• Concerts

    18 Sep 2014, 06:16 by StopDropAndROFL

    with a video from each show if possible

    6 June 2008 - Iron Maiden (lol)
    7 Sept 2013 - Tommy Kruise/Lunice/Radio Radio
    28 Sept 2013 - Jessy Lanza
    28 Sept 2013 - Pat Jordache (i think)
    28 Sept 2013 - Killer Mike
    12 Oct 2013 - Renée Yoxon & Mark Ferguson
    6 Nov 2013 - Caspian/65daysofstatic (there was 2 other bands too but idk, i left halfway thru cause my legs hurt)
    21 March 2014 - The Strypes (with Eriponponpon)
    17 Sept 2014 - Turquoise Jeep (Yung Humma/Flynt Flossy/Whatchyamacallit)
    21 Sept 2014 - Jim-E Stack/Bonobo
    5 Oct 2014 - Carlos Jiménez (obscure ass jazz dude, it was 3 dudes actually)
    11 Oct 2014 - Marie-Claire Durand Trio
    21 Nov 2014 - The Posterz/Dead Obies/BADBADNOTGOOD/Tommy Kruise
  • Coming Around - Matt Henshaw album OUT May 1st !

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    Coming Around OUT May 1st !

    The new album from Matt Henshaw & ReggiiMental, the second slice and second episode of B-Boy Soul entitled Coming Around will be out on May 1st available from iTunes, Amazon, etc. and available to stream on Spotify,, GrooveShark and many more ...

    You can pre-order the album @ and preview tracks through the month of April ...

    The artwork is fresh, the website has been updated and all the social networks are a buzzin' and a cookin' ... follow, like and share away !!!

    With Love,

    Matt Henshaw

    PS. if you're a writer, blogger or journalist please feel free to reply to this email to request an advanced press copy of the album for review.
  • 2011: More Free Download Experimental Albums from Speculativism

    4 Jul 2011, 00:00 by speculativism

  • Five artists I got into because of (Thanks

    18 Mar 2011, 18:32 by InsaneGenius

    Almost five years ago was recommended to me by a friend. Since I'm sorta in a mood to write about nothing in particular I thought "Why not pick a particular subject instead?". Witness the result. The following is hot, rough and unedited action. A little bit about five artists I got into because of They are arranged in no particular order. In the end I wont shut up about my own shit, yo.

    1. Rammstein
    Many years I was too cool to listen to Rammstein, I kinda had this opinion in my head that all their songs are boring techno/metal mashups with some deep voice vibrator up their asses. Judging from a few songs I heard. I never listened to an entire album of this, and I know that now, great band at that time. One sunny day, though, I listened to my Recommendation radio (back then it was still free all around the world, yay!) and on came Sonne. A song quite unlike what I believed Rammstein to sound like. And I liked it. But it still took me about a year to decide to hunt down all the Rammstein stuff. I listened to every album and loved them all. If it wasn't some serious rocking going on it was the lyrics, which can be moving, thought provoking, sometimes even clever of course some are dumb as well... And sometimes they just stir up shit. Because the music industry needs some serious stirring.

    2. Venetian Snares
    I just wished that stirring could be done by an artist as great as Aaron Funk. What kinda name is that anyway? Too cool to exist. Probably a pseudonym. But no, he's mostly active making music that fits in a genre which is apparently mostly enjoyed by people on the Internet. Because I have yet to find someone I know personally who likes this stuff. Or someone outside of his shoutbox on Rossz csillag alatt született was my gateway drug. I coincidentally stumbled across the artist page, saw the picture where he holds up one of his cats and thought "Gee, that must be a cool dude, let's listen to this shit". listened and was amazed. Back then, I believe, the whole album was streamable and I listened to it just like that. Before that I actually kinda looked down on electronic music (even though I did release some albums of my own at the time. HYPOCRISY). Now I'm intensely in love with a great portion of VSnares' albums.

    3. Explosions in the Sky
    Before I listened to my first Explosions in the Sky song I heard that name several times and thought "Whoa, that's a cool name for a rock band". But was kinda afraid it was just generic testosterone driven music about how awesome it his to ride a winged robot shark through an exploding sky while banging two busty blondes who moan in complete and ungenuine (not a word, I know, tell your teacher) ecstasy the moment they see something that might have a dick or at least a halfway phallic appendage. Those who listened to at least one of their songs know how completely wrong I was. It's good instrumental music that manages to build an incredible tension, mood, or whatever else is built in music. They made the only song that ever made me shed a tear (What Do You Go Home To?). That's quite an amazing feat considering the amount of music I listened to in my life.

