A song search..

  • A song search..

    I am looking for a song with a female vocalist... the lyrics was something like "last night you didn't come home you left me all alone i wanna know (x3) (or "i dont wanna know" i am not sure..)
    I am not absolutely sure if that is the right lyrics but i will be very grateful if someone told me the name of the artist and the song. thank you so much in advance ;]
    my e-mail is sweet_baby_girl@abv.bg /or write in here/

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    • 16 Mar 2009, 11:12

    A song search of folk music sample

    I am looking allllllllll over the internet to find the name or the artist that remixed a very old folk song thats called (the original i mean) Ne ma, Ne ma ciebe. The original song can be found here at lastfm but i am looking for the version of hip/trip - hop that i resently heard on the radio and allmost crused my car trying to call back the station to know the name of that tune. Any hope ?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Help!!

    Our song is getting a lot of different tags and we can't figure out quite which genre it falls into...can you all help us answer that? Dig deeep and always love...

    Sarah O.

    Dig deep and alway love...
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