• Introductions!

    Hello everyone! It's great to see you all here. I figured that many of us might have usernames here that are very different from our MC names so here is an introduction thread. I'll start;

    My name on WPM is RadioSlayer and here on the "y" is a "v" instead, don't worry about it! ;D It's a hold over from a long time ago, a reference to a piece of photographic equipment. My real name is John and I'm from Michigan. I really enjoy the music of Pink Floyd, Reel Big Fish, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Roots, and World/Inferno Friendship Society (to name a few). I'm 21 and in college studying both music and sign language.

    So... who are you?

  • Introductions!

    I'm Sfifer on WPM. Don't many people will recognize me, I try not to make myself known most of the time :)

    I'm a big prog head so anything that's somewhat intelligent noise I'm all for

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