(Updates) New Bands On The Cryb Roster-Let us put YOU on the radio!

  • (Updates) New Bands On The Cryb Roster-Let us put YOU on the radio!

    Our latest is Woolgather from Austin, TX, USA and Zeroking from Huntington, WV, USA. Of course, they are completely awesome artists! Definitely worth looking at here at LastFM. We are still trying to get all the bands on LastFM and things are moving along quite nicely ;) Thank you everyone checking these artists out!

    ~The CrybKeeper-Keeper Of The Cryb~

    Music publicist to:

    More Coming SOON! HOT ARTIST!!Ellsbeth_Victim OF Mine Track @ LastFM Gothic, Progressive Metal = Plays: 12,861,971 Views: 11,788,997 Fans: 72,825

    Woolgather @ LastFM Progressive Rock = Plays: 26,021 Views: 49,987 Fans: 7,659

    Ellsbeth @ MySpace

    Circa(former YES rockers)@LastFM

    Lunarium @ LastFM Folk Metal, Fantasy Metal = Plays: 75,298 Views: 81,673 Fans: 7,565

    Kin-Folk @ My Space Rap/Freestylin'

    UPDATE: SToB is now @ LastFM!! ST(o)B-Shaolin Temple Of Boom @ LastFM

    Dig Jelly @ LastFM Rap-core/Alternative/Hip Hop = Plays: 115,426 Views: 199,707 Fans: 15,388

    NEW Client! Zeroking @ My Space

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