    4. Nile
    After that, let's get the testosterone pumpin'. This is fucking metal, and while there are no songs featuring winged robot sharks it's the sheer amount of rocking that makes them surpass that. Imagine the fast growly sucky metal thing that everyone who's not into metal associates with metal whenever It's mentioned. Now remove the suck and add the awesome! What you get is Nile. While it is a fairly generic theme for a metal song Nile made one of the best end of the world and everything songs ever. The closing lines and music of Iskander Dhul Kharnon made me throw the horns and shake my head all metal like (headbanging they call it, I believe). Reading the liner notes reveals that the band actually does a lot of research for their lyrics. Sometimes that research was made years before they cared to make a song about it so it's safe to say the band has a great knowledge of and interest in the stuff they write songs about. They do all that while still making awesome technical rocking, often at speeds that should make the drummer's arms and feet fall off. Maybe he's a real life Spider Man, though. With two pairs of arms and legs each.

    5. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    A band which mostly make songs about love, peace, having a good time and the apocalypse. Their lyrics aren't limited to that, of course. But I found a good deal of their songs are just about that to varying degrees. They went from what they who like to label things call Death Metal, almost exclusively with harsh vocals to what they are now. Which mixes growls and screams with singing and, in one case, even rapping. And they make it work. Basically, they appear to be one of those bands who just do what they like. They often do some experimenting and explore the area beyond their designated "genre" And that's what makes a good band great in my book. To not imprison themselves in something they are 'supposed to be' according to someone.

    Don't read on if you don't want to hear me going on about my own music.

    12. Krachfabrik
    Last and definitely least I will shamelessly plug my own project, which came to life because of I mean, I might have still made those first few songs. But I probably wouldn't have published them if it weren't for And If I hadn't published the first four I might not even have made more. Even though no one encouraged me to continue making music. It was the thought that my stuff was out there, and maybe one day someone would listen to Heavy Metal Gunfight to find his ears shoot jets of blood afterwards. My most recent songs wont do that to you anymore, I'm afraid. I had to switch from my lo-fi recording technique to something more sophisticated because my neighbors complained about noise or something. Anyway, this probably sped up my ascension from a swamp of shit into an endless brown wasteland and further. All my stuff is free for download via My latest full album as well as the half-finished one I'm currently working on can be found on Bandcamp. Jamendo has the last two full releases.
  • A Very Productive Time - 3 new albums + a Buddhist Christmas record!

    14 Dec 2010, 19:06 by speculativism

    A Very Productive Time - 3 new albums + a Buddhist Christmas record! All full length streaming and free download.

    Glitchy Bricolage

    Hergest Bells


    A Speculative Christmas
  • Kiribati to host climate change discussions next month

    23 Oct 2010, 08:32 by pawk

    The Kiribati Government, which next month hosts climate specialists for a preliminary meeting ahead of the COP 16 summit in Mexico, says maintaining the status quo on climate change negotiations is not an option.

    At the meetings in Tarawa on the 9th and 10th of November selected representatives from within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are being brought together.

    Called the Tarawa Climate Change Conference it aims to help develop positions ahead of the Cancun meeting.

    During last month’s UN General Assembly meeting, Kiribati’s President, Anote Tong, called climate change a defining challenge of today’s era.

    He says there is a need to share the solution and to act as one in Mexico.

    Meanwhile, the secretary to the President’s office, Tangitang Kaureata says progress is required on the ground to address the impacts already being felt and which are expected to worsen with time.

    He points to the agreement reached in Copenhagen last year on the

    adaptation fast start fund, but which Kiribati and other frontline nations still can’t access.
  • Can't Hold Back - SINGLE OUT NOW !!!

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    Purchase your copy now from Amazon, iTunes, Napster, Bandcamp etc. etc.

