Best (and Worst) WPA Gigs

    • Slab54 said...
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    • 27 Nov 2008, 01:11

    Best (and Worst) WPA Gigs

    Are there any special WPA gigs that stick out in your mind. Love to hear about them.

    I caught one of their last Christmas Shows before the wrapped it up. I think it was the second last show at the Corner. Brilliant, with the whole crowd singing every song.

    I also caught them once in Shepparton at the short-lived Time Nightclub. Bugger all people there, maybe thirty or so. Overnight Jones supported as well. In a crappy romanesque nightclub that no one went to anyway. It was godawful to see things stoop so lo. They mentioned to a friend of mine that that show was the beginning of the end. It stopped being fun then.

  • One of the most memorable gigs that I remember was at the Collingwood Town Hall in early 1993(I think). They opened with Barrett's Privateers and the whole crowd just stood there dumbstruck. The power and passion of Mick's voice totally owned the room. The rest of the gig totally rocked.

    One of the nights on their final run at the Central Club was totally awesome.Paul Kelly played support which got the night off to a great start.

    They played support to Billy Bragg at the Palace in about 1991.Another awesome night.

    More recently, the first night they played at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this year went totally off. They got up and played like they'd never been away. My three year old daughter got to have her first mosh which she still talks about.

    Many more drunken and memorable nights too numerous to mention!!

    sometimes you can say more in a drunken hour or so than some people get across in a life of lying low
    • Flurps said...
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    • 27 Nov 2008, 22:52
    A gig at a festival on the beach in St Kilda in february 1995...

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