le coup de grâce

  • le coup de grâce

    due to our numerous efforts in becoming a prosperous race, we shaved away acres of forest, killed several species, and blew a hole through our ozone barrier. thus, the earth is most probably breathing it's last breath, just how long will it last? and what do you think

    'will achieve the ruins of all that we have created' -matthew good- ?

    Search and hope never to find what you seek.
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    • 26 Nov 2007, 08:02
    I am personally foolishly optimistic that the ecosystem of this world as a whole is far stronger than any of the changes we as a species can force on it. The conception of "we are killing the planet" is wrong and accounts for a lot of predjudice against the "tree-hugging hippies" of the Green Party. We can`t kill this planet any more than we could stop its course around the sun. The ecosystem that has evolved on our world out of the inferno of the early earth has stood up to a thousand times the force we as a puny little species will ever be able to inflict on this planet. This world will die in a couple of million years, when our sun finally goes up in a puff of smoke.
    The only thing we, with our unreflected meddling, are able to affect is wether the ecosystem supports our form of life or not...
    We are not killing the planet, or the whales, the cute baby seals, the cuddly lab rats, for that matter - we are killing ourslves! Continually shooting ourselves in the foot and wondering why it hurts afterwards!
    I am quite sure that the economic collapse will hit us hard long before we manage to destroy the ecosystem so far that we can`t survive any more. After all, Homo Sapiens has already survived several ice-ages - as a species we are incredibly adaptive and tough. If you want to see us as a Virus (as some people do), I belive we are incurable. Maybe controllable, treatable, but there`s no cure.

  • wow, I hadnt thought of it that way.. I like your view of the whole thing. it makes me realise my question was clearly missing the point.

    Search and hope never to find what you seek.
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