west African Marijuana for sale.

    • tatu01 said...
    • User
    • 18 Oct 2011, 10:28

    west African Marijuana for sale.

    hello all,
    i am a supplier of west African weeds and 10mg diazapam for sale. i do sell in bulk. mate i need only serous importer. payment is via western union, only after you received the weed. i do send weeds via our ordinary register Airmail.
    contact me at tatu_s2000@yahoo.com or my wife email is weedwoman@live.com
    we need many buyers.
    if you need photos let me know. sale from 100g up to 1kilograms.
    we meed bulk buyer.
    i am international exporter of weeds (marijuana)

    • xekeiel said...
    • User
    • 31 Oct 2011, 19:30
    Weed through the mail? This sounds legit.

    But I wouldn't mind seeing a picture

  • this sounds amazing

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