• How much?

    I would like to know, jut for curiosity, how much do you guys pay for a beer in your country?

    well, i live in brazil, and here if you want to buy a pinf of guiness and that kind of beer it would cost 15 - 18 reais, like 7 - 9 dollars.

    usually i cant afford that, so the way out is to buy common brazilian beer, that costs 1,50 reais. or cachaça, very cheap and makes you get extremely drunk and very fast... lol.

  • Re: How much?

    In Poland we pay around $3,5 for a Guiness in a pub and about $2 at a shop. I rarely drink it because that's quite steep. We also have many good lager beers here that cost around $2 at a pub and $1 at a shop.

  • i get my bottle of guinness (0,33l) for 2,30 €

  • In Ukraine, Guinness costs about ~$3-4 in pub, ~$2.5 in the supermarket. But I drink Ukrainian beer which costs ~$2 for 2L bottle (btw our beer not bad too). I also drink Miller which costs ~$1.5 for 0.5L

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