• tytta said...
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    • 15 Jun 2006, 15:41

    Hi ^^'

    Welcome to Uruha's own group. :)

    You all can tell something about yourself and I'll tell something about myself, if you want.. ^^''

  • I'll say... i'm a guy, probably the only one in the group... and i'm in love with Uruha! lol ^^" he rocks!
    Other than that... hi! i'm Flávio, from Portugal! ^__^ i was just complaining a few weeks ago to a friend, about the fact that Reita had a group and Uruha didn't, so i'm glad you made one! ^__^

    • tytta said...
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    • 15 Jun 2006, 18:12
    Thanks angelofdecay ^^

    I think, you're only guy in this group (because I know that one unsure in this group and it's girl ^^'') but but... ^^''

    I have to made Uruha-group, because, well, both Aoi and Reita have group here ^^''

    And you're not only one, who loves Uruha ^^ :P

  • Eh! the other guys don't know what their missing! lol ^^"

    But yeah, it was kinda unfair that Aoi and Reita had a group and the others members didn't... this more cool this way!

    Everyone should love Uruha! every member of gazette rocks, but i just love Uruha's solos and guitar playing! ^__^

    • tytta said...
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    • 16 Jun 2006, 09:25
    That's right :P ^^''

    I just love every members of Gazette.. I don't know, who I love the most ^^'

  • Hello.
    I'm Hayley from England,
    That's it really haha~

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  • uruha...i love his legs and his lips XDDhes really cute when he laughs...*-*

  • Hello, everyone calls me Koji, so I guess you guy's should too. ^-^;;

    I'm from the United States, Indiana. It's pretty boring over here, and harder than hell to get a hold of Jrock, but I make due.

    I love Uruha so much, from his appearance to the skill with the guitar that he plays, even the way he acts...like a dork. XD I wish I knew more about him. ^_^

    I hope to become friends with the people here as well.

  • hi! I'm Sofia from Sweden and found this group and wanted to join..^^
    I love Uruha..He's such a great guitarplayer, the best!
    And he's adorable, cute dorky and everything..^^
    I wish him all happiness in his life!!

  • Hi, I'm from Mexico and I'm in love with Uruha too XD He's the cutest of Gazette omg! He's beautiful! *dies* ^^'

    ►The very pink of perfection....◄
    • shOunka said...
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    • 18 Apr 2007, 16:50


    I am from Poland.. ^^ And I love Uruha :):) And Ruki and Kai and Aoi and Reita of course too ^^
    write to me please !!!!!!^^

    shOunka ;*
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 May 2007, 20:10
    i Love Uruha <33
    And the Other Gazetto Mambers ;D
    (Ruki,Reita,Kai,Aoi...Yune? LOL Kidding.)

  • Hi!!! i'm new here X3 i'm Cassis...oh tears of a doll as u prefer xDDDDD

    i really in love with Gazette *__*

    • Asuka26 said...
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    • 12 Oct 2007, 07:28
    hiya. angelofdecay isn't the only male here anymore :P
    i like the way how Uruha play and act, and when he smiles he's cute. tough sometime its look likes he's crying when you take a picture of him laughing realy hard.

    The most powerful weapon in the world are other people's toughts
  • yo everyone;D I'm a girl, my name in English would sound like Amber and I'm from Lithuania. I love Uruha since I have started to listen to Gazette and since I saw Cassis pv. I think he has sexiest lips in the world. and thighs too of course.XDDDDDD well, nice to meet u all^___________________^

  • hello!! my name is safra from US. I love gazette and uru-kun is my favorite of the bunch >.< I was actually suprised when i first heard his voice it was kinda unexpected, because it's so deep and heavy and totally made him smexxy. everything about him is just simply perfect *sigh*.

  • Hey hey! ^^ My name is Simona and I'm from Lithuania. I have a serious obsession about Uruha-sama since the day.... I was born.
    Ok, I'm just kidding. xD But seriously he is my guitar god and I adore him. ;3

  • Hi-ho everyone) friends call me Nao-chan, so I think it will be ok) I'm from Belarus. I really like the GazettE's music and ofcourse their absolutely wonderful guitarist Uruha)

    • baka-Al said...
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    • 22 Jan 2009, 17:20
    Yo! I'm Alex, but people call me "Hey You There" or "Baka" or something like that ^__^ I'm from Belarus too. So.. I like The Gazette and I like Uruha. He is my idol) I like the way he plays. ... Ni-ppaa! =^___^=

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  • Aru-chan bakayaro desu!!!!!!! Uruha plays the guitar)

    • baka-Al said...
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    • 3 Feb 2009, 00:56
    Oh.. When I was writing, I was thinking about the space!!!! ^^"

  • ^____^ baka)

  • hy all...
    I'm new one in this group... ^^
    I'm Syu from Indonesia, and I'm a girl
    and i like Uruha... very much... ^o<

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