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    So has anyone been on any good trips recently?
    I'm in Latvia right now - that's what gave me the idea for this group - and before that I was in Germany. Coming up are Estonia and Ukraine, then back to London...

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Sep 2006, 00:37
    I just got back from London last week, and I was in Spain in April.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Dec 2006, 22:27
    Well, I'm planing to move to Germany in January but nothing's sure yet..

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Feb 2007, 19:25
    2006 - Myanmar
    2005 - Greece
    2004 - Mexico
    2003 - Cuba
    2002 - China

    • radiata said...
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    • 9 Feb 2007, 12:58
    just got back from india

    • Leeze said...
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    • 11 Feb 2007, 03:08
    March: Germany, because I am going to visit a concert of Loreena McKennitt in Munich
    April: Italy
    June: Germany again [Kassel]
    July: maybe Hamburg [Germany ;)]

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Feb 2007, 03:37
    if it's interesting at all..............
    a few small towns in alabama(dayton, autagaville, and many others)(today)
    in july:the Dominican Republic
    back in July 2005:Trinidad and Tobago

  • Just got back from China. Best trip EVER!

    Did the popular tourist cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou... but still manage to get off the beaten track and spend time in the "local" spots.

    If you are looking for adventure and wanting something exotic and different, China is definitely the place.
    It's such a big Country with so many different cultures and diversity... I'll definitely be going back.

    "Just let your soul glow..."
  • at the end of March I had a class trip to St Petersburg in Russia (i'm studying russian at university), which was awesome :)

    surprisingly for that time of year, the weather was sunny every day and not too cold either. it's a beautiful and fascinating city, which i would recommend to anyone for a visit.

    but i'm not sure if you should stay in the "Hotel Moskva" - it's a bit crazy there!

    Like jazz? Check out the London Jazz group - all welcome!
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  • I was in England just a few days ago..
    Damn... it's too expensive for a backpacker!

    • tiitii said...
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    • 9 Sep 2007, 19:09
    Not quite recent anymore but I was in Central Europe in July 10th - July 31st. The interrail-trip went via Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Poland - Germany again - Denmark - Sweden and then back in Finland.

    What's recent is that I just uploaded some photos of this venture to Flickr!!

    • JJPozo said...
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    • 8 Dec 2007, 16:26
    Hi!! This summer I have gone to France (Lyon, Nice), Switzerland (Berne), Austria (Innsbruck and Salzburg) and Monaco.

    Also, 4 years ago, I was in France and I went to carcassone and a small town called Castelnaudary.

    • Rufat said...
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    • 25 Dec 2007, 11:39
    2006 - Azerbaijan
    2007 - Georgia

  • i was in Germany - Austria - Slovakia just a week ago..
    Today at last week, i was in Bratislava :(

  • i'm from brisbane, australia and i have been living in brooklyn,nyc for the past year. so far i've visited the east coast only. i love philadelphia and cape cod. however boston and dc..... (boo).
    in september i'll be on the west coast for a month, than i am off to europe for three months !

    • JJPozo said...
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    • 7 Mar 2008, 19:25
    My recent travel was to Madrid

  • I'm going trough a period of travelling with some breaks now and then in my home town which is zurich, switzerland. I began in a familiar city: berlin (D). then paris (F) for two weeks, where I had the opportunity to see PJ Harvey live @ le grand rex. next stop was london and the ATP-festival in minhead (UK), headlined by Portishead. I then spent three weeks in athens (GR) in january/february (concerts: iLiKETRAINS, Explosions in the Sky). next stop will be barcelona (spain) for five weeks, starting in april (highlight: Piano Magic). in may I'll head to north america to visit new york (USA), montreal and toronto (CA) for three weeks. after a short break in zurich back home I'll spend my final time and money in bangkok and the rest of thailand for about seven weeks. I first wanted to include tokyo but money was a critical issue here... - next time.

    I especially like to visit concerts in the towns I'm visiting and is just the perfect tool to find out about relevant dates - just change your "location" in your dashboard to the place you're visiting and will tell you where to go based on your profile. or go for searching for all concerts in a particular area... - just in case you didn't know this already... ;)

    happy travelling and thanks for creating this group!

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  • I spent December and January in India, it was quite good :)

    • JJPozo said...
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    • 18 Apr 2008, 20:00
    This month I was in Groningen, Bremen & Amsterdam!!

  • hi I'm Italian guy =)
    2007- Malta
    2008- Barcellona

    i love Malta!

  • Three weeks ago I was İn Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and then from there to Finland (Helsinki) and then I passed to Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg) and then to Norway (Oslo and Bergen) and at the end to Denmark (Copenhagen)... Scandinavian countries were really beautiful, especially Norway, but the most beautiful one was FINLAND! Always my favourite. And Russians had better learn to speak English...

    • tiitii said...
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    • 6 Aug 2008, 11:08
    Spent the end of July in western Canada (9 days). Calgary - Banff - Jasper - Vancouver - Victoria. Quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth =)

    but the most beautiful one was FINLAND!
    Glad to hear that people like our country, although we've been having some shitty weather this summer :(

  • Hm, am just after visiting Turkey. I was expecting something different I must say. Firstly - everyone has to be really, really prepared to trip there. It's necessary to read about things which are not allowed in muslim countries such as a making photos of women, showing people feet, shaking t-shirt (those are behaviours showing that you haven't got respect to them). Unfortunately Troy or Bergamma are even completely destroyed, I was so confused of that - maybe cause of fact that recently I was in Greece where it looks completely different? But Turkey has also many, many pluses obviously. People are so friendly, everywhere they want to chat for a while and give you cup of tea, even at mall (!). :) Okay, Turkish guys behaviour to women is too "brave" and they are crazy when they see some girl from northern Europe but if they'll see that this girl is with her boyfriend, they'll keep respect for that (but it's problem of course only for girls, me as a guy felt safety ;pp). Pamukkale is impressive, so Istanbul also, but it's very dangerous place also. Maybe am saying that cause my hotel was 800 metres far from explosion which killed 17 people (it scared my group so much, really) but I don't recommend going out there alone after 8,9 pm - Istanbul got many wild, dangerous places where everyone can be in danger. Everywhere in Turkey thinking is needed, it's important to respect their own rules - if you will, you will spend really nice time there. I will remind Turkey as a interesting country.

    Then I visited a bit "offroad" country, Serbia. Also bad luck - I was in Belgrade during protests after sending Karadzic to Hague. But Serbia suprised me a lot! People are so overjoyed and friendly! Serbia got many fascinating places and suprised me cause of quality of... roads. I've heard that in Yugoslavia times infrastucture was primary target for governments but although it was something unexpected for me. Country is quite poor, it's fact, but people there are proud of their country and really enjoy lifes. :) And nighlife in Belgrade, Balkan music in background - something unforgetable! It's unexcepted for me but I can say that memories from Serbia are similar to this from Turkey - also very positive. Serbia is definitely underrated!

  • most recent trip was to puerto rico.

    The incredible Shar.
  • I've been in Florida just 2 months ago, going back there for Xmas and New Year to see my friends there :)

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