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    Leiv Reed #2

    I greatly enjoy the music of Leiv Reed-
    This proves the greatness of Last FM-
    You can hear new music here.You can find new artists here.
    I like Leiv Reed because of the way he plays guitar and sings. His voice gives life to his music.
    I like the lyrics of his songs sung with heart and soul...

    Hear Leiv Reed on Last FM-

    Leiv Reed – Listen free at Last.fm

    Leiv Reed – Lazy – Listen free at Last.fm

    Lazy is one of the best songs-It is a good time spring into summer song...Give it a listen!!!

    MySpace.com - Leiv Reed - Bergen, NO - Folk / Indie / Alternative ...
    My Space Page

    New Leiv Reed Live
    on My Space
    Leiv Reed -LIVE !!!

    If I Fail - Leiv Reed

    Leiv Reed
    on Reverb Nation

    Leiv Reed
    on Garage Band

    Leiv Reed - "And We Float"/"Honesty is grand"

    Leiv Reed
    on Facebook

    Leiv Reed - Dyin' By The Day

    Leiv Reed
    on You Tube

    Short Of Breath - Rehearsal


    Amie Street - Leiv Reed's Music Store

    Leiv Reed
    The Beat FM

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