Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence - out now! DL free, spread the word and buy.

  • Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence - out now! DL free, spread the word and buy.

    (note: this has nothing to do with SPBT or any related artists)

    On March 9, 2010, Karl Rove, "Bush's Brain". released a self-aggrandizing contrivance of his political past, "Courage and Consequence," in all of its hard-bound, chicken hawk glory.

    On March 3rd, 2010, a coalition of up-and-coming rock bands released an anticipatory sonic recollection of the gross misdeeds attributable to Rove over the past decade, Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence (unabridged audio) in all of its aggressively righteous indignation.

    Track downloads are free either here at last.fm or
    in any format you like. Please, listen to it, scrobble it, send it around.

    Artwork by Danny Hellman
    side A:
    1. The Heavenly States - A Man for Our Times
    2. Rival Dickens - Forget the Naughts (Rick Valentin from Poster Children)
    3. Have Special Power - A Rove By Any Other Name
    4. Assistant Cobra - The Art of Distraction
    5. Lambs of Abortion - New American Century
    6. We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next - Don't Praise the Machine

    Side B:
    7. Cartographer - The Biggest Asshole in the World
    8. Death Dream - Karl Rove, Let's Get Dirty
    9. Generalissimo - Swarm
    10. Cold Lake- Courage and Consequence
    11. Hurry Up Shotgun - Car Bomb
    12. The United Sons of Toil - Invention VS Innovation
    13. Victory and Associates - Lies, and the Lying Liars That Sell Them

    This was a completely grassroots effort funded by donations and pre-orders, and people just like you helped get it made.
    If you would like to order a physical vinyl copy go to:
    http://www.karlrovebook.net to order.
    Any profits will go directly to the bands.

    If you are not interested in physical media, you can also buy the comp at:
    Amazon mp3s or the iTunes music store
    Reviews at either of those links help the compilation as well as comments here at last.fm. Additionally linking to the words Karl Rove, Karl Rove Book, and Courage and Consequence to the http://www.karlrovebook.net website.

    Links to help out: Digg it, Reddit, Facebook page, cdbaby Project Twitter

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    3rd coast digest
    East Bay Express, Bands of Courage and Consequence

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