how many ppl dress and put makeup like vk? 0_o

  • I love that kind of fashion and music but I'm never dress like that.
    Even if I wants to do it(yeah,it's is really expensive)
    I've pink hair and my make-up is usually black.
    and I usually wear skinny jeans and t-shirt with converse!xD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Mar 2009, 02:30
    As much as I love the fashion of my many fav. artists, I just can't. I usually have black jeans w/ a black T-shirt & black converse. ^_^ I don't have the cash for the clothes, I don't have the confidence to use makeup just yet, and I don't even want to "think" about my hair. It already fights me to the death on a daily basis just for an everyday look. I could only imagine the fight it would give me if I actually went for a VK hairstyle (as much as I want to) ^_^. (Damn my genes!!! lol!) XD

  • I think dressing like VK style is okay, actually I love it; but I can't dress exactly VK... it's too expensive! I just add VK elements to my usual clothes (...which aren't very normal, though...) Besides I don't like dressing JUST like one style... plus I hate tags ^^

  • I do my make-up similar to older VK bands whenever I go somewhere. But I try to keep that at a minimum when I'm at work.
    And for the clothes, I pretty much look like fail EGL/Kote due to my mom being a pain in the ass about what clothes I wear, and how much hairspray I use.

  • i want to look like in VK style but my mum would kill me xDD but i'll try one day ;))

  • I'm all for dressing up. I went to my local town (Birmingham-England) dressed as my avatar is now. I've always dressed up since before getting into VK, so...

    But that was many years ago. I'm also a cosplayer which doesnt help.

    Day to day dress for me: Punkish? Gothic? Combination of all? Depends on my mood. I find it hard to label myself as one particular sub culture as I bring many elements of all in.

    Only when I'm feeling lazy I get the jeans and t-shirts out.

    As for makeup and hair, I have Miyavi-ish hair which is spiked up most days. If I'm feeling lazy it'll be guyliner, and all out makeup when I can be bothered/dont have shaky hands.

    I do tend to dress up more when going to gig/club/days out in town though. At university I can never be bothered, really only to the fact that I have to get up to early to make an effort XD.

    The cost of the clothing is debateable. I mean, you can pick up some fairly cheap stuff on eBay. When I go to London my wallet gets killed cause of all the lovely shops down there. Also, editing clothing you already have is a cheap alternative. (So is having a goth mom who can sew ;D) here is some examples of what I wear.

    Hello I am 1000014.
  • Glorify said:
    street fashion with a little bit of everything.

    its bad to try and copy the style especially if it doesnt work on you, so its better to create your own style and be yourself and be comfortable about it.

    Also I really agree with this.

    Hello I am 1000014.
  • I'd like to walk around like this, but I guess I don't have the self-confidence to do so + my mum would also kill me |D
    Normally I just wear black jeans and t-shirts and of course my Converse <3, very normal stuff...
    Sometimes I make my hair little VK (kinda Uruha-style x3),
    but not very noticable...
    My class thinks I'm emo anyway |D
    I wouldn't label myself emo and I wouldn't label myself VK! xD
    I'm just myself, that's enough I think ^^

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Apr 2009, 13:27
    like 'Noodle-CAT' i'm just myself.
    i wear trousers, shirt and sneakers + colorful laces ;D that's all.
    but i admire visual kei. i read everything about this style.
    i'd like to go to Harajuku and see that all.
    i'm going to make hair like Shou from alice nine. <3 but i am afraid that hairdresser goof up my hair. -,-

    • 690min said...
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    • 23 Apr 2009, 07:08
    I don't dress visual kei but the style inspires me a lot, like the hair and jewelry.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Apr 2009, 10:37
    actually i want to dress up that way, but i just can't on a daily basis. visual kei bands don't dress like that when they don't have gigs, ne?

    • 690min said...
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    • 24 Apr 2009, 06:48
    visual kei bands don't dress like that when they don't have gigs, ne?

    Of course no.
    That would be hilarious.

  • For dressing up VK-style: I have no idea. And I don't even think I want to know. xD
    Visual Kei really got me into just dressing up (and doing make-up) the way I like it, but I'm not going to lable it as Visual Kei. I think all those lables are too unclear anyway. And I look different every other day anyway xD

  • Glorify escribió:
    and you know people dont really dress that way in japan, maybe for cosplay but thats it. and bands usually just do it when they have lives or photoshoot.

    I've been told that VK artists wear normal clothes+clothes that fans have given to them, is that true? :O
    Also, I guess the harajuku thing is cosplay, right? I mean, they don't go all over Tokyo wearing like that, do they?

