Maximum daily scrobbles to add library?

  • Maximum daily scrobbles to add library?

    Today I finally got round to using this tool for mostly vinyl albums I've listened to but not scrobbled. I've added about 3000 scrobbles and now seem to hit a wall. None get added anymore via the universal scrobbler website but also not via other means.

    Now I'm listening / scrobbling via WinAmp again, they show up as something I'm listening but won't be added to library. Submissions seems to be working when diagnosed so not sure were the problem sits.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What to do? Is there a (daily) limit?

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  • It's 2880 - you can scrobble every 30 seconds each day, so 24 hours * 60 minutes * 2 scrobbles per minute. So if you manually scrobble 2880 in an hour, that's it for the day.

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