Free/Cheap Video Game Music downloads

  • Free/Cheap Video Game Music downloads

    I adore video games music but what I love even more is when it comes obviously for free or at hardly any cost.
    So why not make a topic where we can add info with download links, what was released officially.
    If there will be people who want this topic to be updated let me know I will be digging more into the past for free music. Also feel free post links and deals to what you find and I can gradually add them to the post. So ... Let's start.

    Game Soundtracks Free:

    - Bioshock (Orchestral Score)
    - Bulletstorm
    - Dawn of War 2
    - Deus Ex: Invisible War (original links dead)
    - Portal 2 (3 Volumes)
    - SimCity 4: Rush Hours (no longer accessible?)
    - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    - Tomb Rider: Underworld
    - The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (original links dead)
    - The Tiny Bang Story
    - The Witcher (Enhanced Edition) (could not find original links)
    - World Of Goo

    Game Soundtracks Deals:

    - Bejeweled 2, €3
    - Frozen Synapse, buy game from Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle (time limited), pay as much/little as you what for game & get music free with that
    - The Binding of Isaac, $0.99 for whole soundtrack

    Notable mentions:
    - OverClocked ReMix, remixed video game music for free

    • teex- said...
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    • 2 Oct 2011, 10:40
    - Immortal Defense
    (Original Thread)

    Composed by Walter Eres and Long Dao (an OCRemixer)

    - Endgame: Singularity

    Composed by Maxstack

    - Tower of Heaven (CHIPTUNE)

    Composed by Flashygoodness


    - AKHT
    Sequenced synth metal (mainly JRPGS & originals)

    VG Metalcore (Megaman, MMX, Touhou Project, Mario)

    - Dr. Ymaru (‚xŠÛ)
    Synth metal (Megaman, some RPGs, and originals)

    - Iori
    Symphonic & Synth Metal (Mainly JRPGs)

    - S.S.H.
    Sequenced synth metal (JRPGS, originals, and much more)

    - Virus Key
    Orchestral/Symphonic/Classical (Touhou Project, Zelda, and originals)


    If you're interested in spending the extra buck, I highly implore all fans of Final Fantasy (who haven't already) to check out the soundtracks "Distant Worlds: Music of Final Fantasy I and II" ($15 each last time I checked). Hell, check the tour dates and see if/when they're in your area. Definitely a worthwhile to show to hear your favorite songs played with a live orchestra and guest singers (not to mention that Nobuo Uematsu is in attendance).

    • JENOUD said...
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    • 19 Jun 2013, 07:01
    Universe at War: Earth Assault Official Soundtrack (it was originally hosted on a server within the community)

    Bloodrayne: Betrayal Official Soundtrack (one of those "Name Your Price" releases)

  • System Shock 2

    edit: nvm, it's a dead torrent, look for the soundtrack on torrent sites

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