What Was the First Hikki Song You Ever Heard?

    • Carazon said...
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    • 14 Oct 2006, 05:27
    MayonakaOokami said:
    Simple and Clean was the first for me too, the first Japanese song I heard was Sakura Drops.

    Same here. Sakura Drops is such a good song.

  • The first song I heard was actually, probably Blow My Whistle O_o My brother likes r and b much more than I do and he listened to that song (without much care for who sang it though), but I really liked it! The next song I heard was actually an instrumental version of First Love and then finally, the first actual proper song I heard was Simple and Clean.

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    • XMwaX said...
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    • 17 Oct 2006, 06:11
    Simple and Clean on KH, but I never paid any attention to it. After that I heard that she did the KH2 theme song and searched for her on youtube, I then fell in love with Exodus 04 :D

    • Joul69 said...
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    • 25 Oct 2006, 01:26
    The first song i heard was Sakura Drops, i fell in love with her voice...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Oct 2006, 12:59
    It was Automatic.

  • hmm... it's been so long i've forgotten, but i remember listening to her first cd when it came out. i probably heard her perform First Love on TV then bought her CD after that. :)

  • Simple and Clean, but really it was First Love.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Nov 2006, 14:53
    I'm pretty sure it was "Simple & Clean" from the Kingdom Hearts TV ad... Yeah, All thanks to KH =D <3~

  • First song I heard was 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man' from when she tried to break the UK market

  • my first Hikki song was Simple and Clean when i heard it on the tv as it was advertising Kingdom Hearts

  • when i heard of kingdom hearts i went and downloaded the japanese intro movie, thus "hikari -planitb remix-" was the first i heard. i had the video on repeat for a few days. :P

    but it wasn't until i saw the KH2 intro movie and heard "passion" that i thought that i really had to look up her previous stuff. <3 KH ^^

  • my first hikki song was devil inside. made me look into more of her work and i like it now!

    • frollis said...
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    • 31 Dec 2006, 15:56
    First Love :E

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  • The first song I heard was "Automatic".

    • Ganny said...
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    • 27 Jan 2007, 11:59
    Automatic was a gift by my cousin. I didn't like it. Then I heard Simple and clean, found out it was by the same person and then really got addicted to FINAL DISTANCE...

    So, 3 songs were needed to make me love Hikki :P

  • The first Hikki song I heard was, like many other Westerners, the Simple And Clean PlanitB remix. I didn't really like it and still don't but upon hearing the original version I fell in love.

    • Dii said...
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    • 19 Feb 2007, 17:07
    Hm... 'Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro' was first.

  • Hm...i think it was simple and clean :D

  • Simple and Clean... but the first japanese song I heard was travelling

  • The very first Utada Hikaru song I heard was "Automatic" I instantly loved the upbeat and catchy melody. Then I started to look for more songs done by her. I really like "First Love" when I first heard it.

    • askaeri said...
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    • 8 Apr 2007, 17:37
    my first one was Automatic and then quickly followed by First Love. Still my top favorite :)

    Don't look back.

  • My first song was Automatic as well.

    ~The Flavor of Life~
  • Simple and Clean PLANITb remix from, Kingdom Hearts of course...then I went out and downloaded the japanese version, 1000x better of course :D

    isn't it juicy...

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  • I think for most americans, their first song was "simple and clean" because of kingdom hearts. I have to go with that too. It was such a catch song. Started to get all her tracks then. Heh.

    -i'm not buying it
  • i think the first one was sakura drops not sure tho :)

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