Would you raise your child vegan/vegetarian?

    • LeCALLE said...
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    • 17 May 2011, 18:19

    OFCORSE, i want my boy to be healthy :)

    Im a young proud vegan paps! and my son is now one year and 5 months old! and he is growing so well, walking, running, climbing, talking. and all this in a vegan lifestyle/diet .. parents do what they think is right for their child. so until my son is old enough to make his own choice he will eat vegan! and if he chooses than to eat meat, so be it..

    if everyone would be vegan/vegetarian the world would be a better place! START with your self!



  • I'm vegan and if I'd had kids I would have raised them vegetarian the first couple of years at least, unless I was 100% sure my baby would get everything s/he needed from a vegan diet, would then have switched to vegan probably, and when they were old enough to decide for themselves it's up to them, not sure I would have cooked meat or fish for them though if they were too young to cook for themselves, if they're teenage they can cook meat for themselves :S

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 May 2011, 15:25

  • I don't believe in reproduction.

    That might be sort of O/T...

  • I'd raise them meatless just as I'd not buy Bratz dolls for them, and just as I'd raise them under the same roof as me. I'd never be limp enough to raise them under any daft societal norms. I can't imagine the pressure you'd need to make me do otherwise.

    The only worry would be nutritional and that can be sorted. You don't have to go far out of your way for that.

  • Feminize said:
    You people say you won't raise your child to be veg, because its his choice and it's wrong to force him to believe in the same things as you.

    But it's not like eating meat is the natural thing, and being veg is some extremist ideology. It's just not murdering animals. And I won't raise my son to eat meat, just as I won't raise him to murder people.

    Besides, why would you poison your child with animal products, do you hate him?

    Cheers to that !

    • EliseSH said...
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    • 10 Jul 2011, 15:51
    If I ever have kids, then yes, I probably would.
    Mostly because I have no idea how to prepare or cook meat.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Oct 2011, 01:15
    vegetarian. I NEVER eat meat so it won't be coming from me. Vegan is too strict to do ALL the time, like in foreign countries, etc. But it's not like I would drink cows milk anyway .

  • Well, as I will be the mom I probably will be doing the most cooking and grocery shopping in the early years of my children, so they will not be provided any meat, dairy, eggs etc. But, my bf is a meat-eater (not very passionate one and eats the vegan stuff I cook with an appetite) so I believe I can't make the decision on my own. If he cooks non-vegan stuff that should be alright and my children can make the decision to drop animal products on their own. I will have provided all the information for them.

    Tonzura koite!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Jun 2012, 20:16
    I would definitely raise them to be at least vegetarians.

  • I will raise any children I should have as vegans.

    • kouta55 said...
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    • 28 Jun 2012, 08:18
    well that depends, if the mother was a vegan/vegetarian than maybe

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 May 2014, 12:56

  • I'll never have kids due to deeming myself unfit for procreation (a strain of suicidal depression runs on mother's side), but I'd definitely raise them meatless if I were to become reincarnated as a worthwhile being. Hmm, would drinking their own mother's milk disqualify children from being vegan? Well, duh - of course it would... so they'd have to settle for just being vegetarian.

  • I'll never have kids, but if I'll adopt someone, he'she will be vegan, 'cause it is much more useful!

  • I would try to push him or her to being a vegetarian but they can make their own choice later in life about becoming vegan.

  • they should choose for yourself. force them would be to make the same violence as what violence which vegetarians confront

  • lunaryclavicle: the same violence? You're funny. What if your child is into killing humans? Is it violent to not allow her? Give me a break. There is nothing violent about prohibiting unwarranted violence.

  • geluwzever, example about the murder is overacted, it's just ridiculous.I do not want that my child become a vegetarian on someone's instructions.it would be hypocritical. I want him to come to this knowingly, then it will be a choice for life.

  • Are there no actions that you would wish your child to refrain from, regardless of her spontaneous feelings (or lack thereof)?
    Is it hypocritical to stop people from commiting crimes?

  • hypocritically refrain from crime, succumbing to the general norms and regulations. good deeds must occur from the heart, and not because of fear of punishment or condemnation. I want my child does not want to eat meat, not just "do not eat meat."
    I want this impulse came from him, from his heart and mind, not because of me. is it clear?

  • I understand what you mean but I value life (in this case: the lives of non-human individuals too), not just the sentiment that it should be valued.
    The 'goodness of intent' of good deeds indeed must come from the heart, but this does not mean that we shouldn't prevent evil or harmful deeds; that there is nothing good to be protected from the people/children who have not yet found compassion.

  • Just to be clear: I couldn't/wouldn't force a child to be vegan, no more than I could/would force her to believe in goodness. I would however not provide the child with the carcasses and bodily fluids of non-human animals.

  • i think a full and conscious rejection of the child can save more animals' lives than parental prohibitions as long as they live together with the child. I understand you, but one of the main tasks of a parent - to bring the conscious personality. I'm telling you as a person receiving pedagogical education.
    the parent task - not just "prevent evil deeds," but make so that child did not want commit them, in order to his nature did not require that, the child does not have such a need.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Jul 2014, 12:21
    I'd serve vegetarian meals in my house, but then let my kid decide what to eat outside of my house.

    If my kid/teen is strong-willed enough, however, I recognize that I may have to compromise to some extent. I may, for example, allow them to buy meat with their own money, allow them cold cuts, allow them to cook their own meat, etc. The last thing I would want is to have a power struggle with them over the issue that's severe enough for them to turn away from vegetarianism over a long period of time.

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