    Here's a quick link
    Can't Hold Back - Matt Henshaw

    Spread the word ! Spread the Love !!!
  • New (September 2010) Album - Free Download

    11 Sep 2010, 01:47 by speculativism

    The new album Is:

    The Sleepwalkers which includes the single:

    Number One

    and don't forget The Bok is Flowing

    All full streaming

    All free download

    All under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution / Non-Commercial / No Derivatives

    The title refers to a book by Arthur Koestler...
  • Two New Speculativism Albums

    31 Jul 2010, 21:56 by speculativism

    War and Peace (released 25th of June 2010)

    Pauper at the Gates of Dorking (released 31st of July 2010)

    Both albums free to stream or download.
  • Failure playing Art in the dress rehearsal for The Apocalypse - Explanation and…

    29 Jul 2010, 10:44 by gamoneterik

    Failure playing Art in the dress rehearsal for The Apocalypse

    The Peach Tree, aka. Angus Maiden, possesses a voice that is the antithesis of auto-tune; the sounds you hear are what your average untrained 25-year old male larynx emits. There is plenty of failure here, he doesn't hit the notes, he can't sustain, doesn't project, and his attempts at different styles of singing such as death metal screams are pitiful. Yet in the voice's raw, natural, unprocessed essence there is an expressiveness that reveals a beautiful honesty akin to the lyrics and message of The Peach Tree.

    Art is the pursuit of a perfection never to be attained. Through the past 15 albums and EPs The Peach Tree has attempted to show his inner world to the masses, and has failed on many accounts. The failure is what keeps him creating. The moment he produces something truly perfect is The End. Most natural deaths occur because a person has achieved everything they needed to in this mortal coil. When a consciousness dies a world dies, and Angus' world though still far from ending is nevertheless headed towards that inevitable, mortal demise. His whole life is a dress rehearsal for The End Of The World, the arrival at Perfection, in Nothingness, when the single consciousness that perceives the Universe subjectively ceases to be, and thus does the World cease to be.

    Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement, as well as the DaDa movement, showed us that anything can be Art. An exhibit in a modern gallery could be a glass case filled with kitchen cutlery. Once you label something as art it becomes art regardless of its content. The message here is that Art is in everything and we merely need to see it in a different context to appreciate it.

    Is Angus' failure at expressing what he feels deep inside then, a form of Art? The first few words of the album title has two meanings: "Failure playing Art", as in a personified failure performing the role of Art, a metaphor for an elaborate showcase concealing something that is in fact amateurish. But it can also mean "an unsuccessful attempt at playing, or being involved in, this thing called Art". In the end, is it Art simply because Angus says it is, or is it indeed a true failure in its weak delivery? Is there such a thing as "bad Art" and "good Art", or do these polar opposites fade away as long as a message is conveyed? We can debate these things endlessly, but who cares because The End is Nigh, and this is the dress rehearsal for the Final Act. Ragnarok. Armageddon. The Apocalypse.


    Released June 11th 2010

    Collaboration with Corrientes on "Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends"

    Featuring Renee Barry's vocals on "The Donkey-Headed Adversary Of Humanity Addresses The Artist"

    Terence McKenna snippet from "Eros and Eschaton" lecture appears on "Third Eye Scrutiny"

    Everything else is by Angus Maiden

    Mastered by Angus Maiden at Tribal Dancing Kid Studios


    1. Gravity Assisted Reincarnation (The Artist Looks Down On The Sea)

    The track’s title says it all. Suicide, the ultimate failure. The vocals on this intro track are designed to either intrigue or deter the unsuspecting listener. Heavy rock with flawed singing, and intense lyrics. This song contains the first mention of the angels Gabriel and Mikael, who both feature on later tracks from the album.


    The scar on my arm where you drank my Blood
    And the ball in my palm of an energy flood

    A scratch and a kiss and a broken heart
    And we fuck and we fuck and we're back to the start

    But you flinch when I grab and you turn when I lick
    And your head on a pike just a ball on a stick

    Up and down toe and crown jump around jump around
    These are sounds from the damned so be warned or be Found

    You were born to destroy so take off your veil
    And prepare the assault on the Lord Mikael

    While Gabriel watches the witches behead
    A thousand times three from your neck ran the red

    And you bled bled bled 'til The Dawn turned to ice
    And time stood still while they stole your Innocence

    And contorted, distorted your Heavenly Sin
    Into razor sharp knives flung around at a whim

    Through a Curtain of Dark into Shadows of Chaos
    God lies dying in a fiery playhouse

    Where children of The Night cast their curses to eons
    Of storm-ravaged journeys and castrated peons

    For slaves are we all to Eternal Desire
    The Passion we breathe unto funeral pyres

    That this way and that shall forever lay direly closed
    To black hearts poised to dampen The Fire inside

