No Way Out elimination chambers

  • No Way Out elimination chambers

    i had a feeling that there would be at least 1 elimination chamber match because i saw the poster and it shows Jeff Hardy under water,chained up and in a chamber but i had no idea there would end up being 2 in 1 night

    my predictions on No Way Out:
    Cena vs. Orton
    cena is very determined to win back the title but Orton really wants to take his title to wrestlemania.
    winner:Randy Orton

    Mysterio vs. Edge
    Mysterio is willing to do anything to take the title away from edge.I have a feeling were gonna see an interferance from vicki or the edgeheads
    winner:Rey Mysterio

    Chavo vs. Punk
    Punk wants to get the title back after being screwed and chavo wants to prove hes better then punk and he wants to prove hes the best in ECW but Punk will not stop till he has the title back

    im not gonna even think about the Elimination Chamber Matches cause i wanna see a unpredictable match

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