New/Unknown artists, share em here

  • New/Unknown artists, share em here

    Just throw in some links ;)


    It's ambient, I love it.

    Great tunes, and they are all free! check em out :)

  • Oh, sensiva rocks!

    • Nelsson said...
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    • 26 Nov 2007, 18:07


    Destroy0r first started out using a DOS-based sequencer (which doesn't work under the current regime of lacklustre operating systems) in '97, making homebrew DnB and some pretty awful breakbeat stuff; copying from the Beasties and LoKNet; swapping disks at college and remixing for fun.

    Then friends moved away, or lost interest. destroy0r messed about with a few bands, some being incredibly laughable, some being pretty goddamn amazing. They all faded away but one, which has been put on the shelf for now.

    In the meantime, destroy0r carried on with the digital side of things; finding himself in a sort of electronica/IDM phase, although a lot of his stuff ends up with a kind of "glitchy rock groove".

    destroy0r's main sound comes from trying to emulate various "videogame" or 8-bit synths (SIDstation, please!), mashing it all up with bitcrunching where applicable, and usually layering as many drums as patience/current computing technology will allow. Some of it's quite simple, some of it not so. Not all of destroy0r's stuff is consistent in style, but it all ends up making destroy0r smile.

  • Ah cool, love it, a bit retro ;D

  • Zimmer-G
    Zimmer-G was formed in 2000 and primarily was planned to be Ivan Voltanov's solo project. Yet other musicians from Obninsk (Neuromancer, Liza Rogotovskih, ETC. have managed to contribute to the project. Music style can be described as lounge, it doesn't suit dancefloor but fits chill-out and home parties perfectly.

  • cloudjunkie

  • Omg i totally forgot sense!

  • If you mix all the beautiful colours in the world, you get Black — DSB (c)2005
  • Hi!
    Nice group!
    I just joined it :)
    My band is "Corrientes" and I'd love to share our links with you.


  • Cool music! i Like! ;D

  • You Remind Me Of Rasputin

    Awesome name for a band

    Check them out on Myspace!

  • Nice group. Discover my music, The Peach Tree. I do a wide range of different styles but my discography is mostly techno. Best album in my opinion is the techno-frenzy Psychosis. More experimental techno-y stuff can be found on my EPs The Dichalcitryde EP and The Vases EP. Then there's the tripped out synthpop/metal/(other)-fest that is Fabric, and last is a little treasure, my very first album, called The Gus Sessions which is very rough and naive but still has a certain charm.

    Hope you like my stuff! :)

    My music: The Peach Tree
    My label: Tribal Dancing Kid
    My reviewing blog: Gus Reviews
    My demeanour: \m/o_0\m/
  • Ill check it out as soon my music players up and running again! thanks (:

  • AcousmatiK (Electro, IDM, Downtempo, experimental)

    And here on last FM very soon.....

    • Sinki said...
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    • 2 Feb 2008, 13:42


    Museum is an indie rock band from germanie

  • Hannibal

    Somesort of psychedelic rock band, pretty cool

  • Heavy Fun is the first release by psychadelic rock band Eighty Six Chevy. Enjoy! :)

    My music: The Peach Tree
    My label: Tribal Dancing Kid
    My reviewing blog: Gus Reviews
    My demeanour: \m/o_0\m/
  • fresh cherries from yakima...

  • gotye

  • oeh...ill check them out!


  • Cool, added, and listend very chill :) love it.

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