Something about the nazi music (faschists - up yours!)

  • Something about the nazi music (faschists - up yours!)

    i don't know if i'm the onlyone here that sometimes listens to nazi music, but do you feel amused listening to it? i mean - i listen to it and sometimes i laugh madly listening how they are all serious about the things they are singing about and don't know that they're really talking shit! i cannot understand the nazi ideology and the pure evil coming from it, but it's still interesting enough for me to study it.
    and another thing that is very interesting about nazi music, especially nazi-punk: the stupid nazis managed to combine the uncombinable things! punk and nacism! how? hahaha, punk is everything that nacism isn't! and the other way around. punk is from the start against all authority - nacism is completely opposite. punk is literaly punk and filth - nacism is all strict and clean. how the hell could they combine those two things? that really amuses me.
    and one more thing that is amusing (the punks here and their friends that think the same will probably know what i'm talking about)-you know when your dressed like punk and stuff, and you walk down the street and people watch you weird and stay away from you? now imagine all that plus yelling 'sieg heil!' and waving your hand like hitler - hahah! can you imagine how disgusting that looks to people? when those ignorant jerks can't recognize that it is a sarcazm.(people even thought that dead kennedys were nazis cause of their name and some songs). muahahah! but i'm not the only one nor the first that finds that amusing - remember sid vicious or johnny rotten and those legends? heheh wearing a t-shirt with a swastika, but in reality is a big antifaschist! are there any people here that think like me?
    and one more thing - those nazi bands have some really good songs, even though at first i thought it was all musical shit.kinda surprising.
    so, don't judge me if i sometimes listen to nazi music, it's just for fun! otherwise i hate nacism and rasizm, all people should have much more love and tolerance in themselves, and the world would be so much more beautiful place to live.
    (p.s. sorry for the big post :))

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  • I think that kind of music should make us think "Why do people think like that?"
    If we are against fascism, we have to understand those peoples' attitudes.
    If not, two dumb forces not understanding each other stand against each other.
    Therefore I also listen to so-called RAC sometimes.

    But it's a shame that most of those bands' lyrics are just stupid paroles.
    In Germany there has been a RAC band with more or less intelligent lyrics.
    Those of you who understand German should listen to Die Lunikoff-Verschwörung .

    cheers, stay anti-fascist

  • Another funny thing about nazi bands is that they're often slavonic (I'm talking about Nokturnal Mortum, Graveland and that kinda things...), they were supposed to be sub-humans by nazis so I don't understand why they're talking about the supremacy of Hitler, the aryan race and stuff like that *_*

  • yes yes you are completely right! :) if you like that stuf you sjould listen to the Konkwista 88, ''RAC'' band from Poland (impossible but true) they have some good songs like Legion Waffen SS and Fight White Warrior..

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    • 21 Oct 2008, 06:22
    Well, I can't say I have that kind of laughable experience with Nazi-music. I am a big fan of Black Metal and Pagan/Viking Metal, and the scene is infested with Nazis and other right-wing extremists. I know of those "Nazi-Punk"-Bands, and they are pretty much a joke, but if you think about it, it is just natural that they exist.

    Many Neo-Nazis experience Nazism as an ideology that says: "Against the Bourgeoisie, the media that lies, the strong survive, everyone for himself, but also united as brothers!!11!11 ZOMG!" And if you take THAT and not the system of National Socialist Government that really happened, it is not that far away from some punk. (Oh God, please don't crucify me here, I said SOME Punk, not Punk.)

    I myself have some real problems with one of my favourite music infested with fascists - because if you take a look at them, most of them are intelligent. Not reasonable and so stuck up in their own ideology that they forget to see things from an objective point of view, but nonetheless intelligent. That makes them dangerous.

    The slavic NS(BM)-wave is just a natural thing happening. They emerge from a hatred against the long-gone Soviet Union. The new Generation there wants to rebel against their parents culture, and fascism and National Socialism are the antithesis to communism. So they come up with some excuses how they themselves can be Aryan, and they are all set to sing about their favourite bullshit. It's a culural thing that was bound to happen if you think about it. Again I might stress that there the NS-music wave is, considering the way it rose, not that different from our rebellious music, like punk, etc.

    I really listen to pretty much any music there is around, but when it comes to politics, I don't want it to be entangled with music like that. I want to see politics, subcultures and the such seperate from their Music.

    Oh, and don't go there and say NS is "evil", that's just short sighted. There are good reasons why fascist systems failed, and it was not exactly because they were evil (because, let's face it: There are no objective definitions of good and evil), but because their systems have fundamental flaws. (Like relying on other cultures to exploit, being forced to expand in ridiculous manners, creating a "culture" to get closer to an assumption of "human nature" while culture was always about shaping mankind to be indipendent of it's nature, and I could go on for hours, you get the point.)

  • yes you are right. it maybe is rebellious as the punk is, but surely not exactly in the same way. to talk about their system is one thing, but we all know why we hate them, right? ofcourse, there really were many good things about the nazi-system, but also many bad and unexceptable things that go with that regime. i myself, as a human being, cannot ever understand how a human brain can be that evil, having in mind human consience. ofcourse you cannot define ''normal'' or ''evil'' but everybody knows what i mean by that, especially when talking about nazis. ofcourse, looking from the objective point of view, i can see the good things about that, or how they can accept nazi-ideology for their own ideology, but when looking the whole picture i still find them disgusting and could never ever be one of them.
    sieg howdy!

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Oct 2008, 11:38
    To be honest, I can't see a single good thing in fascism when you see the big picture. It somehow resembles politics on crack: You always need more and you deteriorate to a point where you can't survive. I myself am a person that really doesn't believe in any set principles of good and evil, so the usual arguments against fascism never did it for me. But even if you analyse fascism on an unbiased basis it has nothing to offer.