    2. Gonna Fail As A Lone Wolf (The Artist Looks Up From The Herd)

    Coupled with "Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends", this track sets up the notion of failing as an Artist, by doing it as "A Lone Wolf" and setting oneself apart from "The Herd". The lyrics, however, mention "Drifting along like the rest of the sheep", admitting that it's actually kind of cosy in the herd. There is also a tension in the title invoked by mentioning wolves and sheep together.


    how did it begin?
    and how does it sustain?
    why does it manifest inside our brain?

    why does it exist?
    and how does it portray
    those in a state words can't convey

    and it cuts to the bone when i see you weep
    i sink like a stone in a dying sleep
    i'd pick up the phone if i wasn't so weak
    but i drift along like the rest of the sheep

    i sing along like the rest of the sheep
    i get it wrong like the rest of the sheep
    i'd pick up the phone if i wasn't so weak
    but i drift along like the rest of the sheep

    and it cuts to the bone when you weep and weep
    i would pick up the phone but i'm way too weak
    and i sink like a stone in a dying sleep

    how do i explain?
    and why do i refrain?
    see how i melt in acid rain

    3. Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends (Corrientes And The Peach Tree)

    This track follows on from and is partnered with "Gonna Fail As A Lone Wolf". The assistance of Corrientes in creating this track makes it anything but a failure, and expresses The Artist's desire to share experiences and creativity in order to "Try" for Perfection. Much love to EV for helping with this track.


    Did you ever think to yourself "That's just not right"?


    There's a battle, going on inside of my head.
    It's holding me down, can't move ahead.

    It's kind of funny how Life can turn so fast.
    Trying to find a way to live without past.

    Do you ever think to yourself "That's just not right"?


    Did you ever think to yourself "That's just not right"?

    4. The Colour Of Your Eyes

    A re-recording of the first song ever written by Angus.


    That wasn't what I meant to say
    When I spoke to you the other day.
    I meant to tell you, "Goodbye".
    I meant to tell you the reason why

    I am headed for a dead-end,
    And right now I could use a good friend.

    But you wouldn't give me the time of day.
    You wouldn't even remember the colour of my eyes.


    That wasn't what you should have said,
    When you whispered in my ear.

    You made me love you more than anything.
    And I still see it everywhere,

    The colour of your eyes.

    5. The Donkey-Headed Adversary Of Humanity Addresses The Artist (Trying And Failing To Be Evil)

    The D.H.A.O.H. appears courtesy of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. The idea is that it is not Humanity's place to embrace Evil. There must be an adversary for there to be positivity in the world. The D.H.A.O.H. addresses the artist who is at once "invoking" this Evil force with his music but also attempting to "add a disclaimer" by insisting it is not his voice but the D.H.A.O.H. itself speaking through the music. This creates a bit of a paradox. This a complicated concept, if you don't get it it's probably best to just enjoy the tune.


    "You wanna be Evil?
    Well then try and be like me."
    -The human

    "I am the adversary, and I must remain the adversary.
    I am not yours to embrace. I am not yours to invoke.

    So what the fuck are you doing?
    You're embracing Evil? You're invoking Evil?
    I am the adversary, and I must remain the adversary
    Of all humankind.

    I am not yours to embrace. I am not yours to invoke.

    So what the fuck are you doing now?"
    -The D.H.A.O.H.

    6. Getting There

    Moving in the general direction of Perfection with still plenty of failure.


    'Cause something isn't right,
    But I'm doing the best I can.

    If you help me through the night,
    I'm happy to lend a hand.

    And I'm doing it on my own,
    But I'm happy to be your friend
    With your feelings still unshown,
    Unshown until the end.

    Unshown until the end.
    And I'm doing it on my own,
    But I'm happy to be your friend
    With your feelings still unshown.

    'Cause something isn't right,
    But I'm doing the best I can.

    If you help me through the night,
    I'm happy to lend a hand.

    And something isn't right,
    But I'm doing the best I can.

    If you help me through the night,
    I'm happy to lend a hand,

    And I'm doing it on my own,
    But I'm happy to be your friend
    With your feelings still unshown,
    Unshown until the end.

    I'm doing it on my own
    But I'm happy to be your friend
    With your feelings still unshown,
    Unshown until the end.

    Unshown until the end,
    Unshown until the end,
    Unshown until the end.

    7. Is This Art Yet?

    We're half-way through the album, so is it Art yet? This track features the most intense lyrics on the album. So, has a message been conveyed? Or is it a failure in its delivery?


