The place to promote your own Christmas album!

  • The place to promote your own Christmas album!

    So after some thinking and discussing I've decided to add this thread for anyone who has or will have their own Christmas album coming out that is separate from our Unsigned Christmas album. Please try and keep anything that isn't to do with the Unsigned Christmas album in here as long as it's still to do with Christmas. All other promotion of any albums or projects should be posted in their respective groups.

    With that said I'll start. I'm currently working on my own Christmas album which is called Winter Wonderland I have 4 songs so far but am working on many more and will post them as I finish making them. I plan on making at least 12 songs for the album(12 days of Christmas and all) many of which will be added to our unsigned album as well. So that's about it, if anyone wants more info just ask :-)

  • I may make a Christmas album sometime down the road, but for now I just want to point people to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you haven't heard their music - you're missing out. Their cover of Carol of the Bells ("Christmas Eve in Sarajevo") is quite fantastic. It's like a symphony with a metal-style lead guitar. This band is also an inspiration to my own music.

    The debut album, Extra-Auditory, is now here
  • Ya I've heard of them for sure (have all albums) they are great. My fav is Christmas Cannon.. I also like Dean Martin's Christmas stuff.. Geez there are so many good artists that make Christmas music maybe we can just start a thread for favorite Christmas artist/song (singed of course) so we can keep this one for the unsigned artists.. Anyway so Ian, do you have any other info about your Christmas album? Working on any songs? I am working on a version of Winter Wonderland and was stuck on it for a while but just got it worked out so we''ll see how it goes.. Anyway can't wait to hear about everyone's progress!

  • I'm wrapping up my debut album, Extra-Auditory, these next couple of weeks as I enter into the final leg of mastering. After that, I have a cover song that I need to work on... THEN it will be time for me to start on What Child Is This?. :D

    (singed of course)

    What's wrong with instrumental? You and I both know that instrumental is awesome.

    The debut album, Extra-Auditory, is now here
  • Well that's cool I can't wait to hear your take on What Child is This... I'm sure it will be great.

  • I was unsigned, and then I was signed

    So can I still take part in this group? I wrote and recorded my Christmas song called 'Once Upon A Christmas', posted it away, and much to my surprise I got a publishing deal. You can listen here,
    I'm very proud of it, especially when the CD arrived from the USA with my song on it and my name in the credits as songwriter.
    You can also listen to it on Spotify
    I've now started a record label called EM Records and a mp3 download site
    I would be happy to listen and consider any music for EM records.
    I can't offer any money advances but if you live in the UK (or travel here), we can record you and release your music, then you wont be unsigned.

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