University of Sussex Group Chart.

  • University of Sussex Group Chart.

    We have our first University of Sussex chart:-

    Yes; that is my own face in the above chart image.

    As you can probably see it doesn't take much for a band to get into the Top 10; only two people need listen to a song for it to enter the chart.

    I'm going to set to work as best as possible getting as many people as I can to join and make a better chart (one that I can base a chart show on, preferably). Anything that you can do (or even merely suggest) to help build numbers would be much appreciated.

    Jay (Faces For Radio). xx

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  • two different people need to listen to the song or the song needs to be listened to twice? ucz i might be responsible for the smashing pumkins, sorry.

  • The charts are unique per person. That is, if you listen to Smashing Pumpkins once it will count as much as if you only listened the once. It goes by the number of people who listened to an artist, rather than how much they do so.

    I'm presuming I'm one of the other two people who listened to them (am listening to Drown at present, so that's my contribution to their chart position next week already established). I wonder who the remaining person was...

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  • its a bit shite at the moment tho

    solution: MORE PEOPLE SHOULD JOIN!!!! JOIN!!!! JOIN NOW!!!!!

    you owe it to ur uni & urf

    btw Smashing Pumpkins rule

  • That's only the Top 10. I plan to do a Top 20 show and it only gets worse as you move down the list. In at #20: Simply Red.

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  • Does the slating of Simply Red indicate that only students who listen to punk, indie, or some other maudling and depressing music should be signed up to the University of Sussex group?

  • No; I'm into all types of music. In fact, I have to claim some resposibility myself for the presence of Simply Red in the chart. But I wouldn't say that they are the majority interest amongst the study. I might be wrong, but having some more members to influence the chart will provide the evidence we need to ascertain the fact, either way.

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  • System of a Down and Nine Inch Nails were mostly my doing, methinks. Booyakasha! :)

    Wake Up, Make Up, Bring It Up, Shake Up
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