    She was more than I could take in my state.
    She was more than I could take in my state.
    I have to go or I'll be running late.
    At the corner of the station where I wait,
    This is a trap, I am the bait.

    Then she kissed me in the passenger seat,
    A bliss I thought that I'd never meet.
    A happiness I'm happy to greet.
    This is the butcher, I am the meat.

    The sweetest meat.
    The darkest blood.
    The kindest smile.
    The world ends now.

    Ends now.
    I said the world ends now.

    8. Ragnarok Is A Nicer Experience Without Vocals

    Getting closer to Artistic Perfection, and thus Ragnarok, by intentionally leaving out vocals. A much nicer experience.

    9. Third Eye Scrutiny

    Featuring a snippet of Terence McKenna's lecture "Eros and Eschaton", this track is about Unity of Nature.

    10. White And Black (Mikael)

    The first in a three-part series that closes the album, invoking the two Angels and one Demon that accompany Angus in his spiritual travels.

    This first part, Mikael, is preceded by the title “White and Black”. Here Angus is harking back to a time when things were simpler. The trippy music is necessitated by the powerful act of invoking an Angel, and briefly mentions the demon Nemesis.

    Ultimately the song is a discourse with the Angel Mikael, among many things apologising for “spitting his name” in the first track of this album.


    Thyr, Mir, Arash, Doya
    Earth, Air, Fire, Water

    I call the Angels down from above.
    I summon Demons up from below.


    Mikael, I'm sorry, I let you down
    I spat your name and I stole your crown.

    I sold my soul to the devil,
    And made you watch me revel
    In lost delights and fancied flights
    But now I'm back, the field is level.

    I offer you my open wrist,
    I'm sorry, I'm sorry I can't resist.

    Accept my blood and please forgive me
    I want you by my side, stay with me

    Stay with me.

    11. Purple, Green And Orange (Gabriel)

    The longest track on the album, this many-part progressive song tells of the glories of Darkness, yet insists Darkness only reigns in a bi-polar system, and that “There is more to Life than Black and White. There are Colours.”

    By the end of this track a discourse has begun with the Angel Gabriel, begging him to “Take me back, to a time before White and Black.”

    In contrast to the discourse with Mikael, this song shows a yearning for something more complex than White and Black, as the Artist finds himself opening up to the Colours “Purple, Green and Orange”, a way of looking at the world in triplets rather than as a bi-polar system.


    Those who hold a bi-polar view of the universe:
    Choose Dark over Light.

    It's the obvious choice. Darkness is comforting.
    It is tranquil. It is The Womb.

    Whilst Light is harsh and relentless,
    Aggressive and stark,

    Those who follow the path of Darkness
    Cross no-one.

    They lurk quietly in the shadows, and deal
    Only with what comes their way.

    Hidden and silent, they do not confront the world,
    But sit back and watch the madness unfold
    With a slightly amused turn of the mouth.

    Those who follow the Light feel compelled
    To force it down everyone's throat.

    "The Dark are lost, and must be saved.
    Ultraviolet aggression must purge all
    Who do not follow the way."

    Vehemently, they will stop at nothing
    Until every last shadow is erased.

    Yet this is impossible in a bi-polar system.
    The presence of Light creates Darkness
    In the corners where it is absent.

    In a bi-polar system the choice is obvious:

    It is easy, it is accessible, and it feels good.
    It feels right.

    Yet there is more to Life than Black and White.
    There are Colours.

    I see Purple, Green and Orange.
    It's a start.


    Darkness (It feels good)
    Darkness (It feels right)


    Gabriel, Gabriel
    Gabriel, take me back
    To a time before White and Black.

    Gabriel, let the colours fortify my mind.
    Oh, Gabriel, let the colours fortify my mind.
    My mind. My mind.

    Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel.

    I am so tired. So tired.
    Gabriel, take me back.

    12. Party All Night (Nemesis)

    As a fun closer to the album with a “Bonus Track” feel to it, the addition of invoking the Demon “Nemesis” gives this upbeat song a sinister edge. Angus’ partying days are long behind him and the only time he gives in to temptation is when the Demon in him takes over. But it doesn’t matter if he fails, because it’s the end of the world. The Apocalypse.


    I think I'm feeling alright.
    Get the feeling we're gonna party all night.


    This album is Copyright Tribal Dancing Kid Productions and is available for free download and sharing under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 License