2nd edition of tweepop festival will be 5 and 6 feb: bands/labels needed!

  • 2nd edition of tweepop festival will be 5 and 6 feb: bands/labels needed!

    Last year I organized the first edition of a twee/indiepop festival ‘Twee: a tiny spring’. It was a massive amount of work since it took me over 6 months to arrange everything, all by myself. From finding bands for the festival to listening to hours of demo’s, booking flights etc.
    But in the end it was all worth it! On February 6 and 7 we made history with an international line-up combined with national acts.
    On Friday we had: Eefje (sing/song NL), Hari and Aino (SW), The Cuties (NL) and Most Unpleasant Men (NL). Currently Eefje has reached the quarter finals at a Dutch national band contest, Hari and Aino keep growing and are in Asia now, The Cuties are still cute and Most Unpleasant Men have grown a lot/play at big venues.
    Saturday was: Hawanni and Marjit (both NO), Uncle Frankle (NL) and Brontosaurus Chorus (UK). Marjit will be releasing a CD this fall, Uncle Frankle is playing at bigger venues as well and Brontosaurus Chorus is working really hard/performing a lot in the UK.

    Since last year was such a success, the Dutch best visited news site nu.nl had a review on its site claiming the famous London Calling festival was same old same old and festivals like Twee: a tiny spring were finding new talent, are refreshing and are beginning to take the lead! http://www.nu.nl/concertrecensies/1913682/lokaal-festival-in-gouda-prikkelt-met-line-up.html

    So coming February we’ll be back, bigger, better and with a team instead of just me. February 5 and 6 will be two days to remember!

    Currently we’re on the lookout for twee/indiepop or bands who sound a little like twee/indiepop bands. You can send samples, mp3’s, pictures, letters of recommendation ;-), pleas and anything more to btalman@gmail.com . Please use a subject with the word tweefestival in it so my mailbox won’t become a mess. For anything non-digital related you can send packages to B. Talman, Hoge Gouwe 123, 2801LE, Gouda, Netherlands or So What, to: B. Talman, postbus/po box 546, 2800 AM, Gouda, Netherlands.

    Finally some info about the organization itself:
    So What is a pop venue ran by volunteers and volunteers only, who love music and love putting their free time in the venue. The venue is opened 10 months a year with bands on Friday-eve, a normal bareve/night on Saturday and on Sunday people can enjoy a three course meal for just €5,- and relax with an arthouse movie afterwards for €0,-! I’m also a volunteer at the venue and got the space, time and some money to organize the first edition and everyone agreed we should go ahead and come up with a second one.

    Hoping to receive a lot of material,


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