    Actually, VK seems to be more like I lifesyle overseas than in Japan, there is just the aesthetics of a band and the fans cosplaying them, isn't it?

    About the tagging yourself as visual, I understand that people don't like to tagg themselves, but I do (if I'm not mistagged xD). I mean, I don't see nothing bat at considering my self Visual, maybe my aesthetic mix elements from visual, punk, goth or whatever, but what I feel is Visual (don't ask how can I feel the visual thing on me, just admire my poor poetry xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

    Sei Sei
    • Hyuekai said...
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    • 24 Mar 2010, 19:00
    That Would Be Cool... But I Don't Dress VK.. ^_^"
    But I Still Can't Leave Home Without Eyeliner.. <33 O_O

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Apr 2010, 14:19
    I dress Visual Kei every day : )

  • well i usually dont wear make up but i dye the front part of my hair pink

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  • misashito said:
    vk bandmen dont dress up unless they're on stage or posing for a photo set, why would fans do it?


  • All I've tried out are kuro loli, punk-ish fashion, and EGA. I'm not that good at make-up so xD" . I get other people to help me, but I'm learning! I also don't really have the money for the clothing... I'm also a little self conscious about my body and such, so I'm always thinking, "Oh I can't pull this off well...bleh."

    I'd love to do it more though!

  • hm... i dont dress up like vk, but i´m not leaving home without make up XD i´m just wear the things i like, if its tagged as "punk-" or "goth" -cloths or whatever xD it doesnt matter ^^ e.g. i wanna have one pair creepers - also like mary janes (ya i like shoes), and i wanna have cyber-goggles at all.... so: i´m just wearing the things i like.

    people on street sayin often "EMO" or so..... i´m not vk, and not emo, and nothing other xDDD

    and the make up.... i´m just trying to make my big eyes lookin bigger (i wanna have contacts)

    my hair: i´m learnin to style my hair that it looks good ^^ dyed my brown hair red, blonde, now black .. the front is also blonde that i can add some other colors (for the moment: pink and violet)

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  • Do you wanna have a cookie from the Nyappy-land ?
  • To reply on an ancient post by XGENN: "I do have friends who have eccentric styles in their everyday life. I think it's a matter of self-confidence, and how you care about people always staring at you because of your look"

    As someone who is going into 'adult' life' (TT_TT), having a parttime job as a secundary school teacher, it's just a matter of having to let it go. Having to understand that the human's brain works in a certain way. When looking at someone with rotten teeth, you won't feel attracted to him/her. You'll think things such as he doesn't take care of himself, eats unhealthily. Perhaps even lowly educated. Stuff like that.

    The same goes for clothing, makeup and hair. The way you look says something about you. And even though I love visual kei (went to Versailles yesterday- and man these guys look so adorable - in a non-sexual way), I won't go to work or even university wearing something that screams 'youthculture'. That is something that I keep only for concerts. Even though I'm in my 20s I still get mistaken for 16 when I'm attending a concert XDD.

    Done with the long post. This is just a thought that came up when I started teaching. I guess we'll all grow up into adults and will have to face daily life. I think it's interesting to see how visual kei style will grow up with us then. Or maybe it won't. Maybe people just stop listening.

    Now I'm really done. B)

    I'm an angel with an attitude
    And my favorite color is red
    • Moe-kun said...
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    • 8 Jul 2010, 12:44
    Err, not really, I can't live without eyeliner and basic make up, but when I try to be V-kei, I end up like a boy. xD [actually, whatever i do, I look like a boy... even when I'm wearing dresses and skirts xD] And I like my hair spiky, but my school and employers would kick me out if I wear it like that when I'm at school / at work. xD

    • Ifchan said...
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    • 9 Jul 2010, 19:07
    Moe-kun said:
    Err, not really, I can't live without eyeliner and basic make up, but when I try to be V-kei, I end up like a boy. xD [actually, whatever i do, I look like a boy... even when I'm wearing dresses and skirts xD] And I like my hair spiky, but my school and employers would kick me out if I wear it like that when I'm at school / at work. xD

    they kick you,you kick them twice!! xD /i know you're not talking 'bout that...x.x'' principal is dumb too...x.x''/

    Usually i don't look very VK-like...xD ..never go out without eyeliner and dark make up..,but that doesn't make me visual at all...and my clothes aren't that interesting to be called VK i suppose that i'm a normal person hah.../exept that i'm evil....but that's other problem..for people.../

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Jul 2010, 15:45
    I like to use MakeUp generaly, sometimes i
    dressUp like a raver (neon orange eye-tribals) sometimes like VK .)

    Depends on my mood .)

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