• Weekly Top Artists,,, 30th April - 7th May

    10 May 2006, 18:39 by Jc1990

    Well, I have resorted to a journal entry, 4 months since the last one. However, this one is slightly less bandwagon, I think... Or at least I have contained some of my opinion. :D

    I'm just gonna run down through this weeks top artists, giving some comments about them, since I'm so fed up of revision!

    10. Divinity - 13 plays

    Recently I've been experimenting with music I can listen to while revising, without getting distracted by Distorted Guitars. Being a total newbie to the ambient genre I didn't really know how to go about this, but I found Divinity through some of Michiwaka's other projects, Roomful of Emptiness and Frozen Silence.
    He has made some really nice soundscapes here, I especilly like Second Awakening and Gathering Dusk, the second one seeming quite mysterious to me... The Album Artwork is inverted here as well, so I think its supposed to sound dark like that.

    10 (also). Judas Priest - 13 plays

    Judas Priest... I've been listening to the album Painkiller, and Rob Halfords screaming voice put me off, despite some killer guitar riffs. However, I've learnt to respect it after a few listens.. I prefer his less aggressive voice which appears in songs such as Night Crawler and A Touch of Evil and its definatly grown on me. Now, I am yet to listen to The Essential Judas Priest albums, consisting of about 35 tracks, which will keep me occupied in whatever time I have in between revision.

    9. Helloween - 15 plays

    I downloaded Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 and Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2 quite a while back, and back then I didn't really like that old sort of sound that you get with the 80's... The Guitars Distortion doesn't seem right, the recording seems unfinished, And after little listen I gave up on it. However, recently I rediscovered this after listening to bands like W.A.S.P. and getting used to the sound. My friend, known as Obscuras here, got me back into them, after constantly saying to me "Rise, Fall!" which made me check them out again. I'm glad I did to, I knew those albums didn't create the Power Metal genre for nothing!

    8. Jack Johnson - 16 plays

    Jack Johnson, hehe. I really like this guy, I've never really got into acoustic guitar music, or the singer-songwriter genre, but Better Together... well, its pursuaded me to look into different genres of music and generally broaden my taste. My friend has sent me both In Between Dreams and Curious George, which I'm told is the soundtrack to an upcoming movie called, funnily enough Curious George. People say this guy is over-rated, or whatever... maybe he is, But I'm not complaining that there is something good on the Radio for once... Its really cheery as well, always seems to brighten the mood. Which Becky seems to disagree on.

    7. Marillion - 17 plays

    I actually heard this first from my Mum xD She was playing the album Clutching At Straws, and when I heard Incommunicado... Wow. I loved it, the keyboard was just awesome! I recognised simularities with other prog rock like Rush and Dream Theater, and thought it just had to be checked out. I immediatly copied the album onto my computer and listened to it numerous times. :P Incommunicado Definatly shines out from the rest of the album, though all of the songs are very good.

    6. W.A.S.P - 20 plays

    "I Fuck like a Beast!" is heard through the whole house, as Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) is played at full volume through the computer. I'm actually suprised I didn't get told off ^^ Anyway, I got The Best Of The Best recently, and I did enjoy it, but I don't think its anything special - Just another 80's Metal Band which caused Mass Controversy with bad lyrics and image. :P Again, a cheery band, The Line "I Fuck like a Beast!" always makes me laugh when I listen to it.

    5. Idlewild - 21 plays

    I didn't particulally like Indie Music till I listened to 100 Broken Windows, I liked the fact that there was no whiney voice, which from my past experience with Indie, seemed a must have for this sort of genre... However, Idlewild is pretty damn cool. They've progressed a lot from their angry-punk routes and I look forward to a new album from them.

    4. Primal Fear - 30 plays

    I first listened to Primal Fear around 2 months ago - On the way to my skiing holidays, I picked up Metal Hammer in WHSmith, and Hurrah, a Nuclear Blast CD! Evil Spell definatly stood out, along with Hammerfall's 'Secrets' and 'Ain't Your Fairytale'. Wanting to look into it more, I downloaded the album Seven Seals.. and this is definatly a good album. Theres a number of energetic tracks, clearly inspired by Priest and Maiden like Rollercoaster, my personal favourite, with an Arabian Feel to it, which is kinda funky.

    3. Nightwish - 41 plays

    I copied Wishmaster off my girlfriend about a month ago, and only recently I listened to it. And its pretty damn awesome. ;p My sister also listened to it, and she found it a lot less accesable than Once, with tracks like Nemo and Creek Marys Blood seeming a lot more like Evanescence.
    However, me being a power-metal freak, I liked this album a lot more interesting than Once. I particularly like Crownless, with a fast melody and drums I could only associate with Sonata, which is never a bad thing. The fast theme seems to be continued through a number of tracks in the album, like Kinslayer and Wanderlust.

    2. Bloodbound - 50 plays

    Where to begin with this band... Wow. These guys are currently one of my favourite bands, and I was shocked when I started listening to them, when there were just 11 listeners!
    They are clearly influenced by Iron Maiden and other Heavy Metal bands. 'Urban Breed' is an awesome vocalist / guitarist and along with the other 3 members, make an awesome combination. One bad thing can be said about them, and that would be related to their image. I'll let you judge their image... ;p
    These aren't anything new... but definatly this album stands out in the melodic metal scene. The opening track, Behind The Moon, sets the scene for the Concept Album. The whole album is a battle between Good and Evil, again which is nothing new, but the prominant guitar gallop, slightly less noticable keyboards and amazing solos, this definatly sets a high standard for the rest of the album.
    And it keeps that standard to, its a pretty awesome album. Samples off their new album, Nosferatu can be downloaded off their website. My favourite track is probably the title one, Nosferatu

    1. Dream Theater - 62 plays

    So we reach the end, Number One.
    Dream Theater always catch my attention, and now that I've downloaded Scenes From a Memory they are slowly rising up my Overall Artist Chart :P
    I definatly understood the concept of 'progressive metal' in this album, and in every change it offered something new and interesting, as Dream Theater never fail to do. :) Some of my favourite tracks are on this album are Fatal Tragedy, Through Her Eyes and Overture 1928

    I hope you guys enjoyed reading my journal, please take the time to comment me, or suggest something to me, anything is cool. :)

  • What I Have Learned From My Social Experiment:

    15 Mar 2006, 07:06 by TheConfuzed1

    I'm speaking of course, of the group that I have recently started.

    1. Many people turn out to be exactly what they claim that they are not.

    2. Many people are immature.

    3. Many people are not what you thought they may be.

    4. Many people don't really know who they are, or why.

    5. Some people are genuinely interesting.

    6. Everyone thinks they are number 5.
  • Thank you

    26 Feb 2006, 23:38 by TheConfuzed1

    This site has done two things for me...

    1. Reintroduce me to old friends (music I listened to back in highscool).

    2. Expand my musical horizons into areas that I never would have ventured into on my own.

    I get obsessive compulsive at times. This service has become my latest obsession.