• Looking for solutions to support artists where social media fails

    29 Jul 2014, 11:13 by miotailtmilidh

    Looking for solutions to support artists (specifically but not exclusively metal artists) where social media fails. If you have any thoughts or ideas, join the discussion:

  • Gender in Metal Week: Is Metal a Masculine Genre?

    29 Jan 2014, 14:39 by miotailtmilidh

    This will literally take a minute to head on over to and tick a box. You can also leave feedback if you wish!

  • Open Up the Floor: UK and Irish Metal Discussion

    13 Jan 2014, 19:57 by miotailtmilidh

    Last week I posted up a blog “We’re waiting for the dinosaurs to die out” discussing the problems I feel the British and Irish metal scene face in relation to the media (magazines and radio) and festival promoters (Sonisphere, Download, Reading/Leeds).

  • Happy New Blog!

    1 Jan 2014, 17:24 by miotailtmilidh

    I decided I was spending far too much time sharing music on Facebook to friends who really don't appreciate my taste. So to be a little bit more constructive, I have created a new blog for the new year!


    3 Mar 2013, 15:45 by miotailtmilidh

    Mosh on the Radio are about to embark on something new!!!

    In the next few weeks, we are going to be looking for bands from around the world to be our featured artist of the week! This will involve:
    - a written interview with the band, which will be posted up for our listeners to read on the Monday through our WordPress page.
    - two tracks to be featured in our show on the Tuesday evening.

    We are hoping to do this as a weekly addition to the show with an aim to support and expose upcoming metal artists of all sub-genres.

    If your band would be interested in taking part, then please email us at the usual address: moshonasr@gmail.com
  • What would convince you to listen to a new metal show?

    30 Oct 2012, 19:35 by miotailtmilidh

    I guess this is a little bit of market research for those of you who like your music heavy.

    I'm co-hosting a weekly metal radio show on university radio which can be streamed live across the world. We play a whole range of different metal but are trying to keep it fresh and inspiring by playing new music, less well known artists along with more mainstream metal artists. Not only do we seek out music ourselves to play on the show, but we invite artists to send us demos that we can potentially play on the show and for listeners to send us requests to play.

    As a potential listener to our show, what would YOU look for if you were tuning into a metal show? What kind of image would you want to see portrayed? What would keep you coming back to listen to our show every week? What would put you off from listening?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
  • One year on Last.fm - summary

    6 Sep 2010, 19:46 by Siekjerka

    Ok, I'm late. Because I forgot to do it yesterday. And (i think) It will be short.

    One year in Last.fm.
    Let's start with artist, albums, tracks, etc. count...
    4th September 2010 ended with 32 222 scrobbles, in 86 artists, that gives 88,27 scrobble per day, and 374,67 tracks per artists. And

    My listening with Last.fm started with 20 maybe 30 artists. Then I met "some" new bands. Started with, I think Riverside, great prog rock/metal polish band. Then Dream Theater, that suddenly became one of my favourites. More: Kamelot, power metal, Muse, Dream Evil, Opeth, big, big, big love Pain of Salvation (big thanks to Galaz!), all thanks to Klavish and Galaz. Stratovarius, next power metal, and many more, like Stratovarius, Rob Dougan, Green Carnation or Iced Earth.

    In december 2009 i've met my really biggest music love ever - Moonsorrow - big thanks to Wydra, who messaged me one night with "knocked me from my legs", after one month it became my #1 with about 1000 scobbles (thanks to christmas break's free time), and they created my actual favourite song (not ballad) - Jäästä syntynyt / Varjojen virta. Epic. And imagine, that only few months before, i automatically disliked any song that was longer than 6 minutes... (Dream Theater's Train of Thought started to change it, Moonsorrow has given me automatic love to all songs longer than 10 mins ;] ).

    I started to listen Immortal then too, but I disliked growl that time, and Immortal was made "only listened, not liked" artist (now very liked. Tastes are changing, luckilly ;) ).


    Now, let's have a break. I'll tell you a joke : How to make cat do "Woof!"? Fill it with petrol and burn. Hahaha. Pathetic. Now, let's get back reading.


    There are also few bands that I've found only by Last.fm - like Follow the cat, Polish post-rock, Offertorium, Moldavian gothic/symphonic metal, Crimson Tears like Offertorium, but from Finland (MY LOVE!), Angeldark, like two before, from Spain, Enter Twilight, from Australia, Tarvas, young folk/black/viking metal from Finland, Battlelore, Ametria, Witchking (thanks to Wydra), Artrosis, polish symphonic metal, Draconian, Derdian, Yoko Kanno... Many more (about 60), I won't spell them all by name. Oh, two more: An Danzza - Italian folk, and Bez Mezh Ukrainian prog metal, strongly influenced by Dream Theater - i reccomend all!!

    March was mont of my first big concert in my life - Jelonek and At the Lake in Opole. (btw. you can read my review here (but only in polish...). It was great. I imagine, if it was so great, so how great must be bigger concert, of much greater bands..! My journey in music world just started to begin.

    In april/may i started to be interested in melodic death metal - starts with Children of Bodom, which became my new #1 in about a week! (thanks to long may weekend free time). It knocked me out too - I sat like hypnotized and listened to every second, every note, with "woah!"-like facelook. And it leasted over a month, until today. And it doesn't seem to end soon.
    Next was Amon Amarth, and In Flames, both knocked me like the one before. I just loved that guitars, that vocals, and everything.
    I'm not any music-specialist, that will tell "I love that guitar solo, because of that quint and octave, blabla". I just enjoy that, what my ear and brain likes. Don't need any technical issues.

    Oh, I almost forgot about Anathema! I found Eternity in my brother's MP3 somwhere around march, and I loved it suddenly too!

    Ending with august 2010, I want to say, that I've founded three big albums, and one of them is from new artist (yeah, you're right, it became my favourite. Suddenly.) - I say about Pain of Salvation's Road Salt One, their latest, which knocked me with "Linoleum" and "Sisters" songs especially. Next, PoS's too Be. Like RSO knocked me, I can say, that "BE" have completly blasted me. You know, like music a-bomb. It is trully masterpiece of progressive music, and most mature album concept I've ever heard of (Humankind, and God creation, which was difficult to make, I think, after reading f.e. in Wikipedia about PoS and BE). Last album I've met, until today is "The Human Equation", from project Ayreon, which is my personal prog masterpiece #2. The story, making, guest vocals, creation, music, everything is just brilliant. I think it's worth to say, that my mind created image of musical - rock opera, based on The Human Equation (usage of music, if mr. Lucassen will reply my question about copyright issues). And I will make it. This year, or nest year, or in next 5 years. I must. I just dreamed too real. No stepping back :)

    Ok, now, really ending, with my group issues - this year, I created We Love Finland, as an expression of my love to this country, and it's music. (metal, especially). Since V.IX.MMX it had 58 members. I hope it will at least quadruple this year ;).

    P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot - it's funny, what changed in my taste - when I started, in september, I couldn't even stand Linkin Park\s Chester screaming - after few onths, and friends influence, I started to listen to black and death metal, and now growl and scream are normal in my music ;]

    It will be I think all, that keeps in my head now. Maybe it will be updated with new thoughts, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or the day after the day after tomorrow... Who knows. Hope you've enjoed reading. ;)