Annoyances by your siblings - Discuss!

  • Annoyances by your siblings - Discuss!

    Yes, I'll start off by talking about my youngest brother aged 12. We don't want him having a Myspace account until he is of the TOS's minimum age 13 so when I nuked his first account a few months ago, I figured out that would give him the message....but it didn't!

    It appeared he made a second account so I logged into his account, nuked that one and registered a dummy account with his email address so he cannot make a new account with that address again.

    Also, it appeared he damaged his reading glasses for the THIRD TIME recently and cannot get another replacement for a while. What an idiot.

    Atop this, he tends to leave his room messy and forgets a lot, wether it be leaving the TV on, room lights on, cleaning up small messes he made and so on.

  • my bro (almost 18 years old) always comes into my room for no reason at all. and whenever i try to keep him out by locking my door, he claims that i'm not allowed to lock my door. when i ask why i can't lock my room he never gives any reason. yet he sometimes locks his room door himself. (in case you're wondering, my parents have no problem with us locking our doors)

    he used to order me around all the time too. if i protested he would whine and whine until i just followed his order to make him stop whining. fortunately, he doesn't do this so much anymore, though on occasion he'll make me watch something on his comp or play a game with him.

    he also always uses my printer to print documents he needed, yet when my dad offered him a printer he refused

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    • 16 Nov 2008, 08:33
    Heh, the older of my younger brothers is a bit of a jerk. He's always making asinine insulting remarks, throwing objects about the place (mainly to annoy me) and generally just being a fucking tool. Thank God I have a lot of self-restraint otherwise I'd probably snap.

  • Older sister - Acts like my mum all the time and whines when I don't finish everything on my plate at meal times (She always gives out huge portions when my mum asks her to make dinner). Always orders me around etc.

    Older of my younger brothers - Insults me all the time but generally stays in his room so it's ok... also, makes my mum feel like crap all the time and never does what he's told

    Youngest brother - He's a nice guy but he has a hell of a temper on him. Also, he randomly wanders into my room (I hate people in my room) whenever he feels like it.

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  • Also, 3 step-sisters.
    2 of them are ok, the other still lives in the house with my dad and my step-mum (She's 21 I think). She is moody, pissy, horrible and blames everything on us whenever we are up there every other weekend to see my dad. In fact, if I start typing about it in more depth I will just go into a rage so I'll not put any more.

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    • 2 Mar 2009, 10:27
    my sister lives in another state so i never see her.

    oldests out of my brothers doesn't live a home anymore, but when he did and wasn't working, all he did was play video games and computer games, couldn't even managed to do some bloody dishes, then crack the shits when i did them. always left his washing on the lounge room floor, didn't know what was clean or dirty, when he was asked to put them away he'd rant on. and he had a habit stealing money of everyone, then having the nerve to ask mum for money, then she had to borrow it of me. the list goes on.

    other brother, he scrooble gay shit on my last fm, even though he has his own now. he come into my room when he's bored to mucks around with my beads, he never lifts a finger around the house, the only chore he has to do is mow the lawn and he doesn't even do that. when you ask him to put the dishes away or hang out the washing, he says no because he doesn't feel like it. He's always bringing his annoying gay friends over. other then the we get along

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