    Germany and Japan needed to expand and wage a war they could never possibly win, and countries like spain starved their own people to death up until they finally had to change their ways. A fascist system can only survive by exploitation and expansion, and their "achievements" are like the high of a drug. Therefore I really can't see anything good in it.

    But, hey, this is mainly about music, not about politics, and I think you are right with fascist bands often being ridiculous, espacially since they claimed most punk/hardcore genres. But as I said, I will never choose my music out of political reasons. (Maybe it's fortunate for me that Black Metal seldom has distinguishable lyrics).

    • acienix said...
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    • 13 Nov 2008, 21:33
    Personally, I don't listen to political influenced music (kay, except guns of brixton by the clash and some no use for a name songs) and I wouldn't consider myself beeing a left-, nor a right-winged person, although I'm fairly interested in social topics, like immigration or "islamisation" (this term is soooo stupid).
    panks_not_deder, you said that alot of NS bands aren't "aryan". I don't know anything about that scene, but I know that in Germany rarely anybody is "trve aryan". Based on historical events, a lot Germans families "mixed" with foreigners, e.g. with the French west of the river Rhine, with the Czech (in an area called "Bohemia"), with the Dansk and Dutch in Friesland, with the Americans, when the Dukedom of Hesse joined the US and A in the War of Indepence, .. (this list could be continued to infinity and beyond). - There is no "Aryaness" anymore. Even the term aryan isn't aryan, because it isn't even a German word.
    I think in the "western" part of the world (Europe, N.America,..) people need learn to understand that multiculturalism (NOT internationalism) isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are so many cool cultures on our planet and it really 'd be a waste of joy to deprecate them - I'm convinced even workless, sponging Nazis / Nationalists will learn their lesson .. some time.

    panks_not_deder, you also stated that you find NS music rather amusing.. Beeing a German (going to a German school) I've to say that I can't laugh about any topic related to NS. Not even to Hitlers accent (Like some folks do). Proof me if I'm wrong; I think that's because in Germany, teens are often confronted with the unforgivable crimes of (some of) their ancestors. They learn that facism (as well as Stalinism) is a very bad thing that has to be avoided upon every cost.
    In comparison, take a look onto Italian politics. They joined Nazi-Germany in WW2 - and today, facism is rising again in Italy! This could never ever happen in Germany those days.
    Let's explain this: In Germany, there currently is a five-party system in the parliament, consisting of the biggest party "CDU" (christian convervatives, extremly little nationalist influences), the second biggest party "SPD" (social democrats, majority is moderate-socialistic), the third party "Die Linke" (trans. to "The Left Winged" - neomarxistic and socialistic influences, allegedly had connections to the RAF, but conn. isn't proofed) and two parties around 10% of voters, the "FDP" (libertarian / humanistic, left- and right- winged parts (social libs, neolibs)), and the Greens ("Die Grüne", social libertarian, green, but holds a govermental coalition with the CDU in bremen state..:D).
    As you can see, the political landspace in Germany is like: Social- Libertarian. All of the parties in the parliament intensly fight facism, but only two (the conservatives and the libs) of them started a campaign against glorification of the GDR. That makes Germany a very special country, as unemployment and globalisation do not end up in facism, but in neomarxistic attitudes. There are a lot societies that happene to react in another way: The USA, Austria, Italy.
    Another -really amusing- example occured a few years ago, when the goverment declared a CROSSED NS-swastika as "hidden symbol and/or distinguishing characteristic of NS", as well as a hand smashing the NS-swastika ( and a guy throwing a NS-swastika into a bin (
    They all were forbidden and a punk-shop owner was charged with spreading NS ideology, but the high court corrected that law.

    I hope now you can now understand why Germans don't laugh about NS.

    Please don't conclude my political views from this post, I just tried to make something clear :)

  • i knew many of those things you just said, and i also know that germans don't laugh about it. if you know history then you know what happened in croatia in ww2 and how things were. i won't talk about politics, and stuff, but i just wanted to show why some people like to listen to ns. ofcourse i don't listen to it only because it's amusing but some music is pretty good. and i like rock punk metal and that kind of stuff and there really are some good bands there, musicaly.
    cheers everyone.

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  • fascism sucks but some of the bands are cool (like Nokturnal Mortum). same thing about commies.

    German law sucks too. seriously, swastika is not only a nazi symbol but even pagan swastikas and hindu swastikas are banned. also, some runes are banned. it is really fucked up

  • It is fucked up, but you can kind of see where they are coming from, the Buddhist swastika is pretty much identical to the Nazi swastika, (it's just square instead of diamond) so it's difficult to tell what it represents, looking at them out of context.. It could lead to an easy way to sell Nazi merchandise under the guise of 'oh, it's buddhist/hindu/pagan... honest!'

    It really sucks that these symbols have been forever tainted, I agree there, but I can see the rationalization against banning them as a whole. Though I think the runes and some forms of swastikas are sufficiently different that it is overreacting. Look up Skyforger's old logo, for instance. they are not a nazi band, they released an official statement on their website saying as much, and even put labels on their albums saying that it wasn't Nazi related. But people still freaked out.

    As to the whole topic as a whole, i agree listening to them is interesting/funny from a perspective of trying to get inside their heads. But I would never *buy* NS Punk/BM, because I don't think it's an ideology that should get support.

  • you are right about everything, especially in the last paragraph. that's why i don't buy their CDs, i download songs from internet. infact, i don't buy any CDs 'cause i don't have any money to do so, eheheheheh! cheers!

    Punk's not dead just diserves to die, when it becomes just another stale cartoon...
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