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    So what bands do you think Richie Unterberger unjustly excluded from his books?

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  • I've never read Richie Unterbergers' books.. so i'm only listing what I dont see on the group connections. oh well. these are at least worth mentioning:

    Lou Barlow
    The Frogs
    Mark E. Smith and The Fall
    Harry Pussy
    The Shaggs
    Orange Juice
    The Sun City Girls
    Michael Gira and Swans
    Daniel Johnston
    The Wipers
    Beat Happening
    The Boredoms
    Will Oldham
    Simon Finn
    Pere Ubu
    Throbbing Gristle

    I know a couple of these could only loosely be said to be "rock 'n' roll" (some more than others), but who cares

  • Oh, and we'll say Bill Callahan of the band Smog too, just because he used the line "I'll never be a rock 'n' roll saint" in one of his songs : )

  • I've never read the book either, but i got the list of "Legends" that Mr.Unterberger wrote about, and i found that the following artists are excluded:
    Tim Buckley (my number 1 legend)
    Van Der Graaf Generator
    Steeleye Span
    The Strawbs

    I'm not sure about the popularity of these bands in their homeland, but i know they are really unknown in my region (the middle east).

  • Tim Buckley is in the follow-up volume by Unterberger, "Wayfaring Strangers and Urban Spacemen". I think the Strawbs are discussed in his second book about folk-rock "Eight Miles High". I have never really heard the other bands, and I have only ever even heard of Van Der Graaf Generator. What are they like?

  • Well, i only have heard a couple of their songs, but i do have a CD for their lead vocalist, Peter Hammill, when he went solo. Personally, I prefer Hammill's solo works. There's a lot of, if i may say, noise in their songs, but there are some that are good. I'll get back to my music archive where i keep registered the titles of the songs that i intend to get, and i'll get you some of their good stuff - good in my humble opinion, of course.
    Here's a summary of what i found on the web page http://www.gaudela.net/vdgg/frames.html:
    Van Der Graaf Generator had no electric guitar, their front-line assault consisting of organ (heavily modified) and saxophones - sometimes doubled-up. The instrumentation was bizarre; they supplied bass on organ pedals. Beneath the sonic attack could be traced lines drawn from jazz, classical, electronic, blues and soul influences. No satisfactory answer to the question "What kind of music do you play?" could ever be found.

  • Here's a title of a good Van Der Graaf Generator song: Refugees. It is taken from the CD The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other. Hope you enjoy it.

  • another good Van Der Graaf Generator song

    'House With No Door' from the CD "H to He who am the only one".

  • he mentions a couple of performers who would not paticipate in interviews for either book.definitely jackie deshannon.roy wood as well.

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  • I haven't read the book and can't afford it so will have to wait til its available at the library.
    It seems he may not have added R.Stevie Moore and i'm surprised to hear there was no Tim Buckley. Also i'd add Rudimentary Peni.
    Sparks? Heaps more.

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  • He didn't include Peter Ivers, did he? Check out the recent book on Ivers, "In Heaven Everything is Fine."

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    I haven't read the book, but you can see the Table of Contents here: http://www.richieunterberger.com/ulrtoc.html

    Two I noticed not there:
    The Move
    The Idle Race

    They have some popularity in Last.fm but the majority of the musical world have still never heard of them.

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