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    • 10 Feb 2006, 21:36


    Who here likes D? Personally, I heard Sleeper and I was immediately hooked. Now I've got most of their songs. They're very talented, and they seem to know what they're doing. I think Asagi has a really good voice, too. Hopefully they'll be picked up by a major label and get off the indies circuit soon.

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    • 12 Feb 2006, 13:15
    i've been trying to search some D... but without any luck.. damn.. :/ i've heard so many times that it's really good.. T__T

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    • 12 Feb 2006, 15:54
    You can buy their latest album off of CDJapan. I also have had success finding their stuff on Soulseek, so that's where I'd go if you'd like to see what they sound like.
    I'm probably gonna order the album later this month or something. CDJapan's having a sale, and with yen exchange rates as they are now, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

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    • 13 Feb 2006, 17:42
    thanks! ^^

  • I wish I had soulseek... limewire is evil. I've heard of them and really want to hear their music. >.<

  • Oh D is so good, Asagi voice is just great! ^_^ I have The Name of the Rose CD if anyone wants its, just hit me up on AIM at PhedreDelaunnay

    and soulseek is a great place to get D stuff ^_^

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  • D is most definitely one of the most talented bands in the VK scene nowadays... judging by what I've heard at least. Asagi's voice is wonderful, and everything backing it is just as great!

  • yeah they are incrediably talented! I just wish I could find out more about since all the sites on them seem really out dated. Didn't they have a line up change of sorts?

    The grass is always greener on the other side until you jump the fence and step in shit.
  • Aaa, gods. D is fantastic. I remember the first time I ever heard D was when I downloaded "LOST BREATH", and I was in complete awe with Asagi's voice. It's incredible, the range he has from sheer screaming to... a surprisingly impressive falcetto (In Yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella...). And their look is sort of between the basic VisKei image and something more... romantic than the traditional image, by their PVs.

    And they did have a line-up change a little while ago. Methinks it was Rena that left and they replaced him with Tsunehito. ^^; A few months ago, I believe.

    But they are ♥.

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    • 15 Jun 2006, 19:26
    I have heard D once.. I can't remember song right now, but I remember that I like it :D

  • I really love them! Asagi's voice is amazing. Luckily my first taste of them was an album. So I think I got a pretty good idea of their style first off.

  • Yami yori Kurai Dokoku no A Cappella to Bara yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria (translated ...The a Cappella: Darkness Blacker than Dispar and The Aria" Roses Redder than Passion) Is one of the best songs by a VK artist I have ever heard.

    D is such a fresh, professional, and entertaining group. I wish I could see them live. From the videos, I love watching Hiroki drum. (he is so cute) Asagi has a dynamic and powerful voice. His lyrics are also well written. I am still unsure of their new bassest. I must learn more of Tsunehito. Ruiza and Hide-Zou are both skilled on guitar. They all know what they are doing for the most part. Sleeper

    I really want to see more from them.
    Gambatte D!

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  • A little D news

    Asagi is following in Ruiza's footsteps and releasing a solo CD entitled Corvinus on September 20th. The release is a CD+DVD set for 1890 yen and limited to 5000 copies. Asagi has also "produced" his own fragrance, also called Corvinus, that will be made avaliable on the same day as his CD but for 4500 yen.

    D's new maxi CD. Taiyou wo okuru hi, is coming out on August 3rd. The first press contains a DVD for 1890 yen and the second press, which is just the CD itself, is 1050 yen.

    Thought you might want to know,

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  • Wow!

    Oh really? I am a very devoted D fan but that is new news to me! Where did you find this information pandorina? I would love to purchase the CD and fragrance!

    I am in love with Asagi and his voice, I think he is the most talented vocalist in Japanese Music. But that is only my opinion.

  • Thanks for the info ^^.
    Asagi's fragrance - sounds interesting ^.~~

  • I got the info from JaME (J Music Europa) It is one of the best places to get upto date info.

    I wanna try his fragrance too.

