Recommend some good music

    • dudge said...
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    • 6 Jul 2006, 07:47

    Recommend some good music

    I know these threads can be boring but hopefully we can find some good new music.

    Thanks to bliss000 for the Planet Bliss recommendation. Greatly enjoyed that.

    I've been listening to a couple of tracks by Plumbline recently:

    555 W24
    501 W23

    Also, Jon Hopkins is worth a listen. I think Cerulean is a gorgeous piece of music.

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  • new album

    Ive just got hold of John Foxx's new album - Tiny Colour Movies and I'm well impressed so i think this could be one worth trying out ;-)

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    • skilef said...
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    • 1 Dec 2006, 00:09
    Lemon Jelly does have some music that reminds me a little bit of Ulrich Schnauss. Further, Dijf Sanders has grapped my attention, as of lately, although it's a little bit darker. But since I really like Mr. Schnauss, mutual agreement can overcome some barriers. Check Mating Season.

    • lurchje said...
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    • 25 Jan 2007, 22:46
    Julien Neto's Le Fumeur De Ciel is probably my discovery of the year. He makes such beautiful fragile music you barely dare to make a sound afraid to interrupt the album.

  • Well..I just have to recommend "En Voice - Hall Of Dreams (2005)", which is the best I've heard for a while. So go get it now! :) It's like...just..magic :) Especially the tracks "Orange Moon" and "Hold the universe".

  • i want to recommend.. myself.
    sorry for looking like a spammer, i'm not i promise you.
    i actually like ulrich schnauss and am inspired by his works.

    Alex Hudish

    • dudge said...
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    • 27 Mar 2007, 11:26

    Don't worry about promoting yourself.

    Besides, Jap Jap sent me "At Ease" a while ago. And I loved it.

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  • Arovane - Tides
    Give it a listen a couple of times and you'll love it!

    • dudge said...
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    • 21 Dec 2007, 08:33
    I'd add Near The Parenthesis.

    There's a free track called "Nidae" on the latest Intelligent Toys release from Sutemos.

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  • Hi- Some of my stuff might appeal to Ulrich fans... its in a similar genre (warm, optimistic melodic electronica)


    Heres the latest

    Doesn't Feel Like A Long Way

    • dudge said...
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    • 20 May 2008, 08:13
    And Northcape has a new EP out on Monotonik:

    Some Bright Valley

    "Me fail English? That's unpossible."
  • I can fully recommend Tycho. He definitely wears his influences on his sleeve (Ulrich Schnauss/BoC)but everything i've heard so far is good.

  • i found a track that reminds me of schnauss (esp. when it approaches to its end). its from odd nosdam - fat hooks. i would like you to hear it and/or comment. reckon odd nosdam might have been inspired by him.

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