Dear Marilyns, Sebastians and Patricias... (Randomly Picked)

    • Celuie said...
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    • 11 Jan 2006, 23:35

    Dear Marilyns, Sebastians and Patricias... (Randomly Picked)

    If you already feel the urgent need to leave your - confidingly assumed - smashing recommendations in witless groups, at least chuck out some notes about the whole around, sweethearts.
    In a group of - for undefinable reasons - 150 people, featured with the listening habits of nuns, playboys and forklift-riders in a nobly savage mix-up, those unfortunately ain't gonna rise above the allure of expectedly mature google-ads, otherwise, I'm afraid.

    And: Do it here.

    I don't have to tell you that you're supposed to endeavour to convince?

    you chanel chainsaw, you.
    • waikiki said...
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    • 16 Jan 2006, 14:10
    But I really love my recommondations. Especially 'the sound of airplanes'. But what should I do against the google-ad-flair of the recommondation item? I'd love to customize it, but I can't, and even if I would ask the crew, I think they wouldn't trust my programming competence.

    By the way: Aren't google-ads far more beautiful than all the banner-ads we had to bear in those days before google decided to capture the internet? They just linger around, beeing ashamed to be ads and not heartrending poems about the countless colours of grey you're forced to recognize during your average everyday life. Might be that I want to use the word 'chary' - but well not for now.

    btw II: Is your musical taste a main issue of this group? I dont think so. It's more about a special way of perception, isn't it?
    I can't see a special musical alignment - ignoring the fact that nearly everyone at loves radiohead and the beatles.

    Still - thanks for trying to save the group's peculiar atmosphere.

    • Celuie said...
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    • 18 Jan 2006, 16:48
    'Chary' is a wonderful word...
    I must excuse for putting this here so extremely everything else apart from chary..
    I hazard the guess that I tend to become mistakable and nonsensitive in a hurry..

    Oh no, nothing against your recommendations at all.. on the contrary - You're welcome to post as many as you want and long for - especially you, with your tidy label..
    My slight doubt on this junk here was merely striking the matters of content - allure, in that case - the allure to actually pay attention to them - such chary, bashful recommendations.. (appearance? you're kidding..) in view of - you say it - the lack of a special musical alignment of this group... (That's the one..) Right therefore i thought, it might possibly be supportive of getting paid more interest to them - if one yet thinks he ought to post one - to put down some notes about its makeup, arrangement, direction, whatsoever. Describe it, praise it to the skies, if you want, just recommend it. :)

    'Banner-ads' and 'beautiful' in one sentence... you're tough. And google-ads.. miscreants in altar boy-cowls.

    you chanel chainsaw, you.
  • Marilyn, Sebastian and Patricia don't get the sound purpose of this, I'm afraid.
    Maybe you should have entitled the thread more limpid and plain. Á la: Read First: Recommendations

    Am I allowed to delete the ones that suck my ballocks where I don't want them to get sucked?
    Just a rating function would also be nice.

  • I had a better idea how to deal with that.

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