”.

    That leads us nicely to my new neighbour. Young student. Twenty-something. Long black hair, and a big bushy beard. Wears a lot of black. He’s, obviously, a total metalhead. He’s a bit of a dour-looking chap, so whenever I see him, we usually just exchange nods. Never properly spoken to him, never seen ‘im smile. I’ve spoken to him once, though. Said something about him being in a few bands. I couldn’t tell you what music they play, though. He said it was something like “droom” or “done” or something. I can’t tell you what the kids listen to nowadays. I’ll stick with my Willie Nelson and Hank Martin, thanks very much.

    I’ll tell you a story, though. Since he moved in, I’d noticed that every night, I’d hear this really abrasive noise. Like sawing of wood, but going on for a long time. Like one long note, as opposed to the “run-hun-run-hun-run-hun” sawing motion. Sounds silly, but the best impersonation I can give is a “bwoooooom”. At first it didn’t bother me so much. Until, after about a fortnight, I’d noticed it was every single bloody night. I thought I’d look through the windows to see what the guy was doing. He rarely had his curtains open, but the times they were open, all I seen him do was sit and gawp over his laptop. Probably listening to music, or jerkin’ off. I dunno what kids do on there.

    So, yeah. The noises keep carryin’ on sounding on a daily basis. Naturally, I’m starting to get pretty annoyed with it all. The guy might be charging some sorta atomic doomsday device in his basement, and the droning is the electricity. Doubt it, but you never know. Anyway, one day the next week, I’m getting my mail (e-goddamn-ventually. Bloody postal strikes.), and I see the guy with some band T-shirt on. Melvins, or someone. I dunno. He smiles- first time I’ve ever seen that- and walks over to me. He starts talkin’ to me. ‘Bout if there’s any record stores near here. So, I tells him. There’s one down the road, at town. I only knew, because it’s right next door to my orthodontist. Never went in to the record store, since it’s all the new hipster crap. In fact, he’d probably really like it. Weird kids.

    So, I see him later walk into town, when I’m sprayin’ my lawn. Damn dried grass again. I think he was gone for a few hours. I wasn’t countin’- trust me. So when he gets back, he has this huge bag of CDs and vinyls. Can’t believe they’re still fashionable. He smiles at me again. I figure I may as well make some conversation, so I ask him if he bought anything good. He listed some albums he got- all, naturally, straight in one of my ears, and out of the other. He seemed super-excited about two he got, though. I think the band’s names where Sun, and Pluto. Well, one of them was Sun. The other band’s name was definitely a planet. Venus? Earth? Saturn? I dunno. Anyway, he tells me that those were the two albums that made him want to play music in the first place. Apparently he lost all of his albums in the flood, which is why he moved. I think. So he had to re-buy ‘em all. So the guy invites me over to his house the next day, asking if I wanted to hear one of the albums, with some whiskey. Well, I didn’t care much for the music- educated guess, anyway- but the whiskey sounded good enough to me, so I accepted.

    So Thursday comes, and then so does 7PM when I’m s’posed to be at his house. I knock on the door, and he lets me in. His place was pretty nice, a’tually. Plain, but nice. Just how I like it. So, he takes my coat, and sits me down in the living room. In the middle-o’-the-room, there’s a table with some chips, glasses a bottle of Jack Daniels finest export. Good enough for me. There’s also the bag of Cds on there, as well. I take a quick peek, but end up recoiling and sittin’ back down. Some pretty dern sick album covers there. Just as that happens, he walks into the room his CD player. As he plugs it in, he’s asking me what kinda music I listen to, so I tell him. My country and folk music. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Bob Dylan, Pirates of the Mississippi. He seems interested, since he turns around to me quickly. He tells me I’d like the later works of a band he listened to. He pointed in the vague direction of a CD with a blue cover and a big old number ‘2’ on the cover., so maybe he was talkin’ about those. I pretended I’d give it a listen some time. I never did.

    Anyway, he stands up, with the player all rigged up. He grabs the CD with a big ol’ black circle on the album cover, and puts the disc inside. He asks me if I’m ready for him to press play. He said it in a mock- dramatic way, which I thought was him just being silly. It was, but when he pressed that play button, I felt a feeling of discovery. A feeling of completion- like when a jigsaw all falls into place. A feeling of recognition. A feeling of finally understanding what that goddamn noise that had been keeping me up all night for weeks was. For, my friend, what I heard on that CD was “Bwoooooooooooom”.

    Goddamn kids.

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    I LO)))L'D

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    Beautiful story... ;(

    Mocking Solemnity
    No shit, only good music!
  • funny ending, but drawn out as fuck.

  • "He seemed super-excited about two he got, though. I think the band’s names where Sun, and Pluto." < :DD

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