• Favourite Artists - Sigur Rós

    6 Nov 2006, 05:47 by JonathanC06

    Ok...I saw someone do this I thought I'd do it too...

    I first heard of Sigur Rós when Hoppípolla was used for the promos of the BBC series Planet Earth...and they had a fanbase which was starting to grow rapidlly. So I downloaded Hoppipolla and loved it...and then nothing...till about a month after I downloaded Hoppipolla when I heard Með Blóðnasir in a promo for Without A Trace on More4. So...I decided to go out and go get the album the 2 songs were on which was Takk...

    I bought Takk... ironiclly on my friend's birthday and right after I came back from the cinema watching X3 (He's a big comic book fan) I started to listen to Takk... so I listened to Takk...Ok...a good song...but I don't think it's going to make any difference. Then...I heard argubably one of if not THE best track on the album ...Glósóli... which was stunning. But 2 songs plus Hoppipolla and Með Blóðnasir...not really going to make a hell lot of a difference ...till I heard Sæglópur. I instantly recongised it as a song used by Irish TV for a promo for the Six Nations and yet I didn't even know that Sigur Rós did the song. Now I was impressed with them...

    I gave the album a full listen and I thought...what the fuck was that!!! but in a good way. I was overly impressed by I downloaded Von, Agaetis Byrjun and () from iTunes asap and I was impressed by them with my favourite tracks being

    Von - Myrkur
    Ágætis Byrjun - Ný Batterí
    () - Sigur 1
    Takk... - Sæglópur

    As well as that, recently, I bought 2 EPs of theirs, Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do which I had downloaded anyways but I wanted to keep myself a hard copy and the EP of Sæglópur as well buying myself a hard copy of Ágætis Byrjun. Now...I intend to buy myself a hard copy of the () and Von whenever possible. They say...never look back at a neccsary thing twice...except you can...a dozen times...with Sigur Rós...if you haven't bought Takk...go and do so already because you will be doing yourself and the world a favour by listening to their brillant music.

    Sigur Ros