Aintree Pavilion - Liverpool (steely Dan, 6 Jul 07)

  • Aintree Pavilion - Liverpool (steely Dan, 6 Jul 07)

    Basically a part-time venue as part of Liverpool's Summer Pops. As you'd expect, the racecourse is well sign posted, the parking marshals were very helpful. Parking was well supervised and fairly easy. Bottled water was 1.80 which was a total abomination when you consider that you can get a 2 litre bottle on certain supermarkets for about 20p! The practice of confiscating bottle tops is very annoying too. Very puerile. What do they think we're going to do with them. Consequently, you spend the entire evening making sure you dont knock it over under your seat as you get up to let others get to their seats.

    The auditorium was very impressive; the seating organised so that even an amoeba could find their seat easily. Of course, I had the jolly good luck of being seated behind a rather tall bloke with large hair, but hey, i cant blame the venue for that one!!

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