Van Morrison song about a ship

    • cnims said...
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    • 19 Jan 2009, 03:09

    Van Morrison song about a ship

    Does anyone know what songs he has about ships

    • Tjalvar said...
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    • 26 Jan 2009, 21:54
    are you looking for any song in particular or are we just making a list for which songs? Into the mystic is of course a song with "ship-stuff" in its lyrics " when we hear that foghorn blow" and "unanimously we will sail, into the mystic"!

    • Tjalvar said...
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    • 3 Feb 2009, 11:52
    could also be:
    "I am your guiding light
    Just like a ship out in the night
    Returning for a light, oo-we
    from You're my sunshine... But that's pretty far-fetched...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Feb 2009, 21:52

    some more to come

    track: Hey Mr. DJ
    Cos I'm drifting like a ship out on the fog

    track: You're my Woman
    To like a ship out in the night

    track: It Once Was My Life
    Sometimes it looks like I`m on a ship of fools

    track: I'll Take Care Of You
    Just like a ship, a ship, I'm on the sea

    track: One Irish Rover
    Like a ship out on the sea without a sail, you've gone astray

    track: Comfortably Numb
    A distant ships smoke on the horizon

    track: So Quiet in Here
    Big ships out in the night

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