• It's Grim On The Docks

    19 Feb 2007, 13:01 by johnlunney

    The KLF (or The JAMs, or 2K, or Space... basically Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty) have been one of my favourite bands for many, many years.

    Back in June 2006, I decided to make a remix of one of their greatest tracks, It's Grim Up North. Well, that's not entirely true. I was about to listen to the track, but my search in iTunes brought up something else instead, a strange English-learning tape popped up. When I listened to it, not knowing where it came from, I knew it would be perfect with the thumping industrial techno track.

    So I went into Reason, my weapon of choice, and set to work. Now, it's on my John Lunney label, as artist John Lunney. It's at : It's Grim On The Docks

    http://johnl.org/2010/04/18/grim-on-the-docks/ is the dedicated page for this album on my home-page, where you can find 192kbps MP3s and much larger artwork, both separate and embedded in the MP3s.

    What do you think?


  • Amplitude Modulated

    19 Feb 2007, 14:23 by johnlunney

    Amplitude Modulated is my first release since coming to live in France for the academic year, 2006-2007. It was made in December 2006, using Ableton Live rather than Reason, for once, and was released shortly after. The back cover is a photo I took across the Paris roof-tops when I was staying in a friend's apartment. The sound of the album is a bit more electronic than I usually go for, but I love the relaxed, lazy vibe.

    Now, it's on my John Lunney label, as artist John Lunney.

    http://johnl.org/2009/08/27/amplitude-modulated/ is the dedicated page for this album on my home-page, where you can find 192kbps MP3s and much larger artwork, both separate and embedded in the MP3s.

    I'd be very happy to hear any comments!


  • Gymnopedic

    19 Feb 2007, 16:54 by johnlunney

    Gymnopedic was my second release during my time in France for the academic year, 2006-2007. It was first started in June 2006, and then left alone for a long time. Every so often, I'd go back and poke at it. I decided that it was to release it, so over the last few days, I've done quite a bit of work on it, especially on the production.

    It is of course an arrangement of Erik Satie's exquisite Gymnopédie No.1. Satie is often mentioned as a precursor to today's ambient music, so I decided to make an ambient arrangement of his work. It's interesting to note that I was born 120 years and 1 month after Satie, and that my song is being released 119 years after he composed the original piece.

    The front cover, shown here, is based around a photo I took in the Basque resort town of San Sebastian (Donostia). The back cover, which can be found at the link below, is a photo I took in the garden of an old cottage near my home. The cottage is scheduled for demolition, to be replaced with more ghastly apartments, so I took a lot of photos of it before the inevitable.

    The song is on my John Lunney label, as artist John Lunney.

    http://johnl.org/2009/09/06/gymnopedic/ is the dedicated page for this album on my home-page, where you can find 192kbps MP3s and much larger artwork, both separate and embedded in the MP3s.

    Let me know what you make of this slightly unorthodox arrangement!


  • Music To Drift Away To

    6 Jan 2008, 14:52 by johnlunney

    Music To Drift Away To is my latest release, and my first of 2008. It is ambient music created entirely using samples of my voice. It's also my first serious release since returning from France.

    Each song represents a culture or religion's vision of paradise, heaven or the after-life. I hope the music conjures up expansive mind-scapes for you. For me, it brings me to the old north. The cover art is from a lake in Sweden, which I was staying near.

    The release is somewhat delayed, as I originally planned to release it around September, but things got in the way.

    The album is on my John Lunney label, as artist John Lunney.

    http://johnl.org/2010/02/08/music-to-drift-away-to/php is the dedicated page for this album on my home-page, where you can find higher quality MP3s (LAME V0) and much larger artwork, both front and back covers, both separate and embedded in the MP3s.


  • Friendly Fire

    15 Apr 2007, 12:30 by johnlunney

    Friendly Fire was my third release during my time in France for the academic year 2006-2007.

    British soldier Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull, aged 25, was killed when US A-10 "tankbuster" pilots opened fire on a UK convoy in southern Iraq in 2003.
    A cockpit video of the incident was withheld by the US authorities but then leaked to the public by the Sun newspaper.

    The song is on my John Lunney label, as artist John Lunney.

    http://johnl.org/2009/09/17/friendly-fire/ is the dedicated page for this album on my home-page, where you can find 192kbps MP3s and much larger artwork, both front and back covers, both separate and embedded in the MP3s.


  • Top 50 Albums of 2006

    19 Dec 2006, 10:00 by enjoilax

    1. Jay Dee - Donuts
    2. Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters And Wives (EP)
    3. Basement Jaxx - Crazy Itch Radio
    4. The Roots - Game Theory
    5. Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms
    6. The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes
    7. Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
    8. Chin Up Chin Up - This Harness Can't Ride Anything
    9. Islands - Return To The Sea
    10. The Rapture - Pieces of The People We Love
    11. Jay Dee - The Shining
    12. Klaxons - Xan Valleys (EP)
    13. CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy
    14. LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
    15. Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block
    16. The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls in America
    17. Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson In Crime (EP)
    18. Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
    19. The Thermals - The Body, The Blood THe Machine
    20. The Knife - Silent Shout
    21. Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That
    22. I'm from Barcelona - Let Me Introduce My Friends
    23. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
    24. Herbert - Scale
    25. Lily Allen - Alright, Still...
    26. People Under the Stairs - Stepfather
    27. Rhymefest - Blue Collar
    28. RJD2 - Magnificent City Instrumentals
    29. Modill - Midnight Green
    30. The Futureheads - News & Tributes
    31. Van She - Van She (EP)
    32. ¡Forward, Russia! - Give Me A Wall
    33. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
    34. Asobi Seksu - Citrus
    35. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
    36. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
    37. Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
    38. Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor
    39. M. Ward - Post War
    40. Joanna Newsom - Ys
    41. Girl Talk - Night Ripper
    42. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Orchestra Of Bubbles
    43. Mates of State - Bring It Back
    44. Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah
    45. Sway - This Is My Demo
    46. Tapes 'n Tapes - The Loon
    47. The Streets - The Hardest Way To Make an Easy Living
    48. TV on the Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
    49. Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
    50. MSTRKRFT - The LooksJ Dilla
  • Opeth @ Vicar Street

