How much do you pay?

  • A friend of mine just sold an eighth of Trainwreck to a dude from Chicago for $80. Now that one surprised me. I would never pay that kind of price.

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  • there's been a recent inflation so now the average 3 g cost about 7 eur (it was only 2,5 eur few months ago..). moreover, the unfortunate prognosis is to raise it to 10 eur till the end of '08..we talk bout local brand, whick is ridiculous.

    • Jokurr said...
    • User
    • 20 Aug 2008, 16:39
    $50 for quarter oz, but I'm on good terms with my dealer and she often gives me a gram extra

  • near the border to netherlands in germany i pay 60-65€ for 10g weed from holland:>

  • its

    £10 for 1.7 grams
    £20 for 3.5 grams
    £40 for a quarter of an ounce
    £60 for half an ounce
    £120 for an ounce

  • £150 on the oz. nice green tho and the dude even offers to bring it door to door! perfect

    • c-less said...
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    • 24 Aug 2008, 01:02
    10 euro/g

    but i rarely buy, i get it from friends.

  • Usually depends on who I'm buying from around here. Usually though it goes $10 a gram.

  • about 50 euros for 10g

  • about 8-9 euro for a gram but it depends of how much do you take, of course more=cheaper

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  • something around 10 euro for "one" g indoor weed...outdoor is cheaper around 3e for g.. best way is grow ur own weed

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  • Lights, ventiliation, food, clones... it all adds up but I'm certain that what I pay is well worth it. :D

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  • I get as much green as I want in return for hot meals. My friend stores it for some dealers you see. Good deal but I'm constantly high at home

  • £40 for 2 grams..... from what i can see im being ripped off majorly. but i dnt kno how to go about findin a decent dealer...

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  • Green is pretty expensive in Texas...

    1g - $15-25
    3.5g - $50-70
    7g - $100-$130


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Oct 2008, 19:02


    Here in Czech Republic it's about 8-10 euro (current rate 25E/1CZK) per gram for higher quality weed. Lot less for normal stuff, or of course nothing at all (self grow or friends)

  • in finland 1 gram of hash 9-12€ ..... :(

  • A nick(five-dollar-sack), has lasted me for days, but my dealer is extremely generous. Before I was spending about 20-30 dollars for a quarter ounce, but that's when I used to smoke way more than I do now.

  • 7 Euro = 1 g.

  • $20-$25 for an ounce of low to mid-grade weed.

    $90.00 for 4ounces of low to mid-grade weed.

    $20-$25 a gram for higher grade weed.

    these prices are for south texas,usa

  • for some bomb weed standard florida prices are:

    $15-20 1.0 grams
    $25-30 1.7 grams
    $50-60 3.5 grams (eighth)
    $100-120 7 grams (quarter)
    $150-175 14 grams (half o)
    $250-300 Ounce

    if you're smokin dirt mcgirk, Mexico city special, doormat weed, butthash, reginald, regina, browntown, reggies, prices go as follows

    $5 1.0 grams
    $10 1.7 grams
    $15-20 3.5 grams
    $25-30 7 grams
    $40-50 14 grams
    $75-80 Ounce

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Oct 2008, 22:37
    the shit i get

    60/ eighth
    120/ quarter
    240/ 1/2 oz

    the shit my desperate friends buy

    30/ eighth
    80/ quarter
    140/ 1/2 o

    i got that piff

  • 16$ = 13 EUR for 0.8 grams (they never give 1 gram)
    but it's great quality, imported from Holland :))

  • i'm from belgium so we can go get everything in holland
    so iets about 7/11 € / 1 gram (of good stuff)
    envy me

  • $45 - 60/ for half an o

    It depends mostly on the season down here in Florida.

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