Artist connections

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    Artist connections

    Lots of artist connections could be made. I'd like to connect people who have either some relationship with the station, or are station faves, played there and kicked ass, etc. And anyone else you think of when you think of FMU.

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  • I'm thinking about Elysian Fields :). They were on it last year!

  • I've listened to a few of Jim Price's greatest hits (from that great WFMU moments set that was a premium a while back), so he's listed as an artist here. So he should definitely be added.

  • modey lemon, i have the live recording if wanted.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger(sp?). They totally played the audio of one of his fitness videos a few weeks ago.

  • What about Jonathan Richman? He is, after all, the patron saint of Greasy Kid Stuff.

  • WFMU played some Herb Diamante songs I haven't heard elsewhere and had Flaming Fire perform live at their studio. They do deserve the add. Yet, there are myriads of other artists on which one can find hardly any to no information on the internet. Still, they are related to the station by the fact they got some airplays.

  • The WFMU Old Bin and Heavily Played recordings

    Look through the WFMU Old Bin and Heavily PLayed Recordings for inspiration.

    BTW, I'm new to the group, but glad to be here. WFMU rocks!

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    we played there many, many years ago, when Gerard Cosloy had a show...DUSTdevils

  • more artist connect's

    Daniel Johnston
    Jad Fair
    Bingo Gazingo
    Eternal Buzz Brass Band
    The Ex

    and 3 million other artists i am forgetting right now.

    long live FMU.

    Miles Bachman
  • Those are good ones, added those. You run out of room eventually. Have to prioritize like, the most "FMU" artists, I think 200 is the max.

  • Whoa, Shooby was not on there! Have to take a look at this later...

  • Almost a real list now...haven't maxed it out yet, but will weed out some stuff if it comes to that. Which it will. 250 is the limit.

  • for new leader/the curious

    Some of the connections are DJ related but not obvious:

    Matador: founded by Gerald Cosloy
    Tommy Boy: formerly run by Monica

    A priori: Dan Mackta
    The Nihilistics: Chris T.
    The Shemps: Dave the Spazz
    Children in Adult Jails: Pseu Braun, Diane Kamikaze
    The Mometers: Scott Williams
    Äss: Brian Turner (but there's more than one, wtf.)
    Kenneth Goldsmith: Kenny G

    um, after that I don't even now why some are there over
    others. If you play with it I think the limit is even less now. Numbers would help, but that's how it is.

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