    14 Nov 2006, 11:05 by Faero

    13 Nov – Opeth, Paradise Lost

    I was in a rush on my way to the gig, being in college that day, so I had to rush home, shower, and get out quickly again. Being the kind of event that it was, I knew that it would probably be safer to wear just a t-shirt, as a coat would have to be taken off without a doubt, and probably lost in the process. About five minutes worth of walking later, it became clear that this may have been a mistake, the cold wind blowing was quite unpleasent. Then it started raining, and by the time I arrived I was throughly soaked and cold.

    Paradise Lost

    Handily enough, I walked in just a couple of minutes before Paradise Lost came out on stage. I had never heard anything by them previously, so it was quite fun to see something completely new to me. They were alright, maybe a bit too fast and happy. The bald guitarist guy was overly strange, never before have I seen a constant stream of sweat flicking off someone wearing only a tshirt in a reasonably cool room. Paradise Lost played for ~1 hour, and then disappeared out back, while the stage was set up for Opeth. There were the usual morons calling for "one more choon", when, in fact, there were no more choons to be had.


    About half an hour later, Opeth kicked off the main act strongly with Ghost of Perdition. There was a good atmosphere and a great crowd, and the gig had all the usual things you'd expect at a good Opeth gig - heckling, a neo-nazi-esque guy punching everyone in the pit, Mikael Åkerfeldt joking and talking between songs. The set was mostly great, though I am not too fond of stuff off My Arms Your Hearse.

    Overall the performance was very enjoyable, and I had a far better time than I did at their previous gig in the same place earlier in the year, in June.

    Åkerfeldt dons a Burger King crown
  • Everything is Okay All the Time

    20 Jun 2006, 16:01 by oddfellow

    1986 - Everything is Okay All the Time (2006)

    As the band name suggests, 1986 sounds somewhat retro, but in a modern way. Given the popularity and success of national groups like Franz Ferdinand and Arcade Fire, there is certainly more of an audience for this kind of pop than there was when 1986 put out their first EP. The major difference is that 1986 does what they do so well, that is hard to conceive that this band will stay indie for much longer. Dave Haddens songwriting is sharp, clever and rife with danceable hooks that hearken back to, well. 1986, but with a fresh indie rock edge. This newer material, definitely touches on some additional influences, from Bacharach and Costello in the song Keep Yr Head, to Moz and Style Council in the song Acrobats; Fools... The ukulele on the closing acoustic track makes it worth having this CD. 1986 has tightly honed their craft over the past 2 years and created four more of your favorite songs.
  • devl Tags: Minions.060122

    26 Jan 2006, 00:56 by jdevl

    update a few days later than I would have liked. but last.fm was a mess sunday nite/monday and then life took a hold of my time. but better late than never. 18 new artists with 17 streamable.

    to further define my tags, it's important to have a distinguishing difference between devl minions and . devl aware is reserved for any band i come across personally that caught my ear, while devel minions comes specifically artists on my friends lists.

    previous minions that i haven't given up on are going into the . artists that i particularly enjoyed have been upgraded to their appropriate tags.

    artists that leveled up:
    the wrens - ,
    metric - devl musik, pale devl

    notable level 1 minions:
    Massive Attack
    LCD Soundsystem
    John Vanderslice
  • Joe, Chris, James!

    18 Jan 2006, 23:55 by hicks97

    Joe, Chris and James are three people who just wish to write music, without any over zealous ideals getting in the way of things.

    the collaboration of musicians consists, as you can see from the name, of Joe Black, Chris McGarry and James Phillips.

    all fresh and young men starting this group in their last year of high school to try and impress themselves upon the Glasgow music scene with their own music.

    there may be only two songs recorded right now, the boys have many many plans. there is much speculation over why bands must stay within one genre of music and why they cannot be free to write outside these restrictive boundaries of music.

    their influences include, but are not restricted to, Biffy Clyro, Bright Eyes, The Flaming Lips,Ben Folds, Ben Folds Five, Rilo Kiley, Weezer and so on

    one example of this is the acoustic tracks (www.purevolume.com/joechrisandjames) that were recorded completely randomly one day at joe's house. they're rough, joe had a cold the day and so the vocals didn't work out so well. but it is an indication of the possibilities in the future. the mellow warm vibe of these tracks is only one of the many fractioned sides of Joe, Chris and James.

    watch this space. :)

    REFERENCE: http://www.purevolume.com/joechrisandjames

    want to chat? add 'hicks97' on last.fm.