    PS In a recent blog Asagi was talking about his new favorite gum:

    It is rose mint flavored. He calls it Rose Gum...
    Isn't he cute...chewing rose gum considering his adoration of roses.

  • xD Rose gum, that's almost as funny as when my friend came out of nowhere and was like, "Hey did you know Kyo has pet Kangaroo rats?"

    Anyway, hmm that fragrance.....I wonder if that'll smell good. Maybe it'll smell like enhaced roses LOL. Btw I love D also, very big fan and I'm probably gonna buy all that stuff. However, I heard D live and I'll tell you I was actually a little disappointed. I know that people will be a bit pitchy at concert and stuff but things like night ship D and vampire missa in concert made me disappointed. Those were, let's see how do I say this...horrible XD In Concert version that is, studio version is great but it just makes you remember, they probably took takes over and over till he got it right. I'm actually kinda scared to see Yami yori doukoku no a capella etc. in concert cause that might ruin it for me XD.

  • So they need to better arrange their music for live shows is what you are saying... I can understand that. There are some songs that don't translate well live. The question is was it a fun and exciting concert? Did they rock your socks off? Did they make you wanna scream till you were horse?

    On the blog stuff. D's Blogs are great. You never know what they'll write about. Hiroki wrote about coffee and action figures O.o... Hide Zou wrote about The sound of Motorcycles >.>... Asagi recently wrote about something that upset him. T_T...So if you like them check out their offical site. The Mad Tea Party Magazine updates are there too. http://www.d-blood-relation.com/

    Remember D lovers...new maxi CD Taiyou wo Okuru Hi comes out this week.

    Support the fandom!!!

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  • D NEWS

    New Release
    Tafel Anatomie
    October 18, 2006
    10 track CD + special limited edition book
    PRICE: 3,800yen

    Rock on D!

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    • 22 Aug 2006, 04:24
    D has become one of my favorite bands this past year. Asagi's voice is so haunting and powerful that it just drags you in. Their visual style is excellent and their PV's and album presentation are all top notch. D also happens to be one of the best blind purchases I have ever made. I was introduced to them through the CANNONBALL vol. 1 comp. which I bought for the Shulla tracks (D's only track #1 - 嘆きの天使). I thought that I had heard the vocalist before, and it turns out that Asagi was in one of the versions of KISAKI's Syndrome, which I enjoyed at the time. D was just another good band until the release of the CD/DVD 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア. After that they have become on of my favorite bands of any genre, and The name of the ROSE is my pick for album of the year 2005. I enjoy their music so much that I have all three versions of ROSE. 2006 looks to be another great year, and I plan to have a review of 太陽を葬る日 (初回限定盤 CD/DVD) once I receive it. Overall D should not be missed by any fans of visual kei or hard rock.

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  • Actually if you want to see the pv for Taiyo wo Okuru Hi(太陽を葬る日) ...download it here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qu253q Its freaking awesome. Very pretty. Tsunehito isn't bad...I think he completes the group.

    I can't wait for the new album. I think its going to be HOT. I wish I was in Japan cause they are also doing a signing tour with it at various venues. *wants to shake Hiroki's hand*

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  • haha Tsunehito is quite beautiful in their newest PV, and shaking hiorki's hand would be so awesome. It would bring a smile to muh face


    ☆☆☆私は決して戻ることができません o(*≧□≦)o
  • Ooh, a D thread! I love D. They're currently one of my favorite bands =) I got into them right after Yume narishi kuuchuu teien was released. (The original single, I mean, not the rerelease.)

    I love Asagi's voice, and his amazing range as well. However, Ruiza's my favorite. He has awesome guitar skills.

    Not to mention their visuals are utter love as well =)

  • I come with a gift. If you like D you will love ASAGI's solo. Here's the pv up for download.
    Corvinus PV
    60.5 MB
    ss, ysi.

    Sorry people if you can't YSI or SS. Those are the only two services that work for me.

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    • 28 Sep 2006, 21:18
    Arg, very ugly americanised PV...

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