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    • 3 Jan 2009, 08:16


    What worthwhile stuff you got from C75 releases so far?

    New metal albums are pretty sex. New Demetori album is very delicious, aside from other touhou metal/rock groups.

    Oh and the new animation by Maikaze was actually not that bad. I expected it to be pretty shitty from the previews (and I'm sure a lot of people did the same) but it surprisingly did not disappoint in the end.

    • ZoiQ said...
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    • 20 Jan 2009, 11:41



    The whole fanmade thing reminded me of ORE NO TURN DOROO MONSUTAA KAADO.

    The non-touhou related stuff, like Future Sight or World End Embryo were probably the best things of C75.

    Best touhou c75 album? Maybe Reincarnation from the circle MINAMOTRANCE, it has STR by nadeco, which is like, one of the best shoujo satori 3rd eye remixes imo :v.

    Also SHIKI. Rebirth+ disc 2, best disc. Not touhou.

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  • Everyone seems to love SHIKI. Rebirth. I do need to get that album to see what the fuss is about

    I'm enjoying Sonic Hispeed Omega's "Best of" album right now, because I just got into them and there's not a better way to start than such an album. THUNDER CONCERTO, Offering to the Sukhvati, and If were all good as well...Hard to really remember everything else that I liked though.

  • & 10 c's later !

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